Sikhism - MOOL MANTRA - Meaning of SATT NAAM

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Meaning of SATT NAAM in MOOL MANTRA of Sikhism

I did couple of the posts on Sikhism previously. Sikh Holy Book starts with EKK-OUNG-KAAR to represent The Creator and the attributes of EKK-OUNG-KAAR follow to complete the MOOL MANTRA. In this post I will try to open up the meaning of SATT NAMM, two attributes which come next to EKK-OUNG-KAAR.

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Its like being able to learn again and much more about the sikhism through your posts , thank you for this explanation , looking forward for your next post @mathworksheets


Thanks. I am working on the next attributes of The Creator. NIRBHHOW NIRWAIR.


Thanks for letting me know a bit more about Sikhism..

Nice work in the post


You are always welcome @iamsgr. Thanks for giving your nice feedback.


Good article and report for the awareness. Sikhs are in every corner of the World yet most often they got considered Muslim. I think we need to do more to aware the fellow citizen about our identity. Thanks a lot my dear brother @old-guy-photos.


Yes I agree. I think it is smart to try to get the word out and educate the public.