Getting Sucked In

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For those waiting for responses to recent interactions, my apologies. My father-in-law passed recently and our family has been dealing with the integration of that information and the impacts it has had throughout our direct and extended families.

The following image is one in which the immaterial and physical realms merge as the esoteric pulls the psyche toward integrating divergent realities.

Getting Sucked In (2).jpg
"Getting Sucked In" by the Astral Cowboy

Thanks to those who give of their efforts to increase our creative commons art ranks and resources. I champion virtually all contributors to the Creative Commons.

Some of my past Creative Commons contributions:

Feel free to list your favorite Creative Commons advocates and artists in the comments below!! (Links to yourself and your own works are completely encouraged!)

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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


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Yes, that is my image, but not my site. I viewed it a couple of days ago, but didn't have time to reply. The image apparently no longer exists on that site, but when it did, it appeared to have been pulled from my Lucialight2 Instagram site, credit was given to me in the image when it was posted. I am known as the Astral Cowboy, as you will see in a number of my other #slothicorn posts, including a site I intend to use to sell my art when I decide to get out of my own way as an artist:


When I originally checked your link, it linked to a site called something like "phukit", now it is listed as psyart on a Russian page. Both were pulled from my Instagram site and both properly credited me.