My Life in 8 Songs - Awesome-ly Fun Challenge from @hopehuggs that you MUST join!!

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I read this morning on @hopehuggs about songs that describe your life. She had read a post made by @pennsif about a radio program coming soon and calling it "My Life in 8 Songs". Below is the link to the original post from @pennsif

@hopehuggs issued a Steem wide challenge to find and post your life in 8 songs. Challenge accepted!!

If you want to see @hopehuggs post you can below:

So let me show you just how my life has come to what it is, in 8 songs.

My life has been filled to the brim with happiness, heartache, good times, bad times, rich times and poor, but it always has come out great in the end. Below is my story....I hope you enjoy.

Please note that these are NOT my videos, they are all sourced from Youtube

I start out with a song from Garth Brooks called Unanswered Prayers. It's what started me on the life I lead now. If it wasn't for a bad time, I wouldn't have the happiness I now have with my husband and son. I'm thankful for my past, because of my present.

Unanswered Prayers - Garth Brooks

When I started dating (the now hubs), I fell really hard. So my next song is Love Fool by the Cardigans, from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. This song reminds me of this time with Brad, for no other reason than the fact that Romeo and Juliet had become a huge hit in the movie theater and this song had topped charts for quite a while during that time.

Unfortunately my husband and I's relationship wasn't all roses and butterflies. We dated for a few years and then I ended our relationship. I was 19 and he was 21, so we were in a stage of our lives that we both wanted different things, different friends and going in two different places. After a long while of being without Brad, I finally came to my senses as to what I wanted, and I knew it was him.....but, what did he want? Would he even want to talk to me? I mustered up a very lame excuse and some courage and I called him. The song Austin, is a song I think of each time I think about that time in my life.

Austin - Blake Shelton

Well, fast forward two year later and we at our wedding. And that's where the NSYNC song comes in. It was our first dance. I chose this song because of the lyrics that talk about how he will always be there for me, especially during the hard times. And that's just what he has done.

This I promise you - NSYNC

While it may be a cliche to get married on Valentines Day, I didn't care. That's exactly what we did. We were so happy to share our wedding day with my grandparents who were also married on Valentine's Day, just many, many years prior. Many people ask me why I chose this day, other than it was my grandparents wedding anniversary. And some will joke and say that I chose it so Brad would never forget our anniversary being that it's nationally celebrated. While that was NOT the reason I chose the date, I find it funny that out of our wedding guest that were there, most have a hard time remembering their OWN wedding anniversary, BUT they don't forget ours. For years many people have seen us out and about close to Valentine's Day and ask us how many years we will be married on our upcoming anniversary. They always think of us on that day. :) If that's not a point proven, I don't know what is. LOL
This was another song from our wedding called Valentine from Martina McBride

Valentine - Martina McBride

We had our difficult times in our marriage. Money has always been a great struggle for us. It was such a painful time to go through but we eventually made it. I like The Moon Over Georgia song best because while we both could have gone a different direction and would have had totally different lives, we knew it wasn't the way to happiness. Us being together was where the riches were. The Moon Over Georgia was just the song to portray that.

The Moon Over Georgia - Shenandoah

Seven years later in our marriage, and we were in a stage of our life that, while we were blissfully happy, we knew we wanted more in life. It took over two years to get pregnant, and then bed rest, a three week stay in the hospital all to FINALLY have our beautiful boy, Caleb. Celine Dion's song Beautiful Boy was just the song for us.

Beautiful Boy - Celine Dion

We come to my present time. I still have my wonderful husband and our beautiful boy. A great life can mean so many different things to different could mean a spouse, a large family, huge sums of money. None of those things are bad or better than the other. It all depends on what you want from your life and what truly makes you happy. You need to love your life to the fullest. While my life has had it's ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad, I don't know nor care for anything else, except that I love everything that has brought me here to what I have now. And I truly love what I have right now. So my final song is Don't Know Much by Linda Ronstadt.

Don't Know Much - Linda Ronstadt

This was such a fun challenge and I can't thank @pennsif enough for the original post and @hopehuggs for putting this challenge out to us. I loved reminiscing about what has brought me to this time in my life. Now I want to continue @hopehuggs challenge and give you the opportunity to accept the challenge and show us what your life is like in 8 songs.

Use the tag #songstory so @hopehuggs and the rest of us can all find it and also link to:

This way @pennsif gets his show sent out for everyone to see it as well.

I hope you enjoyed my post half as much as I did writing it. Until next time, take care.



Thank you for you for a great set of songs and for the mention of my new show. I hope you will be able to listen in when it launches on Saturday 3 March, 9pm - midnight UTC.

Wonderful idea of the post

This was so much fun to do!!

It's profound how 8 songs can capture your entire life. You've had some challenges that you had to overcome. Some of the songs you've chosen are heartbreaking. Kinda sent me back to some difficult times im my young life. I'll be trying to find my 8 songs after this.

Thank you for visiting...this isn’t quite my entire life , just a very important time that brought me to my best life I currently live. I have had hard times and heartaches but without those I wouldn’t have the gratitude for the life and love I have now. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment. 😊

It's a pleasure. I'll be sure to follow you. Your posts are the kind I can read everyday.

Good post, Request you to follow me and upvote please. I am also following and upvoting you.
Thank you

Thank you, I will check out your blog. 😊

Love that Cardigans song.. it triggers a lot of memories(all good) for me as well! Great post!!

Thank you, you should try make a post of your life. It was such fun to reminisce. Thanks for visiting!!

Thank you, maybe I will.. :)

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