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Greetings Sndbox! I'm @cahlen and I am submitting @speakfreely-tv as a project for your Summer Camp. You can learn more about the project in the video embedded above and in the article below.

What is Speak Freely TV?

Speak Freely TV is a platform which encourages people to record and publicly share videos of themselves conversing with others or speaking directly to the camera on topics they care deeply about from a place of authenticity and vulnerability.

I started the platform almost two weeks ago, so it's right in its infancy at the moment. Entering into any browser takes you to the Trending section of the #speakfreely-tv tag, so all someone has to do to participate is post a video on the Steem blockchain using that tag. The posts are then Upvoted and Resteemed by the @speakfreely-tv account to incentivize participation and maintain a historical record. Also, any videos posted on DTube are pinned on my personal IPFS Gateway to ensure they are never lost.

Currently I am the only one participating, though I hope to encourage many more people to get involved. All content I personally create (e.g. thumbnail templates, music, etc.) will eventually be hosted in a GitHub project for others to use if they like, but people are also welcome to develop their own styles.

By participating in the Sndbox Summer Camp program I hope to receive guidance and support from the more experienced Steem community. Some ideas for the longer term development of the project include a standalone website, expanded IPFS video storage with redundancy, and perhaps even a Smart Media Token (SMT). In the short term I will be focused on recording new videos, encouraging others to do the same and building visibility.

I invite you to check out the @speakfreely-tv feed to get a better sense for the type of content the platform is aimed at supporting.

Who is Cahlen Lee?

I am a former Producer and Project Manager in the Video Game Industry who has quit my job, packed all of my things into a truck and moved out into the wilderness to free up my time and energy to focus on creating content which I feel supports Humanity in realizing its full potential. Check out @cahlen to see the articles and videos I've created detailing my Minimalistic and Nomadic Lifestyle.

I am also a Certified Human Potential Coach who works privately with individuals striving to realize their full potential and contribute their unique gifts to the uplifting of humanity.

Thank You Sndbox!

Thank you @sndbox for your consideration and for creating such a cool initiative! Your future looks bright and I hope to have an opportunity to be a part of that.


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This is a wonderful idea! I think Steemit is just the right platform for you to find others to engage in the camp. Congratulations on quitting your job and focusing on your passion. Wish you all the best with it. I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @revisesociology.


Thanks @energyaddict22! I suspect the same about Steem.

This is a really good project because most times people just speak what the world wants to hear, and not what they really want to say. I like what you said that it should come from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. That's rare and can be scary for some, but this is what we need to be real and to see the truth in us and others.

You said on your video that you only use your phone for all your work. That's amazing! Can you recommend a phone that's good for a lot of work? I don't want to carry my laptop when traveling so if it's possible to work on a phone that would be awesome! :)

Thanks and good luck on your quest :)


Thanks @wanderlass! It is definitely scary even for me, but I hope we'll choose to do it anyway.

I'm using the Nexus 2 XL and it seems to be holding up really well so far. I'm not too familiar with the other options. If you don't need to do anything intense like video editing, I imagine the most important factor will be screen size.


Thank you for letting me know of your phone model. I will check that out. I have to replace my phone soon and would like something that will be very useful :)

And congratulations in winning the quest :)


Happy to help!

lovethe way you made you experience steemit seem clear hoping you will a win a slot in the end


Thanks @maxiemoses-eu, I hope so too!


I read a handful of writing on this subject and you still stand out
I will continue to read others......

I perceive that only few participants ply their hands in this last cont contest you might come up strong................

I hope you get lucky in the end

Couldn’t be more excited to see this @cahlen! Your project is so inspiring and has so much potential! Best wishes on this quest~ your project fits so well into #sndboxquest! Great job! 💚🌿


Thank you for informing me of this awesome opportunity and encouraging me to participate @mountainjewel!

Looking forward to hearing more about the SpeakFreely.TV project from you on The Alternative Lifestyle Show in a couple of hours on MSP Waves.


I'm looking forward to coming on again, was a lot of fun last time!


Ahh just a bit late to upvote at least I can comment. I love the idea. Actually just had a friend make an account just for this purpose. Besides a few people (very few) most people berate her just for a portion of her thoughts. I suggested posting on Steemit since she has anonymity right now, no fear of retaliation, which is horrible we cannot be ourselves.

I love this idea, most people are so use to bullying others into their way of thinking and have stopped communicating. I look forward to seeing how your project pans out.


I've actually been one of those people bullying others, and I still fall into it sometimes. I think it's a fear based behavior.

I'm hoping this project both encourages people to open up and for others to celebrate them doing that.

Man, I'm sorry I am late to seeing this (resteemed now though). I LOVE this, Cahlen. This is how I navigate my world these days. Let me know if you are up in the pacnwst, perhaps we can caravan (I have a van and gypsy feet) for a couple stops along the way.


Howdy Niish! I'll probably be dropping by Washington in the Fall so maybe I'll see ya then.

Also, I'd love to chat with ya on Speak Freely TV if you ever find yourself interested.

Still rooting for you. It's beneficial - big or not. It remains a bitter pill to hear how even you did not get your nearest and dearest on board (as neither did I); your energy is so engaging and unintrustive. You leave plenty of space for people to make up their own mind. It's the only way, but it make people feel the pressure to hold only themselves accountable. Following a leader is easier, always.
Never mind. It tells us you are ready for something most people have never had enough time and true self-resepect to think about. Taking you with me when I leave (31 May) - in my thoughts and beyond. Off screen support, of a concentrated etheric nature, I believe will be quintessential. Let's see what can happen. Will check in again 6 Dec. Hopefully you'll still be encouraging humanity here - bigger or not....


Thank you again for your support, both electronic and ethereal.

I recognize I have an unobtrusive demeanor, but there are times where that breaks down out of frustration. That darkness inside scares me, which is why I ask for others like you to help hold me accountable.

Have a safe and fruitful journey! I'll see you on the other side.

Really nice idea this, and great beard!


Thanks and ditto!

congratulation @cahlen

@revisesociology featured you in their curation post for the Py It Forward Curation Contest.

Great idea with the speak freely tv! @deliberator you might find this interesting.


Nice, thanks for letting me know!

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A great idea...Let's see how much it would going to successful...Keep on working