What is Communities & SMTs - Can I make money on it?

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They are a little bit better than domain names and much better than web hosting, and you can make money on them, so I write this as a note to self.


What I will need in the future in order to take max advantage of SMTs and Communities are the following:

  • SP

So as you can understand, when these things are ready and released, you can bet that @good-karma and @jesta etc... will make something incredible and that @steemspeak and @booster can make something absolutely innovative, BUT I WILL NEED STEEMPOWER TO DO SO, that is just how it is going to be. SteemPower all the way.

So this is what I must do:

  • Buy STEEM
  • Make sure you are IN THE GAME when the SMT Game Starts!
  • Be GREEDY when buying STEEM CHEAP, sell your car and hurry up!

I know that everything will be explained in detail as things are being released, but one thing we do know for sure is that everyone who will be part of the next updates and participate in this, WILL NEED steem/steempower so I need to get it while it is plentiful and cheap to get. (I Do not buy the SteemDollar, it has no power)

This post is just a note to self, I do not expect any of you to be smart enough to get in cheap enough for the next big bull run, so do not take this as financial advice. Just a note to self. Just added 20,000 more STEEM to my collection and powered it up on the @clayford account and delegated it to @booster while waiting for the future to arrive with bigger and better things.

PS - I am doing some serious upgrades to my witness, @fyrst-witness

In order to be a top 19 Witness, I need a monster machine that can handle all the traffic we expect when we open the doors to the Internet to flood into steem communities. So without disclosing the location or anything, @fyrst-witness is my witness, and it will be a monster machine with all the reccomended stuff we have heard from Steemit INC to top 50 witnesses and developers. I also see the need for a real good fullnode.

With enough support for my witness, I will also set up a public full node with 1024 GB of RAM and 10 TB of superfast SSD with 8 TB of Virtual Memory. Now, this cost a lot of money as you can expect, but with more people comes the need for better infrastructure and that is what I am building right now in @fyrst-witness. So if @freedom or @pumpkin read this post, or any other Witness-whales would give me a vote now would be great.

Thank you for reading, witness-vote @fyrst-witness and voice talk with us on http://steemspeak.com or discord link: https://discord.gg/TP6HYAx



Seriously 1024 GB RAM :O That's pretty huge power and I could imagine what kind of monster you are cooking now!


Note to myself - remember Fyrstikken’s advice ! I’m moving further and further away from coins that don’t do anything more than reflect the psychological value the market. I think coins like steem are unique because it offers you a position to control your investment and with your own hard work make it grow larger.

A real token, in my eyes should not just be electronic money that can be transferred on the blockchain, it should be something that gives you access and power to something bigger, and in my opinion Steem tokenizing the internet is the perfect opportunity to invest in something truly revolutionary.

Well said!

Thanks @surfyogi!

Even The Economist is talking about STEEM! But people are too busy navel gazing due to the FUD to notice


Steem is currently at number 37 on coinmarketcap, look at the number of half baked/forked/vapour wear projects above it and ask yourself... Where is the real value?

I keep wondering how long those "forked/ vapor ware" projects will stick around. It seems the money would run out for them and people would eventually stop doing that so much and some the real projects could rise and get some attention.

Anyway, someone is probably looking at that article and it really wouldn't take much to light the fire again and we would be off on another bull run.

I talk to crypto traders offline and most have no clue about the underlying technology. They are simply buying and selling based on charts.

The other thing that keeps "dead" projects alive is that due to their decentralised nature, it's hard to tell it's stopped unless you go off and check the GitHub repository for updates. Again, most traders don't do that.

Like a kid who plays with his food, eventually it will get cold, they will get bored and move to the next coin.

But this all takes times.

As for another bull run, fear can turn to greed very quickly in this type of retail lead market. There are no real analysts or rating agencies for Crypto yet.

But on the bright side, if you're buying, you can pick up some great bargains as most of the money is chasing the buzz of the day, leaving genuine projects very undervalued

I have to agree; there is a much more savey complex game happening with Steem and it will have it's day.
Big market shuffle coming!


Highly rEsteemed!

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Hello @fyrstikken. Great job you are doing. I have applied with my account and posting-key to http://frontrunner.steemspeak.com, more than 24 hours ago, and have enough steempower, but… nothing happened. Are you too busy working on improvements to take new registrations?

you will be added automatically or manually by @inertia for @frontrunner 24-48 hours wait is pretty normal and especially now with so many public nodes are upgrading. I would not worry.

upvote and resteem.

I can't wait for 100 dollar steem. I kind of want to start a community but not sure what goes into the process. I have high hopes communities are what brings people in and keeps them here.
I like posts like these, makes me want to not power down and quit

Time to make the life changing move ;) its now or never


I do believe you got the point across right about here. :)

Who needs a car, invest in STEEM. We need hyperbole to motivate the people! @ironshield

Everyone when you receive SBD convert to steem via the marketplace and power up.


  • Convert ETC/ETH to steem
  • Convert Zcash to steem
  • Convert LTC to steem

ye a did this last dip...not a lot but better to have more sttem then a little off randoms alts

ye fore sure. the be greedy part so this days am seling som of my power and autoupvoting its not greed its tacking care of my self...in 5 years if steem is still herer a have more $$$$ then now... gogogog...

WARNING! The comment below by @erudire leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

thanks you just reminded me to remove you as a witness i voted for - i have tried 3 or 4 times a month or so back to get my measly 3SBD that i sent to @booster, who somehow missed voting on the post link i sent??...have a good one :)
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childish of you, you can come to @steemspeak discord and get support from me or @inertia almost 24/7 about Booster. but act the way you want to act.

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