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RE: Introducing Project Giving's Community Challenge

in #sndbox3 years ago

i just found about this project and i must commend the initiators and @sndbox for this wonderful project, please keep putting smiles on the faces of the less priviledged... meanwhile, can i still take part in the contest?


Hi @iamchijamz the deadline is set for tomorrow but as we have had limited entrants I feel like we can be flexible with this if you are really keen on putting an entry together. Let me know your time scale? So that I can chat with the other team members and see what they all think. Thanks :-)

hi @raj808, thanks for your response, i can deliver in 48 hours, its already night here, so i would use tomorrow morning and take a walk around my community here then use the night to prepare my entry, i hope i won't be too late?

hi @raj808, its been raining non-stop for two days now, but i came up with something today...

hope am not too late.