Promo-Steem Summer 🎵Song-Challenge 💿 Steemit vs. Facebook! Join me!

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Sometimes things show up in my Facebook feed, that make me think: This would be so much more powerful and mutually beneficial on Steemit!

This 30-day song challenge is one of those things. When a friend of mine posted this on Facebook today, my first thought was: On Facebook this is a distraction. On Steemit, this would actually be productive and help some people generate a bit of money.

So, what if we seriously did this here on Steemit?

... and then shared the amount we earned with our friends on Facebook - at the end of the 30 days or in between - don't you think that would wake some of them up and inspire them to join Steemit?

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 16.34.13.png

Credit: Shared on Facebook

What do you say?

Wouldn't that be a nice (and let's face it: easy) Steemit promotion?

I hope you'll join me! And today I'm actually going to ask for your resteems, so that we can make this big and powerful. Let's use the tag #song-challenge so we can all find and upvote each other every day.

It will serve 3 purposes:

  1. It's a nice, easy way to generate content and support each other to make some extra travel money for your summer holidays!
  2. It will be a great example to show our Facebook friends how much more lucrative it is to do these silly fun challenges on Steemit!
  3. It will be fun! We will share our favorite songs, we will get to know each other better through our taste in music, we will totally date ourselves (I know I will...🙈) and who doesn't need more music in their lives??
  4. It will be a great community-building exercise and help especially the newcomers on this platform (see "rules" below).

Here are the rules

There are no rules, of course. Come on. We need more music, not more rules.

  • You don't have to participate every single day. Please don't stress yourself. (I will certainly skip Day 4 and Day 10 - because, I mean, look at them!)

  • It helps if you use the tag #song-challenge when you post your songs, so we can find you

  • It helps if you put a link to this post in your articles, so people know what this is all about and WHY we're doing this

  • It would be kind of you if you checked the #song-challenge tag every day so you can give some upvotes - especially to minnows and plancton. So please make sure you share this challenge with any newcomers here on Steemit, who still have zero Steem in their accounts. This will give them an easy way to fill their wallets. Everyone has favorite songs, right?

  • It would help #Steemit if you really did post your result on Facebook or other social media where people still post for free. You can even share the reaction of your friends with us here and by that generate even more content! :)

Here is my Day 1 to give you an idea how to do this. It's super simple, really :)

So, if you're in, please re-steem this so we can get some momentum going!

Thank you 🙏😊


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Have a look at this post if you want to continue after Day 30 :)

we as a whole have blue days.

We know the things we shouldn't do — detest on ourselves, contrast ourselves with the ladies around us, drink martinis with that harmful companion with the doctorate in involved forceful compliments — yet we do everything at any rate.


I am SOOOO in on this!!

Challenge accepted.

I like this challenge a lot. I'm in.

Great! 👍🏻🙂

Hallo Anja,
da rattern die Rädchen, an der Zeitschraube wird gedreht und abgewägt.
Also kein einziger Grund sich nicht in deine Idee einzubringen!
Mein Beitrag zu Day 1 ließ daher nicht lange auf sich warten.


Super Idee.
Als Musik-Fan mache ich da gerne mit.
Leider hänge ich schon fast einen Tag hinter her ;)

🎵Song-Challenge 💿 Tag1 - ein Song mit einer Farbe im Titel! Golden Brown

Herzliche Grüße

Hey es gibt doch keine Regeln :) Du entscheidest wann‘s losgeht und welche Tage du überspringen willst ;)

Schön, dass du mitmachst!

I am totally in. This goes in the same direction as the #songoftheday thing that is sadly not so popular here on Steem... 😔

Let's see if we can make this one popular! :)

Was für eine gute Idee liebe Anja!!! Ich bin dabei, sicher nicht jeden Tag, aber immer wenn mir danach ist. Weiß auch schon was ich heute nehme :-)

Sehr schön! Man kann ja auch einige Posts schon vorschreiben und sich die Arbeit jeden Tag sparen :)

Tolle Idee! Nur - jetzt in der Urlaubs-Sommer-Zeit werde ich keine 30 Tage am Stück posten können. Mal sehen... Musik geht eigentlich immer ;-)

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Wow, within a minute of posting, and already generated more money! @felixxx - did you know that? I didn't know we now have instant copy/paste bots...

@abh12345 I'm sure you knew this... I didn't know how bad things had become!

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