The Event, Part Two: Research (Parallel Universes, many worlds)

This is part two of The Event for part one see:

  • Urban legends

  • Parallel Universes, many worlds

  • Row row row your boat…..

Urban legends

Many years ago when I was younger, I had a physical relationship with a human female. She had demonstrated some abilities that, I had previously considered just urban legends. First she claimed to be able to read minds. I tested her and it was like out of a science fiction movie. Another example was the time I had her at my place. I happened to have some quartz crystals lying around. She picked one up and told me that she was going to put energy into it. I had to hold back from laughing. Of course she could read the doubt in me, because I saw a reaction on her face.

  “Here, feel this,” she said, as she handed me the quartz.

A few times in my past I got shocked by electricity, both wires and static. While this was different however, it was very real.

My point in telling that story, is this lady was just one example of something that happened to me in my life that if I had not witnessed these things personally, I would not believe it. I do not expect you to believe this is true. But you the reader of this article must have something that happened in your life that proved to you that what we thought to be just urban legends can be true, and if that can be true, then greater miracles are possible.

If you had such an experience then hold onto it, because when you find yourself in the dark place, when it seems like all is lost, and all the good you ever knew was a lie, it could be the only thing you have to hold onto.

Parallel Universes, many worlds

I am in my early 40’s now, so that makes me old enough to be in my 20’s on September 11, 2001
I remember that day, watching the buildings get taken down in a controlled demolition style, while the TV news networks were announcing that they collapsed because of fires. It was an in your face open lie.

I got distracted by the day to day life of being a blue color working class man, until the vision in 2014 of the shockwave. I started researching parallel universes, physics, and possible time travel. I discovered someone called Daryl Anka was channeling a being called Bashar, among other things. Anyhow I think it was late 2014 or early 2015, I saw a video where Mr Anka was channeling something else and he suddenly got louder than usually and said that is the “fall of the year 2016 everything would change” (I’ll discuss that in a future, article of this series, preliminary titled “Cubs win World Series”)

While researching to see if anyone had experienced or perceived the groundhog day effect, I discovered Anthony Peake. He described many of the same things I was perceiving. He even used the phrase “groundhog life” to describe it. While he didn’t speak specifically about the shockwave. I was reminded by him of the avalanche of coincidences on and around September 11, 2001.

I refereed to theses things as coincidences, but henceforth I shall refer to these things as evidence that this is not the only world. I’ve seen and witnessed a growing pile of evidence of the existence of parallel universes. And I go further than that. I believe that consciousness, what people refer to as the soul, exists in these parallel universes and the concept of choice is the conscious soul changing focus between and among these “reality frames”

Here are just a few examples:

“The cover art was finished in June 2001”, months BEFORE September 11, 2001.

A novel written and publish in the year 1999, references Pope Benedict almost 6 years BEFORE he was even elected Pope.

I haven’t read the books yet however I did binge watch the TV series based loosely on the novel, during my research period in 2015.

In the TV series there is a worldwide “Event”. I highly recommend watching it for those who are interested in such things.

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream,
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.

In I talk about my vision of a temporal shockwave moving back from a distant future and that this was The Event. I mentioned that at the moment of the shockwave one would have the choice to go forward or go back and fix their mistakes (or regrets), in their life. I saw that at that moment their soul would be sent back in time to a parallel universe and they would wake up in the past in their younger body. The actual flash point appears to be a line of demarcation. The flash would be the last thing they experience before they wake up from the dream.

There are different types of dreams. For me most of the time they fade withing mins or an hour or two after I wake up. The strongest ones can haunt me for months to years. Now consider the following, that all of it is true. That there really is a line of demarcation sometime in the future of everyone’s life.

“But Mr Madman, what about the people who are already dead?”, you ask, “What about the man who died in the car crash, when he got hit by a drunk driver last week?”

The evidence I’ve seen so far would indicate that at the moment of death, the soul or consciousness of the man who died in the car crash was transferred to a parallel universe where the other person decided not to drink or he made different choices. For example he could have chosen to leave his house a few mins later, or he had a conversation with someone at the store, who wasn’t there in the previous reality frame.

Choice, was the key, his life was not just affected by his own choices by by the choices of everyone he interacted with up until the line of demarcation. It was choices everyone made that determined when the shockwave would arrive. Those in the past who are dead chose a path that ended before the line of demarcation, in this reality frame. But there is another parallel universe where they made different choices individually and collectively that allowed them to reach the shockwave.

This shockwave is really the collision of our reality frame with the other frames or parallel universes where those people who are dead in our reality frame are alive in theirs. That is why at the moments leading up to the shockwave in my vision, people who were thought to be dead, were suddenly returning to life as if they never died.

I continued researching this in my spare time until I stumbled upon a reddit post in late 2015. Over the next year I saw things happening in the world that confirmed my belief in the vision.

This concludes Part Two,

Is anyone interested in my writing and publishing Part Three?


It is really incredible how much wisdom and power is stored in dreams. As you say: dreams can be different. They can get us glimpses into past lives, future lives, parallel lives, or help in decision-making this life. I for my part have been particularly interested in my future life, and once I started rececing insights into it fully consciously in the dream state, I literally see how every single detail in the physical realm shifts towards that life.

Two years ago I had a very profound energetic connection going on on the Astrals where I was directly connecting to five Souls I will share a very close bond with in that life. Thing is, using portals will be commonplace there, so will space travel. These five Souls all are from different planets. I also received some of these planets' names (in Earth language).

My birth planet is specifically known for its luxuriant number of plant species and there will also be quite a number of insects, a few of which can be encountered on Earth as well, the difference being that they are much larger than here on Earth. A fact I have to acclimate myself to, because once I met a "normal" fly which was about 15 times in size compared to the Earth fly. So in my consciousness I know that I have to get used to it so that when I am there I won't be in fear. Two weeks ago I remember how I asked myself on the Astrals "what are going to be the biggest threads on my birth planet next life? And just today night I found myself in a dungeon with several rooms. I was only in the first room, but I knew and felt that in each room there are different "dangers". And I knew it had to do with my question two weeks ago. So I was in the first room and found huge insects in it. There were species I have never seen before and I knew they were all alive. On top of that, I felt as if I have been there many times already. You probably know how people brush off "normal" flies so that they fly away. Yet those flies won't fly away when we do that because they are much bigger. I had no fear in that room, but I knew that I had to touch some of them and soI did. There were two or three people with me who took part in it as well.

I have reached that state where I am as awake on the Astrals as I am in the waking state, so I have the entire room with its insects still in my mind like a photography. I have the feeling that over the next nights I'll end up in other rooms as well. I am somewhat excited as to what follows.

There are many other things I know already, among them them my exact looks and birth name.

I definitely recommend taking record of your dreams! The mere willingness is enough to let you delve deeper into them!

Great post! Very profound authentic! I would be interested in part three!

Epic comment.

Had to give it 100% upvote.

Thank! Sorry for the length though. It just fit perfectly with your article. I very well understand the enigmatic character and profound effect experiences as you had them have on us. The more we follow these insights the more evidence we receive thereof.

I too read your introductory post. I highly recommend you to sign up for Manna, a new crypto currency which I believe will become a core crypto currency. Shall I send you the link?

Hold off on the link for now.
I may research it later.

As you wish ;)

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The truth is there is a parallel world in the universe if the relativity principle is true

We might be thinking with the same mind. Hope dicord is on your current conscious time line, we have much to chat about. Good to coincide with you.

I just finished writing part 3 today and published it.

Called - October 2015 transmission from a future reality frame.

Going to blow minds.

I hope ;)

I'd go as far as to argue that not only there are parallel realities, but that the consciousness exploring itself within the totality of parallel space-time is only one. The Oneness that buys into the illusion of separation for the purposes of expansion.

Wow, very fascinating post! Looking forward to Part 3!

great writing.keep it up brother.

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There are many scientis who are agree with parallel universe concept.
If there is no parallel concept then how a signal received by Nasa scintist by Voyger1 spacecrft

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Nice write up

very good writing... waiting for your next 2 part.......

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