Daily SPN News bulletin - 2018-01-28

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Whether you're enjoying your favourite upscale reading club or forgetting your troubles with the fresh breeze on one of Skyground's sun decks, we at the Ultima Corporation are pleased to bring you the daily stats for 2018-01-28.


Total number of fights

273 Brave fighters are registered in the clockwork arena.
In 11975 duels they have fought for recognition, honor and fame.

Within the last 24 hours, 273 death-defying warriors fought each
other in 1 fights.


Fighters with the most victories

Deadly and precise: The most glorious arena fighters of the last 24 hours have been:


Fighters with the most duels

Bloodthirsty butchers: The most motivated arena fighters of the last 24 hours have been:


The closest fight

A miss is as good as a mile: The closest fight in the last 24 hours has been:

#11706 - @rivalzzz -> @maxpower0000


Do you want to show your courage in the clockwork arena?
Then become a STEEMPUNK-NET fighter and prove yourself in battle.
Climb the winner's podium of the clockwork arena and be rewarded for your efforts and power!


Again?? sheesh I am slack!

mental note: less time chatting, more time winning!!

This time I couldnt reach the winners podium even play XD , but I have a good reason this is for you steeemians warrrios.

so close yet so far victory will be mine... way to go @jillfeint and @leranion

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