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Happy moments are meant to be cherished, celebrated, enjoyed and treasured! And marriage happens to be one of the happiest moments that a person witnesses in one's life.

I came across an interesting news thanks to the post from @jjuuaanchoo where I got to know that he and @cristi24491 got married. Both of them have been fantastic participants of my Creepy GIF Contest and I've always enjoyed their interesting entries.

Without saying anything more, I'll just ask you to head on over and check out @jjuuaanchoo's blog who's a talented guy from Venezuela! Filled with informative and insightful posts and details about life in a country dealing with economic turmoil, it's also from where I took the below photo of the newlywed couple.


It's often great to start something new with the blessings of peers and good wishes of others. If you'd like to wish the couple, you can head on over to his post.

I'm sending 4 STEEM to @jjuuaanchoo to show some love...

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Thank you for reading!

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That's such a great news to hear! Really nice to hear such stories :)

Dear friend ... Thank you for your beautiful wishes. I love this publication, it's so sweet and tender of you. I'm really happy to see that there are people who rejoice in the happiness of their friends. @jjuuaanchoo and I were very far from STEEMIT, because with the preparations for the wedding we had not had time, in addition to that @jjuuaanchoo was sick. In the end everything went well. And we are trying to resume our activity in steemit. :)


best wishes to u both - wishing you a happy married life :)

Best wishes for them

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Okay ... I visited the @jjuuaanchoo blog and I have asked to be friends with him.
Anyway ... is he your best friend ?

I think this photo is your photo @jznsamuel and I want to see your real photo, can it show even once ? :-)

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Congratulations to the new couple.

Hey buddy @jznsamuel Thank you very much for dedicating this post and for the beautiful words that you said you could not describe it better, many blessings for you too, I will soon make a post with photos of the wedding, thank you for sending me a gift I appreciate it a lot (especially because after getting married the accounts they remain in zero ahahahha) as I said in the previous post I have had pain in the arm and for that reason I have not been so active here but I have been improving, I hope you have an excellent weekend