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Hello everyone this is a picture of the adventure character of steempunknet game. The picture I ve take it from a post of @taitux , that I totally recommended if you a spanish language speaker and want to introduce your self in to this incredible game. Thank to all the effort of @steempunknet , continue doing big to steempunket , this is my gift for the team. ENJOY IT

Escáner_20180129 (2).png


Te hago promo, que veo que estas metiendole caña. No te lo gastes todo de golpe 😁

thanks for sharing

I wish I could draw better.

That's really beautiful!

I apologize for not answering earlier, because I am extremely tense with the housing and I don't always get everything. :-)

man, thank you for your art. we feel really honored. keep up the good work ... I hope you have as much fun as we do.

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