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Spiritual messages can be hard to get across to fleshly, physical, carnal people.

However, it is not that hard for us to couple our spiritual message with a physical message that they can understand. When we can reach into their physical lives with a tangible expression of our love, care, and concern, it only helps to till the soil of their lives to receive spiritual messages, with would otherwise be even further beyond them.

By taking a look at something Jesus mentions, I share about a way to actually reach down to where people are at, before attempting to pull them up to where we are. Hopefully it'll help.


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Until next time…

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Important message @papa-pepper; and it's a duality I often encounter in my own ministry. And people — who may even embrace aspects of spirit into their lives — may very sincerely look at me and say, "That's all very nice, but God's love isn't going to write a $130 check for my power bill before 3pm today!" And in the purely physical interpretation of the situation, that's hard to argue with... of course, having grown up in the LDS Church, tithing is a way of living.

I like that you mixed in the "Love Languages" here, very helpful.

Bright Blessings to you and yours!

Hi @papa-pepper, this is a very helpful post. Living in a world under the sway of the wicked, it's a thing to pass the Word; it's another to be unashamed. You are a source of inspiration sir, thank you.

@papa-pepper, In my opinion Flesh is Mortal aspect and Spirituality is Immortal aspect and that's why both are two different subjects. And in my opinion we get the real peace through Spiritual Practices and we should understand that we are more in inner-self and less in outer. And if we want to improve our outer life and want to attain the peace then for sure we have to attain the Stability in Spiritual aspects.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Yes indeed , you have to try and show them you understand where they are at in life and why they think this way, it's not easy but from my experience and what I have been taught is you try to the best of your ability and then if they are unresponsive or unreasonable then let your peace return to you, because even tho we try we cant change or help change everyone, some are not rightly disposed. Be well bro and keep strong .

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Christ fed the multitudes before offering a sermon. It is only right to do unto others as we would want to be done. Physically helping others is love put into action. Without helping your neighbor, they are only empty words and perhaps a hypocrisy. We are called to help others and spread the love. I believe only then will they believe what we believe. Blessings and thanks @papa-pepper.

My dear wild man, if many would open their soul and accept positive spiritiual message, I am sure that the world will be a better place. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

I was busy working on a project ( hence why I was out for months )and posted our new bounty program on my blog-feel free to see it. I wish you more success.


I'll check it man, thanks!

Thanks! I enjoyed this video. Many Christians forget that it is our calling to present the Gospel to the non believers, in love, and then let GOD do the rest. Too many of us have stopped entirely!