🎵30-Day #Song-Challenge 💿 Review & Next Level Announcement ;)

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For some of us, this has been Day 30 of the 30-Day Summer Song-Challenge.

In the beginning it was picked up mostly by German speaking Steemians, but then it started spreading and in the meantime I've seen posts from Steemians from North and South America and also Australia.

I have done my best to upvote every single post, and I hope all the participants did the same, to support their fellow challengers. I will continue to upvote for as long as I'm participating myself.

I know for some people this has been the first time they managed to make daily posts on Steemit (I bet you collected some badges ;)) which means you also had a chance to earn money every single day - no matter how much or little. And that was my whole reason to do this challenge here.

You can start participating any time - it's always Summer somewhere, right? Here is my original post on how this challenge works - It stops at Day 30, though, so please continue reading below.


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The 30-Day challenge will be extended!

As you may have noticed, there were quite a few topics missing from the 30-day song challenge, which is of course unacceptable.

So here are the topics for the next 5 days:

  • Day 31: A song that gives you goosebumps
  • Day 32: A song that makes you laugh
  • Day 33: A song that reminds you of someone you never want to forget 
  • Day 34: A song you’d like to have as your ringtone
  • Day 35: A song from a movie soundtrack

Next Level as of Day 36

From Day 36 on, we will decentralize this challenge, which will make it even more challenging! :)

YOU get to make up the daily topics

  1. Who ever thinks of a topic first, makes their post.
  2. Everyone else checks the #song-challenge tag to see if the daily topic has been set by anyone.
  3. Make sure you tag it with #song-challenge, so the others can find it and see what the daily topic is.
  4. ENGLISH: Even if you're posting in German, please make sure that the topic can be read/understood by non-German speakers from the title and/or first paragraph of your post.

This will make this a true community project! :)

Also - please remember to spread some love by checking the entries of your fellow participants every now and then and giving some upvotes! 💚

And another request - it would be great if you resteemed this post, so that we can reach as many challengers as possible and inform them that the challenge continues.

Now... on to the next level!! :)

This is the 30-day #song-challenge - a Steemit promotion and community-building exercise. See this post for details.

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I love this! I’m only up to Day 5 or 6 (the play loud one). Looking forward to continuing.

Great idea...

Thanks for your support!

Super, dass es weiter geht!

Next Level sounds great @connecteconomy 😃.
I 😍 this challenge!
Voted & Resteemed.

This post has received a 2.09 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @flowerfairy.

Glad to hear it continues after day 30.

Best wishes from the @flowerfairy