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One week ago @sndbox-alpha changed its theme and hands once again! @anomadsoul, @guyfawkes4-20, @martibis and @fingersik are in control for the upcoming month and until then, we will be curating Writing, Literature & Philosophy. The purpose of this post is to introduce the curation trail and our team, state what quality means to us and finally give you an option to participate in a philosophical quest that we brew up for you. Feel curious already? Good…

But what exactly is @sndbox-alpha?

In case you don´t know what @sndbox-alpha is...

The purpose of the trail is excellently described [here]( so give the article a read first. Important is though, that every team is free to experiment however they want. And believe us that we will experiment a lot!

As a team we are very much on the same page. We have the same goal and that is to seek out the best content out there and curate it in order to help the Steem ecosystem grow. We are open to critical discussions and have already underwent some in order to set up basic rules which will be followed.

We also want to hear any form of critical feedback. We are just humans too after all, and we might be missing something that you are not. Important part of philosophy is discussion, therefore you want to engage in one, we won’t say no.

We have agreed that whenever we want to make a decision as a team, we need to reach a consensus – which means 3 out of 4 votes. Since we are in the control for the first time we still need to find what works best for us. Expect proclamations of new practices and possible immediate changes. We are everything but conservative. Expect the unexpected!

As of now we are highly concentrated on keeping our voting power in between 70%-99% and on seeking out the articles of the highest quality.

So, do you want to get curated by @sndbox-alpha?

We know that the quality of the content is subjective mostly because we as humans are very different one from another thus what I would consider valuable you may not but, we have a few general ideas of what quality is.

Because we’re all quality content creators and experienced curators, we consider that we have an idea of how a quality post looks like so we decided that we don’t need anyone to review the posts we submit and just curate them directly, speeding up the whole process.

We have a few guidelines that anyone should follow to ensure their chances of getting curated by us.

Having Quantity

Even if we believe that the most important thing that defines a valuable post is the quality of the ideas spread, the quantity is necessary too because we have plenty posts to choose from and often, the amount of words is a determining factor. We like to reward longer valuable posts first because this way we reward the authors for the effort they put into creating that piece of content not only for the ideas so we think that 400 words are a minimum that anyone could get up to.

Original Content

I think this is an obvious one since we want to reward only original content so we will verify every post with premium plagiarism check to ensure that everything is fine. We mostly support content made special for Steem, but in some cases when the content is top quality, and we feel it deserves more rewards and eyes, we will curate reposts from personal blogs outside Steem.

Useful information

You cannot go wrong with a minimum of 400 original words and some great ideas, so if you accomplish these, your chances of getting curated by us are very high.

Also, we want to mention that we’ll try to stay as objective as possible and even curate content that we don’t agree with on a personal level as long as it’s valuable and might help some people.

The sndbox Summer Camp Quest: Philosophy, writing and Literature

Sndbox, as a project incubator strives to constantly come up with fresh ideas, projects and members. By July 2018, a whole new set of members will become part of Sndbox´s cohort 2, getting guidance, tips, support and collaboration from the team leaded by @hansikhouse and @voronoi.

Us, as members of sndbox, are aware of the potential of changing your Steem-life by becoming part of this amazing incubator, which is why, we have decided to create sinergy between @sndbox-alpa and the #sndboxsummercamp - both projects obviously powered by @sndbox.

This upcoming week we will be announcing the new Sndbox Quest: Philosophy, writing and literature. It will posted under the profiles of @guyfawkes4-20 and @anomadsoul and @fingersik and @martibis will be our official Quest judges.

Be on the lookout for the announcement because this project sinergy will prove to be one of the most benefical to the steemians who are looking to become part os sndbox for the cohort 2 as we, as a team will be actively curating posts joining the Quest but we will also be curating with our personal accounts, we will also be nominating some entries to be featured to @ocd and lastly, together we will decided who gets a spot to join the Sndbox Summercamp Final Quest.

We hope you are as excited while reading this post, as we are while writing it.

Keep building sndcastles and Steem on!


I don't think I have to explain what the article is about, it'll speak for itself.

Hi sndbox-alpha this a great curation on this Week, hopefully many good information we got from curation of this week themes.

I got one information of the quest of curation, This is about My hometown Peusangan, The Largest sub district in Aceh and I want tell the world the sub district community has been Declaration in Peusangan, and this would like to be the greatest and the first steemit Villages in Aceh, hope @sndbox-alpha would to curated this one, and this is very important to be the growth information of steemit in Aceh actually.

Thank you for attention, wish @sndbox-alpha all the Best.

lon teugon sigo, nyet di ek uwateh.. han di ek cit😂😂😂

I just keep trying and thinking about what I read from your post @sndbox-alpha, but I have not fully understood what I can share with you, but here I keep trying to do it including building a community in the village in order to encourage them to work in steemit.

thank you if maybe your idea in theme this week be inspiration for me.

You can write just about whatever you want of course, but throughout this month we will only be curating philosophical articles and writing (stories, fiction, etc.)


hi.. @sndbox-alpha. today i find one article Wiriting about asia season this article very good. check link please :


Wow. This theme quite interesting. Hoping i can come out one soon

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For a philosophy that is created to support writing, of course we must have a content that is highly qualified, original works, and useful for many people. I can join it ?

try to produce something and we might curate it:)


This sound didn't mention anything about having to pay to be a part of this so hopefully that isn't a requirement.

No...Just try to produce quality content and hope that the upvote will eventually come:)


AWESOME! I did get an upvote courtesy of @GuyFawkes4-20
I am following @sndbox-alpha as well as the profiles mentioned in this post.
Thank you all for supporting those who put their 💙 into their posts 😊

I have a question, how do you find the quality content?

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Yin & Yang and Crypto-Art Philosophy

In fact, the world always has two sides. Day and night, happy and sad, small and big, men and women, hot and cold, good and bad, all things in pairs are known as Yin & Yang.

Try to be quiet for a moment and withdraw from the busy you are doing now. Sit down, be quiet, and think about why you are so busy. In fact, you have the same right to relax, what are you after ?!

@sndbox-alpha please read more here

I'll be waiting to hear more about the writing curation. Excited!

Hello @ sndbox-alpha, today I found a very good business philosophy writing, you can read it at this link:

The Philosophy is helpful. Thank you

Below is the post @ kurnia-effendi, one of the writers in Indonesia, about book surgery in Jakarta:

Hi @sndbox-alpa, this stemians @ayijufridar. He is lecture in Indoensia. And, expert to sosial, economic sciense and writings literature. Please support is my friends and cheking this link...

He’s a member of @sndbox, therefore is not eligible for an upvote from @sndbox-alpha


I've always felt philosophy and literature contents needed more curation guilds. thanks for the opportunity and helping steemians in the process.

Your project is much appreciated, more power to you :-)

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Thanks to the work team curator, jury and review of @sndbox-alpha for the opportunity that gives the Steemit community to assess the effort, ideas in areas of philosophical knowledge, reading and writing and original content this project is great rational and human. Greetings

Thanks for the upvote! Appreciated!

thanks to @sndbox-alpha, this is a great opportunity for me and my friends. I will share my post link here and hopefully I succeed. I will do my best and you are the owner who has the right to vote to me.

this is my link :

This is about the philosophy include in one of the Acehness dance, hope @fingersix love it and @sndbox-alpha would like to curate this one of My article, Thanks very much and have a nice day

good morning dear, I just know the information about @sndbox-alpha curated some of writing story, I have one article about my article the experience teaching in rural area, hope you will see it and give support sir, this is my article

thanks for attention, I am a novice, hope my writing get feedback from @sndbox-alpha.

Much love,


Hi guys! Good day!

I do love so much to join. I am quite unsure though... I do blog about life. Does it belong to this Category?

It can, but it doesn’t have to. Life as a hashtag doesn’t really have the necessary explanatory powers.


Thank you @fingersik. I'll have entries soon once the quest is on.

For writing and literature, should it be English only? What qualifies as "useful information" if it's a fictional post? Or does it not apply?

Only English posts can qualify. If it is a ficntional post than it falls under the category of "literature and writing" and there it of course is not only about "useful information"!

Ok thanks!

do u have a discord channel?

Nope. You can only communicate transparently with us on the Blockchain.


Kool do u give feedback?

If you ask for it then yes i guess... We have never done it so far.


Ah kool, well I was wondering about this one? is it too long or not using enough mark down or just general style would love to know

we wish that our post can be easily monitored by @sndbox-alpha .. we have to use tag what?

No we don’t use tags...if you think you have created a really good post you can link it to our latest @sndbox-alpha post. Just so you know like 90% of those weren’t upvoted anyway. We seek quality, but quality so far doesn’t seek us.


This is the first time sending my post link to the comment field @sndbox-alpha .. i do not expect to award, i just hope to suggest or comentar that make me better, specially from @sndbox-alpha and generally get suggestions and comments also from all steemians tg see my comentar here! thanks you All.

I don't know if Philosophy is is still running since March is over but i ll send 2 posts i made just in case....

Thanks in advance

I don't know if this qualifies, but here is some fiction for you if you're interested:

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Here is my first post in @sndbox-alpha, hope i will get some lesson in my first post. Love to join this project. As the first post i will be better in next one.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation about original content. Well, as a newbie, I will create a quality and original content

Actually I don't really understand about phylosophi, I just try it that's my post, hope you like it😁

I've already entered a post to follow your contest a few days ago for the philosophy category (, and thanks for your kind response @ sndbox-alpha. what I want to ask is whether I can still enter the contest for the category of writing or literature. Please answer @ sndbox-alpha. regards.

Of course! There is no limit for the upvotes you can recieve from us. This month you can concentrate this solely on production of philosophical articles and hope for lot of upvotes:)


Thank you @sndbox-alpha and @fingersik
In four days ago philosophy writing. can you check it at, and I will make some series again about this philosophy article with the same format but different on the sub topic. thank you. Hope you could visit it

Excuse brother @sndbox-alpha Let me include your name in my post Tag.

This time I share a post that talks about the philosophy with the theme Raft it upstream and swim to the edge have the meaning of Hurt first then you will have fun later on.

This post is a motivation for me to continue to make a Promo Steem especially in Indonesia.

Here's the link:

If it's to be curated, please review it. I am proud to join Steemit. Thanks and nice too meet you @sndbox-alpha

This is my second post, i dont know whether this qualifies or not, only @sndbox-alpha comment can make use understand better better and better.

Here is my offering; I hope it meets with approval...thank you...

Hello @sndbox-alpha let me mention your name in my post.

This is my post with the theme of Philosophy. I wrote about the Philosophy of Life.

Here's the link:

In this post have various information and I make it original content.

if pleased, please read and judged. Thanks, nice to meet you @sndbox-alpha

This is my blog link:

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Your question:

So, do you want to get curated by @sndbox-alpha?

Not quite certain I understand. Am I supposed to send you a link for you to look at - and, how often, or do I just blithely write as usual and hope you'll find me again?

yes, I read with passion and repetition.
I really want to join in the project @sndbox and @sndbox-alpha.
hopefully I get this golden placement.

I'll try my best .
I will make the original tutorial if I am accepted.
thanks to @sndbox @sndbox-alpha


Hello @sndbox-alpha
I'm sorry to have mentioned your name.

I follow your plot, I write about ** philosophy ** and this post is in accordance with the story of life that I experienced. And this paper is also closely related to sociology. If it is worth writing into your voter list, please review it.

Thank you brother @sndbox-alpha, Nice too meet You!

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