Project Smile|| With Christ in My Vessel I can Smile at The Storm

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Smile, it's free therapy.- Douglas Horton

What makes me smile?

Brace yourselves more throwback pics coming

There's a lot of things that make me smile from checking the messages and chatting with my girlfriend @ellebravo. My "sabaw" moments wherein I am not able to respond properly. Playing with my niece Luc and a lot more. I always smile at small things and I write this post I am actually smiling and thank you @hundredlbsbeauty for hosting this contest.

Since it is Thursday why not we do some throwback.

I am raised in a family wherein we believe that if there is something that we can share with others then we will be more than glad to give it to them. Having this mentality imparted to me I am always been dragged to one outreach event to another whenever schedule permits too.

In a small town in Cavite near Tagaytay, the Photography Club decided to do its first outreach we are all young back then and we have a lot of time to spare. It was like 7 years ago I think that this event happened.
We have chosen this area because they are planning to build an outreach church on the location, so an outreach is a good way to introduce ourselves to them and then later on introduced Christ to the community. Plus we got the support from UNICEF that time too.
Equipped with our craziness we embark on the journey. But before that, we need to have ourselves equipped thus meetings are required.

This is Sammoy and Genesis deliberating for the sake of picture

Tagaytay is known on having pineapple field and you will be able to see those on the roadside

After we arrived in the location we are immediate swarmed by kids asking questions like what are our names, what we are doing etc. We then asked them to go to the nearest hut and we started our task.

With Christ in my vessel I can smile at the storm

Si Hesus ang sandigang hindi matitibag

For the kids singing, dancing and reading stories is a must so since I was assigned to the reading part I did try my best for that. I'd recall animating my voice to make it interesting to them.

This is one of the playful kids there

It's our birthday and since we are blessed let's share the blessings!

Same year after the Outreach event in Cavite, ate Janet decided to have an outreach project again and this time it is to celebrate her birthday. Since our birthday is somehow near to each other we decided that we will have it a joint project together with the Photography Club folks. It was a church near on to our home this time and since I am free I joined the said project.

Since it was June when we did this event instead of food and goodies what we gave are set of pencils, colors and some biscuits. Ate Janet was able to get some help from her employer about this project too and that is why we are able to give more on to the said project.

Seeing the kid's smile and saying thank you on what we are doing filled my heart and also the hearts of the folks that I am with. Also we are able to share the gospel of Christ to these young kids which is truly our biggest goal as a Christian group.

Right now Photography club is in hiatus, some of the members are busy in their lives right now. Some went on overseas and some are just in front of their computer typing and steeming.

This is just a throwback of the experiences that I have. Actually I have a lot of misadventures to share but today I want you readers to know a bit of my background and why I keep on smiling and sharing myself to other folks here on this amazing platform.

Also I want to thank @wdoutjah for the campaign yesterday and the folks who voted on his entry on the contest that I was nominated to. I am really overwhelmed on how you all rallied and seeing the comments left on the contest. The SBD reward that I got from the contest was distributed to all who voted on that contest because I think that you guys really deserve that. I am just here to enjoy this platform and share my stories but after a few days being here my mindset changed literally on how this site works. I found a family a shelter where I can rest. Also thank you for @steemitfamilyph for believing in me and @steemph folks for the support.

I think that is all, I did not reach the required words for the contest but that is okay hahaha I am just supporting @hundredlbsbeauty's project. You can check the contest requirements here and please join it because it really spreads the positivism all over.

You can click this link to know more about the contest.

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A wonderful story and a life filled with love and cooperation

I greet you


Hey thanks man for dropping by. It is truly an amazing journey for me. Those experiences happened in the past 7 years man I am now old! hahahah

You are an awesome person that continues to inspire people.


Hahah IKR ikaw din Lodi @maverickinvictus you are truly an awesome man.

You have a big heart @tpkidkai! I appreciate you sharing your smile story and this is inspiring. You always make sure to extend your help to others genuinely, and that is one of the reasons why I look up to you. Thank you for not making it harder for me to choose the winners haha. Thanks for advertising my contest through this post! :) bless your heart tp!


Finally I am able to write a reply woohoo! No thank you for the wonderful contest. I always thought that I should join this one because sobrang saya nya. Thank you for looking up to me actually I am always watching you also folks sa background din and I am really proud of what the achievements that you all have. Bless your heart too and the smile project sobrang Good vibes talaga sya.

Kids smiles are always precious. I was a member of the NGO before and that's when I first heard of UNICEF. It's a foundation for less fortunate children like me before. I have received a lot of charity works before and it really does touches our hearts.


Indeed it is! There's a lot actually and if you will be doing charity works full time you will be having no sleep at all. LOL and seeing the smiles from the kids will, those simple words like "thank you po" all your tireness will never be taken away. Bless your heart too @bhabykat

That very friendly smile on the first picture made me smile. Hehehe. Pls continue being awesome bro. You are a true inspiration to the Ohana. Godbless!


Hahahah super throwback pic yan. I saw it ay okay tong picture na ito for the intro bwahahah. Thanks man you too you are so awesome that people are always waiting for your comic strip. Keep it up and Godbless!

P.S. sana may bagong comics ulit.

When you begin to count your blessings, you will start to see things differently and things just become so beautiful! I'm glad that you are able to smile at the simplest things TP. You have a big and kind heart. Continue to be generous to people, and optimistic in life! More blessings for you!


Thanks @chinitacharmer true enough when we start to count the blessing from waking up in the morning and breathing you will really see the beauty of life and also smile into small things. Little things do matter nowadays and spreading love and genuine friendship is a must now :)

I am glad to have you and other folks in Ohana you make my stay really an awesome one.