ADSactly Sports - The Greatest Players of All-Time - Who is the G.O.A.T? (Part 2)

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ADSactly Sports: The Greatest Players of All-Time - Who is the G.O.A.T? (Part 2)


In the previous post in this series, we started to break down one of the oldest and most speculated arguments in sports. Who are the greatest players of all time in their respective sports? Who are the G.O.A.T.’s? Sports fans are passionate creatures and their loyalty for players and teams can run very deep. When it comes to the G.O.A.T fans sometimes have to push their loyalties to the side and look at the bigger picture. As much as we might want to say that our favourite player on our favourite team is the greatest ever, it is essential that we take a step back and look at the bigger picture.


There are so many factors that can play a part in why you might feel one player is greater than all the rest. Determining who is the best player that ever played a sport might come down to that player's statistics, their ability to win, the number of championships and even their big game performances. A fans appreciation for a player might depend on the era in which they played. Fans who grew up watching players 30 or 40 years ago might have a higher opinion of the stars from those days then they do for the more modern stars. This leads to further discussion and comparison of the players and arguments over the interpretation of these differences. The reality is fan opinions about who the greatest players of all time are completely subjective. There is no hard and fast rule that helps point to the one true player. Everyone will feel differently and for a variety of reasons.


In our previous discussion, we looked at the G.O.A.T’s from NFL football, soccer and NBA basketball. Let's continue our water cooler banter as we look at more sports and try to decide who is the greatest of all time.


Baseball might be one of the toughest sports when it comes to choosing the greatest player. It is a sport that glorifies statistics and the historical nature of the game is put up on a pedestal. There are people that believe that it is easy to point out the best players just by looking at the statistics. Others might tell you that statistics only tell you half the story because there are big moments when some players step up and deliver MVP performances. In baseball, you can’t simply just determine the best by looking at all the players. There is a clear difference between pitchers and hitters. When talking about the greatest players of all time in baseball you must separate the conversation into these two categories.


There are several ways to determine who the best hitters of all time are. The most passionate fans about the game will have very strong opinions about what determines this. For many, it is all about home runs and RBI’s. How much pure offence did a player provide? The “slugger” is known for hitting lots of home runs and often gets the glory. I mean, there is a contest just for these gig hitters. Then there are the players who get the most hits and runs scored. These hitters usually have the best batting averages in the league. Which is more important?

Image result for home runs

Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds are all known for their home run hitting prowess although there are many fans that will immediately exclude Bonds from the discussion claiming steroid use. Willie Mays, Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle are regularly included here as well. As you can imagine, these same guys were among the leaders in RBI’s as well. Then there are players such as Ty Cobb and Lou Gehrig who have some of the best career batting averages ever. Baseball is a sport that hasn’t seen many changes over time and therefore you still have many of the older historical players that are considered the best. Some may argue for more modern stars but until they have put together an entire career then the claims can be refuted.


Pitchers are evaluated by several different statistics. The strikeouts statistic is one of the biggest stats that people look at. Strikeouts are to pitchers what the home run is to hitters. There is also the number of wins a pitcher gets and their earned run average (ERA). I can’t say which of these stats is the most important for sure. They each have their own level of importance. What I can say is that if you have a high number of strikeouts and a low ERA, then you are very likely to have a lot of wins to go along with them. Cy Young is still considered by most to be the best there ever was. He has significantly more wins than anyone else and the award for best pitcher each year is still named after him. Some of the more recent pitchers to be added to the discussion are Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan. Then there are players like Randy Johnson who has fewer wins but was a strikeout machine. We can’t forget Pedro Martinez and Mariano Rivera who were dominant with their career era stats and we haven’t even talked about the saves statistic.

Related image

I have only scratched the surface in the G.O.A.T debate when it comes to baseball and I am sure there are many of you reading this and thinking “How could he not mention…” I look forward to hearing about these players in the comments below. To be honest, baseball could have been a post all on its own.


Boxing presents a few challenges when discussing the G.O.A.T. The biggest issue when having this argument is the sometimes huge difference between the weight classes that fighters compete in. There are a significant number of weight classes when it comes to boxing. This is done so that fighters will be competing against someone who is essentially their own size. It kinda gives true meaning to the term “pick on someone your own size”. The Heavyweight division has long the crown jewel of the boxing world and much like home run hitters or quarterbacks, these boxers tend to get all the big head headlines and glory. These are the big boys of boxing and this is the division where you are most likely to see the big knockouts. Does that make them the best boxers of all time though? What about some of the great fighters that box at a lower weight class. Some of the biggest names in boxing come from the welterweight, light heavyweight, featherweight and other divisions.

Related image

Almost without fail, one of the first name to be pitched is none other than Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay). He himself pronounced that he was the greatest of all time and it is hard for any boxing fan to argue against it. He was a dominant fighter in his era. Some would include a few others from the same era such as George Foreman or Sonny Liston but they both lost to Ali. Then there are the more modern fighters like Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Can we truly know how they might have performed against those greats of the past? There are so many other heavyweights that can be added to this short list. Could we be watching the best “pound per pound” boxer ever right now? Floyd Mayweather has established new gold standards for success. He has accumulated 50 wins in his career and he has managed to do that while moving up and down in various weight classes. Then there are fighters like Oscar De La Hoya and Rocky Marciano who people would call a great. Can we even have this discussion without mentioning Sugar Ray Leonard or Manny Pacquiao? Who rises to the top for you?

Related image

I look forward to hearing your opinions about these players. Don’t hold back. Who have I left off the list in these two sports? In the next installment in this series, we will take a closer look at a few more sports including hockey, golf and tennis. Let me know if there are any sports you think should be covered in the series. Once we make our way through the sports we will dive into the debates of best teams ever and best games or matches played. Come on up to the water cooler and share your opinions. I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments below.

Authored by: @broncofan99

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Well, sir! Two topics that I have some opinions on. Last first.

Boxing. Ali. There's some questions, but you have to remember he lost the peak 4 years of his career to his stance on the draft. I think he had more to do with the end of Jim Crow than anyone, and that's saying something. Body of work, for me, it's Ali. Mayweather? In the discussion. Duran? He simply dominated what might be the best group of fighters ever. In the end? Say it! Say it, Sonny Liston. Say My Name. Muhammad Ali.

Baseball: Babe Ruth carried the whole game on his back, not to mention the Yankees. Willie Mays started playing pro ball at age 14, and played at an incredible level for a LONG time. Ken Griffey Jr was the very best I ever saw in person. Best left handed stroke of all time.

So make it Ted Williams. He gave up 5 seasons to Military Service and his numbers are still dumbfounding. I'm willing to say Mike Trout might be the guy, but he has some work left to do.


Koufax and Drysdale simply dominated an era. Same for Warren Spahn. He threw a 14 inning 2 hitter at age 51. I got to see Randy Johnson throw a bunch. When he was right he was unhittible. But the very best I saw, and Best of all time is Nolan Ryan. Seven no hitters. Seven.

Thanks Bronco. This one surely got my attention.


I absolutely loved watching Griffey Jr at bat. OMG what a sweet swing he had. So many greats in the history of the game. Nolan Ryan’s was a beast of a man and he threw haymakers as well as he threw fastballs. Lol

Ali , in boxing embodied all and more than a fighter could only dream of to possess. He was highly intelligent, a natural strategist and tactician, he was courageous and had the heart. Quitting was not in his dictionary. He was self conscious in a good way, meaning, he knew for sure that he was the greatest, simply because he was the best witness to all those terrific skills and will power, it NEVER went to his head. His "I am the greatest" claims with tongue in cheek, playfully, with his eyes radiating that famous twinkle. From his corner like a game of chess, he strategised together with Angelo Dundee round by round, his great sounding board. His height and reach were the optimum. Think of the disadvantages that Joe Frazier had and today Pacquiao. Ali could come through with punches that carried his body weight fusing speed, muscular strength with mass! Some fighters 'got it' other don't and some never will. And then those legs! Ali's legs had a great deal to do with his success and winning most of his bouts. He had this great natural ability to float like a butterfly.
This is what kept him looking 'pretty' (his own words) right until the end.
The greatest boxing ambassador the World has ever known!


Ali might have moved in the ring like no other boxer ever. Then there is the pure savage power of Tyson and the grit and determination of a Pacquiao. So many different traits that are great.

Muhammad Ali is the greatest of all times because he fought wars in a more competitive era...he fought the best, and he beat the best. His record would have been far more impressive if it weren't for him being suspended 3 years for not participating in the Vietnam War. It's just too bad he didn't know when to retire. In his prime, Trevor Berbick or Larry Holmes wouldn't have had a chance. Tyson doesn't belong on this list. Losses to Holyfield 2x and Lennox Lewis were all horrible...he couldn't beat anyone relevant. A matter of fact, replace Tyson with Evander Holyfield. I'm not a fan of his, but he is a warrior...4x champion. Last, somehow, you have to put Manny Pacquiao in that top 10 because the man has 8 division world titles. You cannot ignore that.


That is the great part about this debate. There are so many reasons for different fighters to be on or off the list and how do you compare a featherweight to a heavyweight?

With baseball, it's so tricky because for field players, defense tends to get severely overlooked (and is very difficult to measure objectively). Plus, pitchers are essentially a separate category.

I'm not well-versed in boxing, but have you thought about looking at the G.O.A.T. for MMA? It's a relatively new sport, I know, but I think there are a lot of candidates that have their own unique accomplishments and flaws--off the top, guys like GSP, Anderson Silva, Randy Couture, Fedor Emilianenko, Royce Gracie all have cases, as well as counters to said cases. It's a fascinating case study, methinks.

Also, while I don't know much about the following sports, has there been any consideration to discuss the G.O.A.T. for track, gymnastics and skating?


I agree, defence is often overlooked because of the glory of offensive play and scoring runs. I have certainly considered MMA as part of this series as it continues. There are some amazing fighters and the discussion would be fun.

Baseball GOAT: Ken Griffey Jr
Boxing GOAT: Iron Mike Tyson

i really love all his fight ,he remain the greateSt of all time


He had a huge impact on the sport.

Very well written article on the greatest sportsmen of all time. Really convincing for all fans and not leading to any argument. Pretty issue resolving information. If everyone could think like you there would be no further discussions. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the comment. The goal was to prompt discussion rather than push my opinion.

I love all types of boxing, I got some new lessons through your post, hope to have such a nice beautiful post.

Sir it is most powerful post.messi is greatest all time football player and I will watch always his game.

Good post about the best players in their times, Mike is one of the favorite .

Very good post I support sport.

Saya suka kedua duanya, olah raga ini, walaupun belum pernah bermain, namun saya suka menonton kedua olah raga ini

@adsactly...... On my watch am the greatest of all times

One word - ALI!

That dude is perhaps not just a man. Muhammad Ali has become a symbol of sports all over the world. I remember reading about the 'Cassius Clay' in an old book as a kid and couldn't understand that Clay and and Ali were the same guy (I was like 10-11). My mother had to explain it to me :-)

They guy is up there with most influential people of all times -perhaps he has even become symbol beyond sports


Oh, Ali has become so much more than just a boxer. He has made a huge impact beyond sports. Thanks for the comment.

ohhh yes @adsactly, again you are here with unique post.. I found you that you are sharing something different from others..
Boxing and Baseball are really toughest game, But how could you forget about bull fighting
But @adsactly now the time to cheer #FIFA WC, Russia.
What do you think about FIFA WC.
And don't miss to support by following and upvoting @devkapoor423 posts.


The World Cup has been amazing and exciting so far. I love seeing the upsets. As for bull fighting, that is a unique sport that I wouldn’t even know where to start the discussion with.

I don't think that I would have mentioned Ali over Bruce Lee here.

But that is up for debate.


Ali and Bruce Lee did different things


Of course. Still would have considered Lee to be the more interesting mention here when it comes to fighting related topics.

@adsactly Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig in baseball
Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield in boxing

I love the post, but what of gymnastics and tennis?

Great work, each and every player should be appreciated irrespective of their success or defeat!

Yeah. Mike Tyson is and always will be my best boxer. Loved watching him fight.


Muhammad Ali should come first...He is the Most Famous, Most Respected, Most Loved and Most Accomplished boxer of his time.


It is a great debate. If you take the character out and look at just their accomplishments then who is the best "boxer"


I still stick with muhammad ali


He was a savage fighter. So many fast KO's

Hello ma'am @adsactly. Your article is very informative for your readers/followers like me, because I learned about the G.O.A.T, at first didn't understand what GOAT is from your title, but as I go through reading it, wow this is new learned word for me. LOL.

From Baseball to Boxing etc. Past to Present. I am a fan of Muhammad Ali, I just want to be honest. I love him, I know him by history but I started reading more about his journey in boxing.

Presently, I am proud to present and share with you madam our very own, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. I wish you a great day ma'am @adsactly. Thank you for sharing.


G.O.A.T is an acronym. Glad you learned something new. Pacquiao was a warrior in the ring. Legendary.


Hi @broncofan99. Thank you for replying, I appreciate that. Yes, thank you learned something new. haha. Yes he is indeed. Enjoy your day my friend :)

I think the Boxing King of Mike Mike Tyson, but with time, Muhammad Ali, the two great legends of the world, know them all, by their work, they have names throughout the world, Steemit community What do you mean?


They are two of the greats. What about the others? Mayweather has so may wins.


Mayweather is a new generation player Mayweather new a player, but they are a little earlier, but you are right, because the only player to win the most matches, he is Mayweather, he is an extraordinary player, we all praise the name of the more , That's a little, what do you think all steemit community???

I believe MJ is the one who is the greatest in his sport. The other sports have too many names to choose from.

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”
― Babe Ruth

True sportsmanship can be determined by the optimal combination of mental and physical strategies, also comprising of the positive aspects of humanity and discipline. Boxing is a game of respect and passion, and whosoever dissolves the mentioned traits in oneself, he is a true sportsman and is achieved by a high ranked attention by the viewers and loved by the passionate audience.