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I haven’t been much of a reddit user, normally I go in to read other people’s posts and comment on relevant subjects. Yet, when I came across steemit and its similarities to reddit I was not so sure what the big deal was, until I noticed a few differences, or maybe several (I’m still learning on how this site works) which inclines me into the blogging portion of this new and dare I say, revolutionary, form of social media.

Am I a blogger? Not necessarily, but I do enjoy writing. In fact I love to write. It’s been my go-to for as long as I can remember.

As a child I was known for devouring books, it was my favorite pass-time; aside from my other creative sparks, and as I became older reading turned into writing.

I have not written a book yet, nor am I some famous writer / publisher, but I have spent hours on end in the field of research and writing reports and articles, as well as editing. Within all these mediums my personal work turned into an art form I like to call: documentary art.

My documentary art “projects” began after having several writings I’d done over the years: short stories, poems and metaphors, travel journals, etc. I would finish a writing and put it away to come back and re-read my work with a fresh and maybe different perspective; it was then that the words and images began taking their own form and I found a way to merge my love of writing with my passion in art: photography, painting, sketching.

Since then I’ve been sharing my work with the world. Facebook has been my main source of medium to those interested in what I do, with roughly 13k followers at the moment (which I know is not much compared to the social media world and its diverse number of “internet celebrities” I’m just honored there’s people out there who enjoy and connect with my art).

Over the summer I decided to start an online art gallery to sell some of my photography / art. During that process, my art site also went into a make-over, and because I am not some website programmer / designer guru it’s taken some time to reach completion. As a matter of fact, this process just reminds me that some things are worth waiting for and that no matter how hard you work and how much effort you put into it, there is always room for improvements.

So here I am, hoping to continue sharing a part of my world through this new steemit platform and to connect with other people and their interests as well.

Much love,
Lily Zara


Welcome to Lily! You will find our community open to all types of expressions. Whether it is writing, posting a video, art, photography, or even music it is all welcome here. Feel free to express yourself.

Hello how are you? It's been a while. I'm amazed on the no. of upvotes you have on your comments. This is not first comment that I've seen from you that received a good no. of upvotes.

Thank you @instructor2121 I'm definitely looking forward to browsing this site and learning about other topics.

Welcome to the madness! I creeped your facebook page and dug the photography. Especially the black cat cover photo. There are a bunch of other photographers on here too so I'm sure you'll fit right in.

lol thanks! Glad you checked out my fb art page. :) I'll definitely be posting my stuff on here.

Hello @lilyzara, welcome to the community. A writer that is not blogger. Your writing skills can help you establish a name and build a network here in the platform.

I always get jealous to people who have a good writing skills and wish that hope I was like you and them.

Thank you, those are really uplifting compliments. As for the writer / blogger concept it also applies when people see my photography and instantly label me as a photographer, in reality I believe I'm just an artist at heart.

Good to know that. See you around.

Welcome to Steemit. I look forward to seeing your work:)

welcome: upvoted & followed.

Hi and welcome to Steemit Lily!

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I feel welcomed for sure. Thanks

Welcome to Steemit Lily. Look forward to seeing some of your art :)

Thank you very much. Will be posting my work soon. :)

Welcome @lilyzara look forward to your sharing!
BTW while you get your own website up, feel free to put a few of your art pieces on and sell them for Steem dollars can use Peerhub as another platform for exposure. ttyl!

Thanks for the warm welcome. And I'll definitely check it out. I appreciate the support. :)

We all await your unique input @lilyzara... tis the way of Steemit.

Good day Lily!
I hope your effort to reach good result!

Thanks. Good day to you too. :)

Great intro @lilyzara welcome to Steemit. I look forward to seeing your work posted on this amazing platform.

Thank you so much, really appreciate the warm welcome.

Welcome to Steemit Lily! :))

thanks :)))

Welcome to Steemit @lilyzara Looking forward to see all your work. This online art gallery sounds great. See u around!!! :)

Welcome to Steemit Lily!

Thank you :)


I'm new as well, and enjoying the hell out of this site. Look forward seeing whatever you have to share!

Thanks. Glad to hear you are enjoying this site, I'm definitely looking forward to that.

That is quite a good intro post, @lilyzara! Congrats and welcome on steemit! Following you