Bowling - An interesting game

in #sports4 years ago

Hi Steemians and friends,

Bowling is a good physical indoor activity as well as a game for time pass and enjoyment. It keeps you physically fit and active as well.

Among other indoor games like table tennis and badminton, bowling is one of my favorite indoor games too.

I enjoyed it last night and wanted to share it with my friends as well.


What about you? Do you like this game?

Please share your views in comments section below.


I love bowling.
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Sports is must for healthy and fit body.

Yeah sports is good for your body and mind fitness and everyone must have an activity.

Yes offcourse..

Yeah i also like this game but no more than table tennis :)

Yeah it's a good sports but table tennis is definitely better than this one. Anyhow both are good on their places.

Bowling is attractive game for me. I have large wish to playing this game. I like table tennis. thank you very much for sharing......@leopard0505

Yes I like indoor games too. Thank you for your good comments and appreciation.

i do like bowling but i have not been in a very long time
always fun to go with friends or family


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