Accepting Unacceptance

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99% of our Beingness is willing to accept and let go. These 99% are comprised of every single word, thought, feeling and deed.

Yet there is this 1% which is not willing to accept and let go, and no word, thought, feeling and deed bearing witness to our willingness to accept and let go can eradicate that 1% of Unacceptance, which is why this 1% of apparently unchangeable Unacceptance will eventually feel like 100% Unacceptance.

What I have been realising is that the attempt to eradicate that 1% of apparently unchangeable Unacceptance by means of word, thought, feeling and deed, is an act of Unacceptance itself.

Instead, we should learn to accept this 1% of Unacceptance which no word, thought, feeling or deed speaking of our willingness to accept and let go can eradicate.

The approach by which we attained "healing through feeling" most effectively for 99% suddenly becomes totally effectless for the remaining 1%. The 1% which feel like a 100%.

So in order to attain "healing through feeling" for the remaining 1%, we are required to take a 360° U-turn in our approach, hence incredible flexibility will become necessary.

To heal that last 1% of suffering, that last 1% that believes Separation is true and does not want to let go of this belief, we need to accept that unaccepting 1% in us. The 1% left that doesn't accept Separation. This is the ultimate Acceptance of Oneness.

Acknowledging that there is an invisible and invincible thread connecting us which cannot possibly let go of.

Acknowledging that no matter how how much we search for the Separation we will never ever be able to cut the bond of Oneness.

Acknowledging that no matter how much we fear the Oneness we cannot escape it.

For ultimately have never left it.

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healing through feeling

Great again!

Don’t hold let it flow, let it go (let the energy of eGO go...;-))

And accept the unacceptable!!! Niiiiice

Love this post! It’s rare...resteeemeeeed!

Hugs to ya


Thank you :)

Well, the "accept the unacceptance" is really requiring to think around corners. Because we ARE willing to accept, so much that we want to let go any part of us which doesn't accept and let go.

Yes, letting go is key, acceptance is key. This is what heales 99% of our inner suffering. But to heal that last 1% of suffering, that last 1% that believes Separation is true and does not want to let go of this belief, we need to accept that unaccepting 1% in us. The 1% left that doesn't accept Separation. This is the ultimate Acceptance of Oneness.


Therefore I remember my favorite chant!

Asato Ma Sad Gamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityor Manritan Gamaya

Lead me from the unreal to the real
Lead me from the darkness to the light
Lead me from the earth to the open skies
Lead me from death to immortality

Something like that you can translate it.
It’s an old chant which explain nearly the same like you on another way ;-)

Hugs to ya

For you my lovely spirit
Maybe you like it...


Thank you very much for this wonderfully vibrating chant. Divinely enough, the feeling of this song exactly reflects the mood and state of Beingness I have just felt during my walk out in nature :)


Nice that you like it and that it was the right mood

I believe that the unnacceptance is a bit over 1%, something between 1.2 and 1.8. Without it, we accept death and so we die.


Yes! Letting go and acceptance IS key for the sake of one's sanity, for example in a Twin Flame relationship. But accepting and letting go of that last 1-1.8% in us that does not acccept Separation would actually make the Separation real. Instead we should rejoice that no matter how hard we attempt to dispose off that last percentage it cannot possibly work out. Might sound obvious, but when our method of letting go worked for 99% and there is still something left we tend to continue with our former method to make it 100%. And we might even be disappointed about that. But finally we experience this Quantum leap moment, a 360° sudden perceptual Aha-Moment: instead of blindfolded disappointment about not being able to let go that 1% which does not accept Separation, we suddenly wonder why we should even possibly want that. How good that this last percentage of Oneness cannot be bribed!

We often have these Aha-Moments that leave us wondering as to how we could have been so blind all the time, but guaranteedly there is agai going to be next Aha-Moment some day :)

Yes, @alexaventuria, i agree with you. And after accepting comes embracing and then comes relief. And we own ourselves that relief, i think.


Indeed! And still there is this 1% which will never accept Separation, so instead of being disappointed about not being able to let go 100% wr should be rejoicing: how wonderful thag no matter how hard we try, Separation will never be possible! :)


Yes, disappointment can be a harsh feeling.. I agree with you! ✌🏻

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It is what it is...
That means accept and move on.
Even though I have certain feelings I love and accept myself. Good posts, and could have been more direct.


Haha, well. Then I guess the real depth of this post remains hidden to you. "It is what it is" is the kind of Acceptance which works for 99% of the healing, yet the last 1% cannot simply be healed by applying "It is what it is", for this 1% is that spark of perpetual Oneness in us that does NEVER accept Separation as Truth.

To heal this last 1% of Separation within, a 360° perceptual shift is necessary: it is no longer about merely accepting "it the way it is", but about ultimately accepting that Oneness can never possibly repealed, no matter how hard we try.


I get it! The one with the most spirituality wins. That is certainly how you came across in your last comment. Let me leave you with a dose of this... You assumed I didn't know.

The Role of a Guru. The Guru Gita (verse 17) aptly describes the guru as "dispeller of darkness" (from gu, "darkness" and ru, "that which dispels"). ... He who faithfully follows a true guru becomes like him, for the guru helps to elevate the disciple to his own level of realization."

Understand that you have a real long way before full understanding.
To be humble is to be a teacher. You were far from that by laughing in your last comment. Laughing at your students would be unauthentic and hardly spiritual.


"Laughing at the student" surely is a a very personal and judgmental perspective without substance. Whenever we take something personally it indicates where we still need healing within, for as long as we are stuck in our own thoughts we cannot possibly experience and know another. :)

Beautifull view sunrise

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