The End of Karma

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Karma is a concept that shows up in all thought systems all over history. There are different names for it, but in the end, it’s about „what you saw, you shall reap“.
So the different versions of Karma are only apparent in the „who“ or „what“ is punishing you for your wrongdoings in the end - is it God or is it yourself?
And the other question is: When? Is it in this life? Another life? Or in Heaven/Hell?
That’s basically it. It’s all about reward or punishment.

In this thought system we are like a laboratory rat, that has to choose between two levers and it either gets delicious food or an electric shock as a result.
What makes this challenge worse is, that the two levers act in opposite ways at random times and that the rat has amnesia - it can’t remember the results of its last action!
To spice this impossible mission up a bit, the inventor of the experiment (who was that again?) has added another rule: Our rat may get the result of the action of another rat, in a cage nearby!
Now that’s what I call a „randomized blind study“! Perfect setup for the Karma game!
So how do you solve this mystery puzzle called Karma?

How to resolve Karma according to world religions

Now, first let me say, that it’s let’s say „questionable“, that the solution for a problem is suggested by the same instance, that introduced the rules of the problem. This is always something to be suspicious about. Happens in every good dictatorship. So let’s be aware of that…
In most religions, you basically get an endless catalog of things, that are considered „good“ and things that are considered „bad“.
So first we get introduced to a thought system of punishment and then the „solution“ of how to avoid that said punishment.
Now since this concept may be too easily to detect, these thought systems came up with an ingenious idea: They told us, that these rules weren’t made up by them, but by some higher being (=God)!
Now this makes sense! They are innocent. Don’t shoot the messenger…

You may now say, that at least there is a thought system like Buddhism, that promises to free us from the Wheel of Karma. The thing is, that even in Buddhism you are given many rules, how to plant „good Karma seeds“ to reap them in a future life. All this does, is keep us in the hamster wheel - or shall we say „rat race“.
The moment there is the dualistic system of reward and punishment in place in any way, you are already trapped in the endless ways of trying to achieve or avoid them.

The driving force behind Karma

On a very basic human level, we try to avoid pain (punishment) and we seek pleasure (reward). It’s written in our genes on a physical level.
Also our mind works in 0s and 1s, much like a computer - good vs bad.
That’s the game called duality.
There is a deeply rooted emotion that is hidden inside this and that our human mind tries to avoid at any cost.
I will introduce you to this emotion in the next section - it’s the final layer.
This emotion is at the core of nearly all dualistic thought systems and is buried so deeply into our being, that once I tell you what it is, you may even shake your head and say, that this has nothing to do with any of this.

The reason is simply, because there are endless defense mechanisms in place, that try to prevent its discovery.
It’s covered with many other emotions, but the two primary ones that are used as a distraction, are worry and fear.
Worry, that I may have done something wrong in the past, and the fear, that I will get punished for it in the future.
In a way you could say, that these 2 emotions are the engine behind the idea of Karma.

Countless books and thought systems are very busy to resolve these 2 basic emotions - one of them being psychology in the west, that tries to find out the reason why we feel this way and even gets deeper lost in the rabbit hole.
Since the introduction of Zen and especially Eckhart Tolle in the late 90ies (yes, the west ist slowly catching up!), we have heard about the idea of „Being in the Now“ and Mindfulness as a solution.
Yes, it may sound reasonable to find the place between the worry of the past and fear of the future. The issue with this is, that the moment you „leave the Now“ (and I know this is not possible, but many people experience it like this), you are back in the land of worry and fear.
Your search for psychological wellbeing and spiritual redemption continue.
The marketplace is huge, so once you leave the Now, you will have endless possibilities to get lost.

So let’s say, that you have become a perfect Zen master and the reincarnation of Eckhart Tolle (even as he is still alive, which makes this an even more exceptional achievement!), you still haven’t touched the primary root of the dualistic system of Karma!
As long as you haven’t resolved this root issue, you will always flip out of the Now and be in Karma again. You can’t stay in the Now, because it will drag you out of it and your staying in the Now will just be another technique, how to avoid to face the root cause of duality itself.

The final layer and the root cause of duality

So before we can now face the root cause, let’s have a look at the final layer and the emotion, that all systems of Karma are build on.
It is called guilt.
We feel guilty for having done something wrong in the past and only afterwards we feel worry and fear. You can see, that worry and fear are coming secondary (and there are endless emotions that follow these two too).
Of course the opposite of guilt is hope (for a reward in any form „later“), which is only guilt in disguise.
There is lots of talk about guilt - especially in Christianity, but this feeling is not tied to one religion - it runs through all of our society and our legal systems.
Sin and Guilt are the building blocks and at the core of every thought system and especially the one of Karma.
Doesn’t matter if you believe in a reward/punishment later in this life, the afterlife or the next life.
Even if you believe, that what you are experiencing right now is the result of past Karma, it is projected guilt - e.g. „What have I done wrong??!!“ or masqueraded as „I must have done a lot of good things in the past, to deserve this situation!“ in the case of reward.

Guilt is the way duality feels like

The root cause for any Karma is the belief in duality.
It’s the imagined separation from God and the way we feel this, is through guilt (and its many children: fear, worry etc)
Let me put it in a more direct way:
As long as you think you are separated from God, you will feel guilty. Since you are not, guilt is the primary illusion!

Of course the good news is, that this separation from God never happened!
It’s a dream in your mind. You just imagine to be separated from God/the Divine.
It’s this single, tiny thought, that carries the whole Universe!
Everything is created out of it. It’s the Big Bang.

Whatever you do - on any level: physical, emotional, mental, psychological or spiritual - you are still caught in the endless playing field of duality.
The reason for this is, that you can’t experience Oneness inside of duality.
We try to experience this Oneness on a physical level through sex - for a few seconds, we experience the bliss and ecstasy of Oneness in the form of orgasm. This is just a tiny „teaser“ of what it means to become One with the Divine!
Shortly afterwards guilt shows up again. It has to, because it’s job is not done yet.
You see, guilt is your friend in the end. It’s the bridge into Oneness.
Guilt is written on the exit and entrance into the Garden Eden/Heaven.

The End of Karma is the End of the World

So to bring an end to Karma, we have to end the belief in separation from God - that never happened.
Now it won’t help to just replace the insane thought of „I am separate“ with the thought „I am Oneness“. You can’t just replace thoughts, since everything you did until now, is based on the belief, that you are a separated human being in a physical body.
If you could replace this thought in an instant, the whole Universe would disappear! Puff, gone….

So chances are, that it will take some time. Time is the illusion created, that there is cause and effect. Time is the fabric of the illusion - it’s the twin brother of guilt and basis of Karma.
As long as you see a world and believe, that you are a human body you are playing by the rules of time.
So why not use this time to be aware, that what you are seeing as the world and feeling as guilt, is a constant reminder of your passion to reunite with God/The Divine?
This is in fact the only purpose of the Dream. To remind us, that we never left Home.

What is the name for „becoming One again“? Love!
Love is to look at Duality and only see Oneness.
Love is to look at the World and only see God

Let the imaginary guilt be your reminder and Love be your answer.

All Love and Blessings,


@the-resistance I got a 100% revenge flag by madpuppy because I joined you. This just shows me, that what you are doing is going into the right direction and I really hope, that more and more people will join this cause! This primitive revenge flagging depletes the VP of these abusers and distracts them from making other victims of their "righteous" abuse!
Thank you!!!

There will be another article following this one with focus on the topic of forgiveness. Just wanted to let you know - so stay tuned!

I personally selected your article because I feel this is what the Steem block chain is all about. Karma is huge, cause and effect, but how do you feel about Mindfulness?

Your post had been curated by the @buildawhale & @upmyvote team and mentioned here:

Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

Thank you so much! 🙏
Yes, there seems to be a lot of Karma going on here, but maybe this is also just made up stuff. If you get flagged by someone who claims to "protect the reward pool" or "protect from bot abuse" these may just be the reason presented to the public - in reality this person can just be deeply unhappy or angry in their life and search for "release" of these feelings here on Steemit.
This person may have been so deeply hurt in their life, that they search for ways to hurt others, while trying to look like "the good guy", because he is feeling guilty.
So as long as you are involved in this dream, there are endless reasons and endless actions taken. In the end, the only way out of that, is to have the focus of your mind beyond what is being presented as a superficial reason, in peace, truth and love instead.

Mindfulness is a wonderful way to take a stance beyond worry and fear, but it won't be enough, because you get dragged out of the Now by old tendencies. You have to realize your innocent nature to be admitted into the heaven of NOW. As long as you have feelings of guilt, the have to be faced.
I wrote about this in an reply to Indigoocean above....

Thank you for your kind words @nicnas! ❤️

I love the idea of karma as fear of the future and guilt about the past. How incredibly insightful.

I've often thought of karma in terms of an impersonal cause and effect, which also has to take place in time. So when we are in the now, there is no cause and effect, so no karma. That's true, but it goes so much farther to say that when we are in the now there is no guilt and fear. And that these emotions stem from a fundamental belief in separation from Love.

You confused me a bit when you said that even Eckhart Tolle level 'nowness' wouldn't free us from this. If we are in the now, how can there be any reaction to past or future possibilities?

What I wanted to say with this is, that as long as there still is a belief into guilt even as a possibility, you will be dragged out of the Now into the stories of past and future. This way it becomes a fight of will against old tendencies and this is what many people who try to be mindful experience. An endless struggle to keep mindful, because as long as you have not seen, that guilt is impossible, this unconscious belief works like a force working against mindfulness. Only when you face all these believes of separation and see their illusionary nature, you can rest in the peace of God.
Thank you and much Love! ❤️

Edit I forgot to mention, that every time you take a stance into the Now, without facing the core illusion of guilt, you are making guilt stronger and a reality. It's like you declare the Now as your save haven and tell all the tendencies, that want to drag you out "I will not move! I am stronger than you!". This way you are making guilt true, as something, you have to defend yourself against. You are making the threat a reality. This is another thing to consider.

I also agree with the Now moment. Thing is, being in the Now is not about temporarily forgetting one's worries (as many people assume it to be) but about letting them go for good all the way up from our deepest subconscious. Undoing any inner attachment we had to the past and future instead of surpressing it.

"That we never left Home"

YES, that is exactly my experience. Ultimately, there is nothing ever to forgive because we are just experiencing ourselves in the eternal dream which has no lasting consequences ever.

To the Karma reward, punishment concept, I can tell you that a few years ago I attended a "Lightworker"meeting for mutual exchange of experiences, and what pretty quickly crystallized as the number one topic during this meeting was that all (besides me! no I am not arrogant 😃) were highly depressed that there is no way possibly to get out of the reincarnation "trap". As if they were dependent on others to get out of it, waiting for their rescuer. Well, I left a bit earlier than most...😏
Which brings me back to the fact that lots of information circulating in the spiritual community creates bigger mind prisons than ever.

ha Thank you for another hilarious story from your life!
I don't know why since yesterday, I always have to think about certain books when talking to you 😀...and again, the book that came to my mind has to do with ACIM - it's one of my all time favorites and it's a "comic" - I really have the feeling that you would love it, so I'm just sharing: 🙏

I took a look at your comic book suggestion. Looks very interesting! I might read soon. I Grant you, beside of those spiritual books, I found "fantasy" books to be a great source of wisdom as well!

You seem to be a whole library! I love books as well yet always prefer a "physical" book over an e-book! Not everything needs to be done with technology ;)

Indeed, I am. Actually I'm not only a library of akashic dimensions, but also an endless resource of information. 😀
Yeah, I also prefer physical books, but sometimes I want to read them the moment I find them and then the electronic version comes in handy.
If I get my hands on a physical book, I tend to read it more energetically though - sometimes it's not even necessary to read the words to get the message I need.

Yeah, what a shame that the library of Alexandria was set ablaze. Imagine the treasures it hold ;)

@atmostblack.. thank you for this..
i had an argument with a friend concerning Karma of her wrong in the past and i proposed a notion that

what if you have been forgiven by the supreme being(God)..

She still insisted that she or one would still reap the evil he has done... but now with this beautiful post of yours.. you have enlightened me that

worry and fear.(has this effect on her thought pattern)
Worry, that she has done something wrong in the past, and the fear, that she will get punished for it in the future...
Love and Light....
more grease to your elbow sir...

Thank you! You just lightened up my day! ❤️🙏

Thank you too sir... please answer me this... do you think one can escape karma with good deeds and services?

No, because God didn't create Karma - this is an invention by the human mind. God doesn't see you as guilty, doesn't matter what you do - so why should he reward or punish your deeds?
"Escaping Karma" means to simply see, that you have been punishing yourself all along.
The only path out of Karma and this belief is, to see, that you never have left God.
This is the path of Love and its expression is Forgiveness.
In the recognition of your divine innocence, Karma even becomes impossible. It becomes a joke, when you want to make God laugh 😀
That being said, good deeds and service will naturally flow out of your daily doing, but not with the goal in mind to make amends or to "escape Karma" - it's your natural functioning and expression of what you have seen to be true: your union with God.
Blessings! 🙏

Ahah... Good riddance to bad thoughts...
like an enemy does not exist till you create it... if you work and believe youwont be purnished by Karma and put all your thoughts and actions to God... Karma issa thing of non existence to you.. Blessings Sir

I've honestly kind of disregarded karma, tending to focus more on the other points like guilt, fear, and love. So maybe I've just done away with the term in my own life. I have been working on Love! I just try to send love to any pain or anything that is in my perception, especially things that seem down or in need of love

I think you too a lonely wolf who searching for deep meaning in life like me. I can feel myself on your writings, if my guess is correct you might be like to be alone most of the time, it doest mean you don't like crowd its just because more love to the nature and seeking who we are inner self.
And Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe's binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations-and all things we experience are our creations.
Thank you.

I love how you empath me as being a lone wolf! ❤️Actually I don't like crowds either and avoid them as possible. Sometimes just another being can be as loud as a whole crowd 😂I'm not lonely though, because lonely for me means to miss others or wishing it to be different. That doesn't come to my mind. 😀
Thank you for your comment @regalsoldier! Blessings!

I didn't mean lonely in the way lonely means... I meant we too have friends but we give higher standard for friendship and we are not attention seekers and high sensitive personality .. don't like fake behaviour we have huge amount of self awareness & self respect ..We have boundaries and we respect that.. we all are issac newton, Tesla, steve jobs, kinda personality .. 😂

This is what karma is about, it is going to reward or punish for something that we did right or wrong now what we do not know is when this happened, I like the things you write

Another good post @atmosblack..

Thank you! 🙏

I very often meet such information. Your special. If I offend you, I'm sorry. But, you have very confused a simple truth. Man, in itself is God, or unity, as you called it. There was a little thing left, to believe in it and to love yourself, and then others as a part of yourself. I wanted to write simply, and confused myself :) Good luck to you and Love. I will follow you.

Я очень часто встречаю подобную информацию. Ваша особенная. Если я Вас обижу -простите. Но, вы очень запутали простую истину. Человек, сам по себе является Богом, или единством, как Вы его назвали. Осталась мелочь, поверить в это и возлюбить себя, а потом и остальных как часть себя. Хотел написать просто, и сам запутал:) Удачи Вам и Любви. Я буду следовать за Вами.

Thank you for your comment @cranium. Well, I can't be offended because I don't speak Russian and your English translation doesn't make much sense to me. 😀
The thing I'm getting is, that you said that we are God/Truth/Unity.
I totally agree, but don't understand, where you see a confusion in my writing to this fact? 🙏

Perhaps my misunderstanding is caused by mistakes in translation. The most important thing - we are God/Truth/Unity

Absolutely - and guilt is the illusionary feeling we get, when we believe, that we are separated from God. That's one of the core messages of the article. Thank you! 🙏

love yourself, and then others as a part of yourself.

I think you summarized everything I got from the article and everything I had to say about it.
Following you because of your wise words :)

Thank you for appreciating.

The karma everyone says the karma will take care of him or her that happens a lot when we do something very bad there are people who do it wrong that do not take reprisals against those people because they say that karma will take care of, there is only to do good

Well, yeah, this is because in the end there is no Karma outside our mind. It's a concept, that keeps the game of guilt alive - nothing more...
Karma is not justice, even if we sometimes hope it would be...

Exactly I think just like you think that the only one who can do that is GOD no one else

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I've honestly kind of disregarded karma, tending to focus more on the other points like guilt, fear, and love. So maybe I've just done away with the term in my own life. I have been working on Love! I just try to send love to any pain or anything that is in my perception, especially things that seem down or in need of love

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asa you say: become love again. realize that we are one. You are me, I am you. What you don't like in the world, teaches you something about yourself. Guilt and fear are strong feelings to keep humans under control.
Liberation lies beyond the judgement, the idea of right or wrong.