Balance in Life 🌸 [Spiritual Talk]

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"If you have confidence in your own words, aspirations, thoughts, and actions and do your very best, you will have no need to regret the outcome of what you do. Fear and trembling are lot of the person who, while stinting effort, hopes that everything will come out precisely as he wants."

-Mas Oyama

Being sick sucks... But it gives time to reflect on life. To put things in perspective.



I started writing 3 articles on various subjects today. I have bag full of survival related articles ready to be published, bucket full of reviews. But, none of them felt right for publishing today.

Today I was thinking about how diverse Steemit community is. It’s a global community, with different cultures and people with very different experiences in life. The experiences might be different, but we still share things in common. We all need water, food and shelter (Survival). No matter what climate or culture you live in. We all have safety and comfort needs. We all have Psychological needs. Also we have Need for Self-Actualization and Spiritual experiences.


I hope to work through all of them on this blog. Starting at the bottom and working my way up the list.
Long time ago, I thought I can skip the steps and go Straight to Spirituality. But like with everything in life, nature don’t like you skipping steps and there is price to be paid for dis-balance, even if it is towards the positive side. Nature will find equilibrium and harder you push one way, negative or positive, you will be met with equal and opposite force. What nature tolerates is Balance.



So, I wish you balanced rest of the week and I hope you find balance in life.

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