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Hi Steemians

Up until now, to benefit from upvotes from @smartvote you had to delegate a minimum of 25 SP that would give you daily upvotes using 10 times that SP, that is 25 x 10 = 250 SP which today is about 0.02 STU.

With our recent update we are bringing in two changes:

  1. The minimum SP is now only 2 SP.
  2. You can now register and increase your member account SP by adding shares.

Let us go through those two changes.

New minimum SP

Dropping the minimum SP to 2 allowed us to implement the SmartVote shares functionality without adding too much complexity to its usability. However, it brings up another small issue that we want to clarify.

Now that the minimum SP delegation is just 2 SP, smaller accounts can choose to join us but you need to keep in mind that delegating 4 SP will only gives you upvotes at 4 x 10 = 40 SP which, at today price of STEEM, is just $0.003 STU. You will see it shown as $0.00 on because they are rounding it to two decimals. However, you can verify that the upvotes you receive from @smartvote are correct by using other dApps such as because they show upvotes values with 3 decimals. Your SmartVote dashboard is now also displaying received upvotes values with 4 decimals.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.57.42 pm.jpg

Buying SmartVote Shares (SVS)

Buying shares for yourselves

Buying SmartVote Shares (referred as SVS from now on in this article) will allow you to get lifetime upvotes from @smartvote without delegation. Just transfer 1 STEEM to @smartvote and receive 2 SVS giving you 4 SP and a daily upvote of 4 x 10 = 40 SP.

Basically, for each 1 STEEM transferred to @smartvote we will upvote your content with 40 SP, that is 40x!

Here is a table of examples:

Transfer amountSharesSPUpvote SP
5 STEEM10 SVS20 SP200 SP
10 STEEM20 SVS40 SP400 SP
50 STEEM100 SVS200 SP2000 SP

How: just send a round amount of STEEM to @smartvote, no MEMO required.

Buying shares a friend

You can also purchase shares for one or multiple other Steemians giving them a lifetime upvote on posts and comments.

This functionality is also great if you are organising contests. You could offer SmartVote Shares as prize.

Split shares purchase

Very similar to buying shares for a friend, this feature allows you, in a single command, to buy shares for other Steemians and receive half of the purchased shares.

How to buy SmartVote shares

Buying shares for yourself

Simply go to your wallet and send a 1 STEEM to @smartvote. If you want to buy more shares, send more STEEM the price is 2 shares = 1 STEEM. You can only buy shares in multiple of 2 so only send round amount of STEEM.

Buying shares for one or more friend

To buy shares for one or more friends, the process is the same but add your friend’s Steem name in the MEMO for example @friend.

For multiple friends, add a list of friends separated by a space, for example: @friend1 @friend2 @friend3, each of them will receive an equal amount of shares.

SteemConnect links for buying SVS

To make your life easier, you can use the following SteemConnect links:

We have also updated our MEMO Commands Tool to help with creating your custom SteemConnect link.

Advanced share purchase

For more complex operations, you could use a combination of the methods above to obtain the same thing but we've added some more control via MEMO commands to make your life easier:

  • you can add your own Steem username in the MEMO to get an equal amount of shares as your friends. For example: send 3 STEEM (6 SVS) with the MEMO @me @friend1 @friend3 and the three of you will get 2 shares each.
  • to buy shares for one or more friends and get yourself half of the total shares use the following MEMO: half @friend1 @friend2 @friend3. For example: if you send 6 STEEM (12 SVS) with the memo half @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 and you will personally receive 6 while giving your friends 2 shares each.

Combine SP Delegation and SmartVote Shares

You can choose to receive upvotes from @smartvote by:

  • only delegating SP to @smartvote
  • only purchasing shares with @smartvote
  • or combining both delegation and shares

Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese now accepted!

We have now a language moderator that will help us check the profile and content of authors writing mostly in Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese. So we are extremely happy to announce that content in these languages are now accepted for upvotes by @smartvote.

As a reminder, SmartVote is now currently accepting content written in English, French, Vietnamese, Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Cantonese.

Contact us

If you would like more clarifications please contact us on our Discord server: Alternatively, you could also leave a comment on our posts, but a direct chat can make life simpler.

For up-to-date information about our services, please head to our website:

Thank you for using our service!
The SmartVote team.


Ummm.... your vote to me seems a bit on the LOW side. I'm also displaying your footer banner, so I should get the bonus for the banner. (Just because the vote is on an older post that doesn't yet have the banner doesn't mean I'm not advertising for you).
(Comment edited for clarity)
Then again... I'm not sure HOW you calculate that 20% bonus since the example doesn't show the math. 20% of what exactly?


Hi @happyme,

First of all, thank you for your participation.
You have made a delegation of 2500SP which currently gives you an upvote weight of 16.4% which at the current STEEM price gives you $0.677 upvotes on your content.

You can verify on that at 2500SP a single of your own upvote would be worth $0.07 STU (actually $0.0677 STU rounded up). So SmartVote effectively upvoted you at 2500 SP x 10. As price of STEEM fluctuate, the actual value in STU will also change.

As for the footer banner, we are adding 20% of your current upvote weight. So 16.4% + 20% = 19.68%. The current system can only add those 20% to the post currently voted on. We will bring this topic up for internal discussion.

Hello @smartvote.

Thank-you for your response. I understand the first part and don't have an issue with the amount of up-vote without the bonus. It is the bonus that I am questioning. If the bonus expires at the end of this month and it takes 5 days just for the bonus to begin to show up, then I'm not going to get very many bonus credits, am I ?

Are you intending to extend that bonus period at all? If not, and in any case, I think it is only fair that the bonus is paid out for as many days AFTER the expiry of the promotion as it took for the bonus to kick in.

I'm looking forward to growing together.

The bonus was implemented since the start of the project, 3 months ago, just like any promotional offer it has an expiry time so the earlier you join the more you benefit from it.

You could also have edited your older posts and add the banners to them as still get the bonus on those. You still can do so for you current unvoted posts.

There is actually a plan to extend the end of the bonus period until Dec 31st.

We have also upvoted your current comment with 10% which should be more than the 5 missed bonus.

Feel free to join our Discord server for easier communication:

Sweet! Thanks a lot. I never even thought of editing my posts.

Sound like a cool service, I delegated 25 SP. Thanks!

I have a question @smartvote if we buy shares with steem we will get shares...
Example - if i buy 50 steem i will get 100 SVS which is equal to 2000 SP upvote daily( only one upvote for one day).
if we not post daily then do we get that left over upvotes i mean if i don't post today then do i get 2x upvote tomorrow?

Hi @summisimeon,

Good question 😊, SmartVote is encouraging the daily creation of good content on the platform to add value to it and sustaining it for the long term. If you don't post today, you loose the upvote. However, we have couple of alternatives in place in order to mitigate the situation:

  1. If you don't have a post today, we will upvote one of your comments if it meets our criteria of at least 10 words and is related to the post you are commenting on.
  2. If you happen to take a break (going on holidays, sick etc...) you can use our Account Modes tool to switch to daily payout and receive STEEM in your wallet instead of upvotes. However, because we want encourage more of content writing we will soon limit this feature to only 60 consecutive days with a 30-days cooling period between each.

I hope this answers your question.

Perfect answer for my question thank you @smartvote .these smartshares are similar to @steembasicincome but little bit difference is steembasicincome votes every post but not comments and the value of upvotes depends on post there is fluctuation of upvote value..
In smartvote there is fixed value of upvote but one upvote for one day....
But nice too see two big services are there for steemians...

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Let me know if there is any Cantonese and Chinese issues, Lovely program to try out~!

Hi @minloulou,
As explained on the Discord server, we now do support Cantonese and Mandarin posts, here is our announcement post:

Thanks for your participation

Your last post is 1 month older. Are you active now? I hv some questions on svs.

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Hi @mango-juice,
We sure are still active. Feel free to ask any question here or on our Discord server if it is easier

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