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This should be interesting!

These days, children get sent on their way or kicked out at age eighteen commonly. What is God's plan for when children should leave home? Does He have anything to say about it?

What if I told you that repeatedly, throughout the Bible, God shares some amazing food for thought on the subject? Are you ready?


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Back in the good old days. People had farms or a trade like blacksmith, tanner, carpenter, etc. It made sense to have your kids work at the family business. It still makes sence today. A family homestead or business is the way to go.

Back in the day, yes. Today it depends on the family members who are in the business. I worked in the family business for over a decade but the elders always reminded me that I was still the kid. I left and I'm much happier at present. We'll see what the future holds.

Dang. Not a bible expert. But for some reason your story reminds me of some something.

A lot of things have changed in the contemporary world of ours. Virtue is no more our watch word. Virtues are got through discipline and hard work is a component part of it. The day will not end without a visit to the farm after school. Today children more time watching television than engaging on things that will help to prepare them for the future. Very sad indeed.

It is better to build a wall aright from the scratch than to repair cracked walls.

Thank you so much for sharing this message! Originally, I was thinking the kids would stay home until 20 years old, because that seemed to be the age the Bible says one becomes an adult.
I shared this message with my husband and told him we’ll need a bigger house if that’s the case lol.
Ironic thing is, there’s a lot of kids still living with their parents these days. Not necessarily for biblical reasons though..

This is what I really needed to hear @papa-pepper since my oldest son is 19 years old now and we are getting into this moving out stage, which I don't really like but that is life.
I have read these scriptures many times, but I have never thought of it like you explained which I thank you for since it was the perfect thing for me to hear.
I read the bible daily, so I love to hear what others have to say about the word of God, so thank you @papa-pepper

Very glad to be following you! This is some great food for thought. Once a person has new responsibilities (a cause), he has a goal and will make fine decisions. I encourage my kids to take every responsibility for the decision in relation to family life.

My sons have lived at home until they were married and I still have one at home helping out on the homestead. We are all still very close and the original idea of the homestead was so that the sons could move back (in separate cottages on the land) so that the extended family could live together, cut costs, teach the kids and live a wholesome life. War here has put a dent in the plans but we will continue trying to make that dream a reality whether that be here or in another location is up to the Creator...

Well said. Where I grew up in Scotland, kids did not leave home just for the sake of living away from their parents. They left home to go to college, to follow a career somewhere, or to get married. It is still pretty much the same in my hometown today. My 19 year old nephew is away at college, but his 24 year old sister is still at home. Keep up the good work! You are a true Berean!

Man so against what the world says you should do!
Have kids, keep them alive until 18 or so, then ship them off, lastly pat yourself on the back!
Yikes! No wonder there is so many issues out there!

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