EDC Delica 4 Black (Knife 🔪 Review)

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Recently I was featured on Preppers' Curation Day- Weekly Edition 13, thanks to @goldendawne and I joined EDC group on Discord. So, I thought it would be appropriate to do article on my EDC Knife.

Delica 4 Black

When choosing EDC knife I had few parameters in mind. It had to be small enough to fit into pocket and be unnoticeable. Lightweight enough, so its weight doesn't restrict my movement when in cargo pocket and black, so my enemies don't see me coming. Also, I liked that it is half way Serrated. I don't usually care for serrations, but for EDC I wanted exactly that.


I have had this knife for over 2 years now and I do like it. It helped me on many occasions cutting rope, packaging, repairing things, cutting zip ties (serrations helped a lot) and all the other usual tasks that knife is usually used for. Like shaving your arm hair, to check if it's still razor sharp :D


Is it as smooth in opening as Paramilitary 2? No. It isn't and it doesn't have to be. Back Lock of Delica 4 is not as strong as of Paramilitary 2, but again, it does not have to be for everyday use. You ain't fighting grizzly bear, this is not a combat knife. It's utility knife and as long as it is used for that purpose, it will do just fine. It did for me. Lock never failed. But, Blade does close with a click. So, keep them fingers away.


Tip of the knife is pretty strong and I have tested it on multiple occasions. Once I was throwing away an old computer and when I was near the trash container, I realized that there might be some kind of DVD in CD-Rom. I am not taking it all the way back just to check that, but also I don't want to throw away some valuable movie, favorite band's CD or some photos. So, I flipped my Delica 4 open and pried that thing open. It took some trying, but you know who's gonna win that battle ;) and the blade did not suffer any damage. (Btw, there was no DVD, just to let you know.)


Would I recommend Delica 4 Black? Yes! As long as you're not gonna fight the grizzly. I added little piece of orange paracord, just to make it more visible if I drop it in the grass. It is after all, completely black.


Did you like the Review? Let me know if you would like more Knife Reviews.

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