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Sometimes all the pain, brokenness, and suffering around me in the world becomes too much...but I have to remember my purpose here in restoring that balance. People will hurt and be hurt regardless of my choice to try to make it better. That choice may not take away all the hurt in this place, but it WILL make a difference!

Previously we introduced you to our initiative The Awakening Project, which gave you a very clear picture about what this project is about.
But we apologise that it didn't went straight into the right perspective. And we got not many good feedbacks, which particularly disappointed me.
Although, we put our heart and soul into this project, It didn't turn out to be the way we previously assumed. I wanted to withdraw from this project as I am already going through financial crisis and so much more, and when the results were like this.


I saw no point in getting with it further until my own life circumstances improve.

But then, my brother reminded me: MISSION COMES FIRST.


I want to make some points crystal clear to you all.

  • We don't see anyone as above or below. We see everyone as equal to us.

  • No! We don't have any divine anointment to enlighten you. We just simply want to share what we think is true from our perspective and experiences. In hopes, it will benefit you.

  • Everyone is our teacher and everyone is our student. We all learn something from each other and we all teach something to each other.

  • We believe, everyone carries pieces of the large puzzle/universal truth.

  • We by no means portray the picture of self-righteous spiritual ego ~ as we wholeheartedly admit that can be wrong, too, as we are learning too from trials, errors, and mistakes.

  • We are aware that we know very little and there is so much more to know and explore.

If you really think that we presented our previous post, as immaturely arrogant, self-righteous spiritual ego then I would like to apologise to all of you, who felt that way. 🙏

We understand that everyone is on their own stages in their own path. And that's why we are keeping our perspective down-to-earth so that most people, if not all, grasp what we are about to share.

Disclaimer: We strongly recommend you to take only what resonates with you and leave the rest. You don't need to believe whatever we say here or mention, but we urge you to do your own research and then decide yourself if we are speaking truth or not.

Please Keep Your Mind & Heart Open



Alright, @multidimensional speaking here. If we start off with an analogy, these days our lives follows the bend of the river. Sometimes the river flows in predictable ways. At other times when there is lots of water that needs to move quickly, it cuts a new path.

It is the same with our lives now. We will at times need to cut through the underbrush so that we can proceed clearly and smoothly with our life.

It's Time To Take A Quicker Way.

As an analogy we thought to take a long way around just to make sure that no stone will left unturned. Now, as the situation demands, it becomes necessary to take the quick way and give the stones the power of their own choice whether to follow or remain behind.


Ignorance is Bliss

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

For many people, Ignorance is such a bliss that their own 5 senses couldn't distract their BLISS!

unnamed (8).gif

(Scene from The Matrix)

In this scene Agent Smith talks to Cypher, who admits that he is willing to betray his friends outside of the Matrix, in order to get a life inside of the Matrix, remembering nothing of anything else than the Matrix, believing it is the only truth there is: ignorance is a bliss. This movie trilogy had more disclosure than most want to accept.

Ignorance gives people bliss and sense of pleasure which they often mistaken as happiness. They happily believe vaccines work and aren't harmful, chemtrails aren't real, GMO's aren't harmful in your food and fluoride in your water is good for you, Government aren't killing people, mainstream media shows only truth and they aren't lying and suppressing the truth, etc.

Ignorance of the negative can be bliss ~ ignorance of the necessary is dangerous.


Let's start with Chemtrails. As it's the main topic of discussion in this post.


Chemtrails are persistent aerosols in the atmosphere and they are causing not only a degradation of life in the biosphere they are also causing a degradation of perception and consciousness.

That is why some people will not even read past the first word of this message, as, to them, "chemtrails" are a fiction upheld by the most paranoid and irrational segment of our society.


Some people would say, "Hey look! What a beautiful patterns of lines are being created up there. Aren't they beautiful?"

We would say, Of course they're beautiful, they're chemtrails slowly killing us all and we are allowing them.

To this they would respond, "Hey! That's not chemtrails but contrails, it's condensed air coming out of airplanes. Keep your conspiracy theories away from me, you tinfoil hat."


We would say, there's a big difference between chemtrails and contrails, friend.

What difference!?

images (18).jpg

Let us tell you what is it, Contrails are actually the heated and compressed air coming into contact with the cooler atmosphere at 40,000 to 60,000 feet and condensing. By the way, the temperature at 35,000 or 60,000 (normal flying height of large aircraft) is really cold. Much, much, much colder than the exhaust coming from their jet engines. Normal aircraft exhaust is really, really, really hot. The temperature of the air at 40,000 to 60,000 is in the negative 10's (-20 to -50, or so). Therefore, there is lots of condensation going on, and a lot of it freezes for a short time. After all, it's negative something degrees up there. But the thing is, Contrails disappears shortly after 1-2 minutes.

images (16).jpg

But, Chemtrails remain persistent even after hours. They are trails of chemicals which includes Aluminium Oxide, Sodium Bicarbonate ((in our chips and foods too)), this is what main difference between CONTRAILS and CHEMTRAILS, contrails are trails of vapor that planes leave behind and usually dissipate or disappears within 30 seconds to a minute, Chemtrails are trails of chemicals deliberately being sprayed across the sky, across the United States, Australia and now in India, too, which doesn't disappear for a long till it fully dissipates into the air (we breathe in all these chemicals) attaching to ions in the air to modify (change) the weather, its called Geo-Engineering/weather modification they're messing with our weather very badly through low/high frequency electromagnetic waves, this also affects us tremendously, we're breathing in all these chemicals while eating chemicals and slowly but gradually getting killed through FREQUENCY and CHEMICAL warfare!

Want Evidence?



Still not enough proof?

What if we told you that there are patents for these very such things? The image below is a 1975 U.S. Patent issued to Donald K. Werle, Romas Kasparas, Sidney Katz, assigned through the U.S. Navy, that describes a dispersion method for a “powder contrail.”


Here are just a few more patents relating to chemtrails and geoengineering:

Patent #1619183
Patent# 2045865
Patent# 2591988
Patent# 3437502
Patent# 3531310


How Chemtrails and Geo-engineering Destroying The Planet and Our Lives

unnamed (3).jpg

Not Just Bees, Trees Are Dying Off at an Alarming Rate With Little Public Attention


Chemtrails (with aluminum, barium, strontium, etc) are gradually lowering the soil pH. Vegetation is very pH sensitive as well as toxic to soil microbes and bacteria; It is also worth noting that these molecular bits of aluminum cause fires to burn MUCH hotter and faster.
This is evident in the difference between thermite and thermate, nano-sized aluminium particles.

A new crisis is now happening all around us affecting trees. It appears that millions, hundreds of millions even, of trees are dying in North America and around the world from a basket of reasons, promising to completely and permanently alter the landscape and environment around us. Entire mountainsides are dying off in short order, leaving a bleak future for wildlife and residents. The widespread loss of trees due to such a wide conflagration of issues is a sign that trees, the most rugged of all plants, are in general weakened from an environment under complex attack by pollution and even climate engineering projects. Source

Geo-engineering and chemtrails are destroying the planet and people still think chemtrails are normal contrails.

Not just that, chemtrails are responsible for cancer and several other diseases, too!

These are tumultuous times and the global government is up to something unbelievably sinister. It’s the classic create a problem, devise the solution, and emerge as the hero with Monsanto’s aluminum-resistant genetically-modified (GM) seeds and GM trees.

As aluminum laden “chaff” falling from the sky enters the lungs causing upper respiratory diseases, lung cancer, breast cancer, and is the gateway to vulnerable areas of the body including arterial walls, where it accumulates like a plaque.

In addition, aluminum toxicity generates a number of neurological disorders and brain cancer, while radium and zinc cadmium sulfide synergistically cause bone cancer.

Moreover, these metallo-estrogens, chemical toxins, and bioengineered cocktails are causing multiple problems in the gastrointestinal and immune systems, the first line of defense against disease; thus destroying human health and cognitive abilities. Plus, shredding the ozone layer allows damaging UV rays to enter the atmosphere resulting in an unprecedented increase in skin cancer cases, to name just a few harmful effects of chemtrails.

images (14).jpg

Oh, you thought chemtrails are only for the purpose of Geo-engineering, weather manipulation?


The main purpose of chemtrailing is "mind-controlling".


If they are chemtrailing in your area then you are infected with nano particles of aluminum and other metals. The presence of those nano particles in your bones and muscle tissue turn you into walking antenna capable of being networked or influenced.

By simply altering your brainwaves.

As Above, So Below.

THAT which can control weather (Nature) ~ can control humans, too. And, it's THAT easy.

Electromagnetic mind control technologies are weapons which directs electromagnetic waves to hijack a person's brain and nervous system and subvert an individual's sense of control over their thinking, behavior, emotions or decisions making. Source

As we already explained how chemtrails are effective in weather manipulation and control, it's also very effective for mind-controlling agenda.

So is...

(HAARP), which is not only being used as a weather and natural disaster weapon, but low frequency vibrations in the 6 – 11 Hertz range can also be used to affect people’s very thoughts.

Because frequency/radar waves have very little effect on pure water vapor, hence the need for Welsbach Materials like Barium, Aluminium and Strontium in the Chemtrails (see US Patent 5003186)which can then be acted upon by frequency emitted by the radars.

This means chemtrails and HAARP are both interconnected and to work effectively for the mind control purpose, they both are used to accomplish this agenda. Along with several radar network grids all over the glob.


[We will cover this with full details in our upcoming posts.]


Who is Involved in Chemtrailing and Mind-controlling Agenda?

Just the existence of chemtrails should have been enough to alert you all to the invasion of this planet and how profoundly infested both international government and military have become.

In order to blanket the entire surface of our planet with a cocktail of exotic substances (example, nanoparticles, mycoplasma, GM DNA) it would take the complicit acquiescence of all international governments as well as all the air forces and all the satellite imagery agencies.

Yes, everyone, it’s That Big.

images (20).jpg

But why would government wants to spray those harmful chemicals on all of us?


Because if you want to take over a planet, you don't’ land on the front lawn of the White House and declare yourself victorious.

You have to join hands with all international governments and convince them that they're going to rule over the masses and world government together.

So after they reach consensus among them, they join their hards and power and infect the population with Mind Control substances, and take over the world government from within.


Note: International Government and World Government are both different but same at the same time. Yeah! it's a paradox.

Mind Control can not be achieved by Chemtrailing alone, many secret satellites, exotic orbs, ARV, HAARP Network, Weather RADARs like NEXRAD WSR-88D (also called Doppler RADAR in other countries), the whole international government cooperation makes this possible.


Countries involved in this HAARP Network.


There are 14 main HAARP in total in the world wide proxy network.


Dare To Go Even More Deep?

unnamed (7).gif

What If We Tell You That Our So-called Earth Government aren't the only one taking part in this Aerosols project?

images (19).jpg

The substances being emitted into Earth's atmosphere aren't merely chemical or molecular components that are naturally occurring on this planet, some of the substances being emitted are "exotic" or derive from non-terrestrial sources or non-terrestrial manufacturing processes.

images (15).jpg

Also, the aircraft seen emitting these aerosols are examples of exotic technology being used in our skies, with many of these craft turning out to be orbs masquerading as earthly aircraft with wings. [We will cover many exotic techs and how they operate with full details in our later posts.]

Many of you must be thinking, “this post is now turning into some science fiction.”

Just to remind you ~ you don't need to believe in everything we say or mention here. Take what resonates and leave the rest and kindly give us chance to make everything crystal clear.

Our government (and our entire society, including religion and banking structures) was set up as an outgrowth of the non-terrestrial presences which have been controlling the surface of Earth and the behaviors of the inhabitants here for about the past 10,000 years (all of what is known as recorded human history).

The satanic ritual sacrifices that our government has participated in (and it include here every war and military action, as well as occult rapes and murders of abducted children, in the lives sacrificed), has been to "pay tribute to" or send supportive energy to uphold the dark magic time distortion technology structure that the satanic space races utilize.

World governments are all complicit in the activities of these malevolent space races, who are now overtly controlling activities on our planet. (The air forces can all perceive the non-terrestrial craft, and do not stop them from emitting the aerosols, and are even helping in the aerosols program, but they are not doing this all without permission, that's a twist.)

So, to put it bluntly (because chemtrails are clouding your perception) the government is allowing or encouraging you to be sprayed with consciousness-reducing substances so that you will not be able to effectively fight back against the ongoing invasion of our planet.

WW3 is already happening and it's a war of consciousness.


On the plus side

The fact that we are writing this post and we all are able to share our thoughts and opinions freely demonstrates that the Mind Control is not Total yet. And THEY haven't yet achieved total control over us and THEY will never be able to.


We still have the capacity to wrest free of these constraints, and transform into the super-beings that we truly are, re-writing the script of reality directly with our minds and willpower.


Ignorance is Not Bliss

Ignorance is no longer bliss. It's allowing this and many many more strange things to be tested on us with no conscious consent like we're 'guinea pigs'.

Ignorance is an excuse to avoid responsibility. (much more often than we think)

With Knowledge Comes Power, and With Power Comes Responsibility.

  • In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. People often refuse to learn because they know this: To know is to be responsible for, and (many) people don't like responsibility.
  • We learn this tactic very young: The power of pleading ignorance.
  • While it may be true that they didn't know, the question is: Why didn't they know? Was it WILLFUL IGNORANCE?
  • Of course it may not be willful, but to refuse to learn when given the opportunity IS WILLFUL IGNORANCE, and this is the reason most people avoid knowledge: They don't want the responsibility that comes with it.
  • The rejection of responsibility is at the root of many (or most) problems we have today. It's sometimes promoted by the powers-that-be as the desire to be "young and care-free", but being "care-free" is the opposite of responsibility. It is selfish; it is self-centered, and this is the reason this idea is promoted in mainstream media: Because a selfish generation is easily divided and therefore easily conquered.

Being ignorant is a CHOICE. There is no excuse for people to be as blind as they are. The stone cold truth is that people carry computers in their pockets ALL day long but unfortunately, it's not being used to educate themselves, it's being used for mindless things. People have been dumbed down because they'd rather believe the media and tabloids or what their friends are saying on social media, than do one ounce of leg work and do the research themselves. (And fact checking sites, like snopes, do NOT count as research.) People are lazy and people don't WANT to know because frankly, they just don't care. There is no excuse for not knowing when there is endless amounts of information at our fingertips. 30 years ago, you'd have an excuse. Not anymore.




Educate yourself and empower those who are contributing and spreading awareness of these very important topic/subject.

The main defence system you can use to fight chemtrails is Orgone Devices. There are many types of them, like, Orgone Generator, Cloudbuster, and Orgonite.

What is an Orgone Generator?


Orgone Generators are a combination of organic and inorganic ingredients that continuously accumulate Negative Orgone Energy (NOR) and release it as Positive Orgone Energy (POR).

  • Orgone Energy is life-force energy that is not normally perceived by humans. It can be broken down into two groups.
  • Positive Orgone Energy (POR)– beneficial to living things
  • Negative Orgone Energy (NOR)– harmful to living things
  • Sources of NOR are produced by anything powered by an electromagnetic frequency (EMF). Examples: cell phones, phone towers, radio towers, microwaves, computers, fluorescent light bulbs, etc.

What is Orgone?


Orgone is energy. In fact, it is another name for the multi-name ethereal energy that is found everywhere and that embodies all things. Reiki energy, Prana, bio magnetic energy, Chi and life force energy are all names for the same thing. Orgone matrix or orgone crystal device is device that provides assistance in working with these ethereal energies. Orgone both releases orgone energy when stimulate by other forms of energy and as the capacity to change orgone energy to one state to another. It is special used to solve the negative energy in an area and converted to a balanced and healthy energy.



Cloudbuster is very powerful orgone device which can either be used to repel chemtrails or to attract rain from more than 200 kilometers away! Yes, it's that much powerful.


That means, we can make it rain wherever we want with this technology.

The device resembles a lightning rod, and it is based on a 1950s design by American Wilhelm Reich. It consists of a set of metal tubes and uses organic energy to attract clouds to that area.

How? Well, the more vegetation an area has, the more chances that the area will get rainfall. Desert Greening has installed such a system in an Algerian desert in the south of the country. They started using this technology in 2005 and slowly, it transformed the region, and the vegetation increased by 300 times over the last ten years. A majority of the new vegetation is due to the frequent nature of rain in that area now.

Despite being a desert, the area is now home to more than 3000 fruit trees like peach, apple, apricot, and lemons as well as countless kinds of vegetables. All of this has taken some time to happen, but the result is very promising. It is a way of fighting back the desert expansion as they are increasing every year in massive proportions.

Have a look at these vegetables growing in the desert and decide for yourself.


Orgonite energy devices are one of the most effective ways to raise the vibrations in the environment that surrounds you. The combination of resin, metals and programmed crystals (organic and inorganic) creates a strong protective force that also assists in counteracting any negative vibrations from electrical appliances, electromagnetic bombardment that can disrupt your energy system and subtle bodies.


Octahedron Orgonite Device

This Octahedron Orgonite device is about 6 inches tall tip to tip. Its positive energy field is at least a mile wide in all directions. you can use it to charge your water or food by hanging the device above whatever you want to keep fresh and full of positive life force.

To explain how these devices work, we have to go deep in working knowledge of torsion physics, quantum mechanics, intention, frequency and vibration, magnetics, sacred geometry, and how to use all of that to amplify energy. [We will cover this in our upcoming posts.]


If you've come to this far end of the post. Congratulations! You're doing great and your perceptions are getting higher.


You must have realised by now that there's so much to talk about. As this post is specifically about chemtrails, we didn't get into details of explaining other things and topics that are interconnected with the whole thing.

And because we are now taking the quicker way, it's necessary that we don't turn every stone around, but to give them the power of their own choice whether to follow or remain behind.


Final Thoughts

@starangel here, after reading this post, are you feeling compassionate? For the planet that is being destroyed in front of us? Can you feel compassionate for your mother Earth? For your mother nature? For you own fellow human beings, brothers and sisters, for your childrens that are being badly affected by Chemtrailing, Geo-engineering and many others, and results are major health problems such as autism, alzheimer's, and Parkinson's and ADHD to name a few.


Our humanity's future doesn't lies in turning our heads away from the truth, into the bliss of ignorance. (Just cause truth is bitter and stranger than the fiction.)

How far you would go by ignoring the TRUTH, by just thinking about your own self, about your own group, with the cryptocurrencies, with those seductive gadgets, technologies, with earning profits and just greedily going after for more money, more crypto/fiat profits, to satisfy your own selfish motives?

And then one day, Those government would secretly become successful in establishing a full mind control grid, total power over the nature, total power over the masses, with quantum supercomputers so powerful that it will break any master password of your crypto assets within a second, going beyond space and time.

All your years of efforts in earnings those hard earned crypto/fiat profits will either go into curing/healing those countless diseases, and removing those inorganic implants (if you somehow become aware of them), or worse, all of your efforts will go into vain, coz, somebody out there would get straight into your mind to learn your precious master passwords of your valuable assets. [Just coz, you didn't woke up when it was TIME, you were too busy in satisfying your own selfish motives that ignoring the TRUTH seemed to be pure Bliss, not just you ignored the TRUTH but played big part in suppressing it.]

You thought government knows better than you, you thought authorities knows better than you, You thought they never lie, You happily and blindly believed whatever they told you and taught you. You gracefully OBEYED and FOLLOWED. You indirectly supported in their endeavours to control the masses, play with everyone, and in the destruction of this planet and many lives.

Do you even question your government about where all your taxes that you pay are being used for?

Big fat NO!!!


The fact is, many of you don't even know about the black budget.


You give your powers away when you believe everything blindly without doing your own research.


You see, it's already up there for everyone to see, It's already around us for everyone to experience, It's already in our fingertips for everyone to find. It's already inside us for everyone to feel. ~ invinciblelight

Our future lies in facing the Truth, not suppressing it. Claiming back your own power. Empowering each other. Joining our hands in unity, Seeing past our differences, colour, sex, culture, religion and everything that divide us. We as a human being are one big family.


Coz, our power lies in UNITY, in ACCEPTANCE , in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. These three creates BALANCE and becomes WHOLE as TRINITY.


United We Stand, Divided We Fall.


We are doing our part, are you doing yours?

What are you going to do now? Are you going to simply ignore this post, blind your mind as if nothing such happening and thinking it's all just a crap or science-fiction wrote by tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists, and move on to your daily routine, or you are going to wake-up and support us and help us spread this truth to more people by pushing/upvoting this post to treading section for more visibility?

We leave you with these choices which will decide and tell you who you are in real. A kind, compassionate, beautiful human that wants to help and support what is right, towards the betterment of humanity, Or, the person who would just simply ignore, or worse, do anything to suppress this post by using his/her power to satisfy his/her ego.

We will see.


If you liked our work and feel that we are contributing and doing good then please support our initiative, our project, by upvoting this post, resteeming it to your friends and by delegating some Steem Power to @starangel. You can also donate us Sbd or Steem to support us which will keep us motivated to put more efforts to bring more of such contents.

We will show you what we humans are capable of doing, We will go into every single details, every single things going on behind the scenes, how they work and their complete working mechanism, and will unveil highly classified documents that never been made public. But for that we need your kind support. 🙏

If you don't know how to delegate, You can use this simple delegation tool



Thanks for sticking with us, and for all of your support!

Much love, light and positivity to you! 💚✨💫



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Thank you very much, @eco-alex! ☺

This is some really great work here. Congratulations to both of you and thank you for keeping this subject in the light.

Interesting to learn about the orbs producing trails. This was news to me... and now I am determined to capture one on camera!

It wouldn't surprise me if they were being piloted by humans.

Thank you very much, @samstonehill! ☺

I am determined to capture one on camera!

We are looking forward to it. ☺

Orbs crafts are very advanced, they're not being piloted by humans.

Thank you for your comment and support! 🙂

Contrails disappears shortly after 1-2 minutes.

That depends on barometric pressure, you can actually use whether the contrails last for a while or don't to predict the weather.

So deviant miscreants have a global plot to rain mind control chemicals upon everyone, how do they themselves avoid the effects?

That depends on barometric pressure, you can actually use whether the contrails last for a while or don't to predict the weather.

Nope. Trails from aircrafts should never persist for more than 2 minutes, as has been estimated from observable trails over various parts of the world, even in ideal atmospheric conditions – RH > 72%. On the other hand, a Chemtrail doesn’t “billow”, it forms, spreads out into a thin “sheet” or “layer, and then fades out into a white haze.

Note: We admit that we can be wrong too. We will do more research and ask our sources to present some more evidences in regards of contrails lasting for more than minutes. We will correct it if we find that to be incorrect.

how do they themselves avoid the effects?

We will cover this question in our upcoming post. Thank you very much for your comment!

I look forward to that. There is one type of trail that forms from the exhaust, which is pretty dirty stuff, consider that jet fuel is basically kerosene, freezing and another created from the vortices from the wings. I look forward to your next post.

We have posted new article here and also anwered your question. please take a look. ☺

I'll check it out

I really like the vision they have

Thank you very much for your comment! We are glad that you like our vision. ☺

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