Tutorial Express : add a custom title to a tweet or an Instagram post

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So you're tired of seeing always the same title for your Steemit posts made with #share2steem ? Here's how to customize your title :

Just start your tweet or your Insta with your title between square brackets, as you see on the picture. When posted on Steem, the sentence between the brackets will become your Steemit post title ! Enjoy !

#steemit #steem #socialmedia

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Guide To Setup Share2Steem with Instagram by @AaronLeang

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Nice nice.
I'm going to try it tomorrow. To late now...bed time ...10 min after midnight

Feel free to ask if you have questions ! And good night !

hm only use this [title]?

Exactly, you can see here : https://www.instagram.com/p/BqcI6DLARmm/ how this post was made on Instagram to have the custom title in the Steem post.

Wow... Good job team @share2steem

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Thanks !

This is a fantastic addition! On the ball peeps!

Thanks !

no no... thank you :)

I have been playing with @Share2Steem and enjoy the addition because I use IG alot. \n\n Today, I went to Google just a search and figure out how to change the title went posts on my blog here and the 1st post that I find is this. :) How convenient! I am going to go check it out and hopefully it works! Ty ty!

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You're welcome, we're happy this kind of feature is appreciated !

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Maybe I am.just miss 8i n it, but how do.you change the text that makes the body of your post when using share2steem?

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Hi, just go to share2steem.com, go to social networks, click the network you're interested in, then you'll be able to edit the post body :


Hi share2steem !

Feature being experimented !

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Great work @share2steem