WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT of "Share Your Captures with @ayasha!"

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Hello to all photography lovers!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Share Your Captures with @ayasha.! I am overwhelmed with the responses and so happy to see the amazing photographs.

This past week has been crazy! I thought this week would be a little quiet because of our country's election. But I was wrong, I got full speed participation from my Community members. You all had some super awesome pictures.

The contest is now finished and I received 10 ENTRIES for this 7 DAYS.
Let's Take a look at our Entries:

Share Your Captures || The 1st Evening of 2019 # Author @rehan12

💓Share your capture photography contest - my entry💓 # Author @mango-juice

Share Your Captures - New Year of Job holders. # Author @ashikstd

My entry for "Share your captures" contest # @minhaz007

Share your capture with @mamun123456 [happy new year 2019 ] # Author @mamun123456

My Entry For : Share Your Captures with @ayasha. [Theme: "Happy New Year 2019"] # Author @sherbanu

Photography contest my entry post"Share your capture" # Author @mdaminulislam

"Share Your Captures" My best wishes for everyone... # Author @priyanarc

share your captures ( try to different way wishing) # Author @shuvo35

Share Your Capture "Happy New Year 2019" # Author @rasel111

All participants got an upvote from @bdvoter instead of my upvote and 100% upvote from @cryptobdschool.

This is my first Photography Contest and I have the best jury team ever to help me.

Thanks to them for their support and help me to finalize the Winners. It was not easy to do but there is the fun of the game!


1st WINNER is: @sherbanu


2nd WINNER is: @priyanarc


3rd WINNER is: @ashikstd



1st Winner Rewarded with 3 SBI

2nd Winner Rewarded with 2 SBI

3rd Winner Rewarded with 1 SBI

winners sbi.PNG

As it is my first Photography Contest and I Love my all community members, I could not able to think about the rest of the participants in zero rewards! So I rewarded the rest of all with 1 SBI!

winners sbi rest.PNG

win gif.gif

Thank you for your participation, your talent and the originality of your photography! See you soon with another contest!

footer-ayasha 01.gif

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Yes you were true! I am shockingly happy @ayasha! Happy more because, when I told my son your pic won, his face lightend with joy!

It was a nice experience indeed! All the participants did really well!
Congratulations @priyanarc & @ashikstd.

Thank you for the appreciation

Also good going @bdcommunity @bdvoter

Doing also good @ayasha
All the best for rest of the episodes.


Thank you apu..

Congratulations!!! @ayashapor its successful contest, to all the participants and the winners: @sherbanu, @priyanarc and @ashikstd

I think competitions are great generators of ideas and very stimulating for creativity.


It was my first Photography Contest, and I tried my best to make it successful, don't know how far I can! But Thanks for your appreciation. See ya in my next contest maybe! Have a !rabbit


Sourced from


Thank you for keeping me in mind and for the beautiful work you do, just go ahead with that love that manifests.
Greetings from Venezuela.
(I use google translator).

Congratulations to the winners! 😀😀

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Congrats @sherbanu apu .. you deserve it and congrats @ashikstd ,,, Thanks apu for this contest. It was great experience for me as i rarely enter in the contest and also loved the theme so much..


thanks bug apu.
so i don't deserve it as it seems... :(

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Thank you dear. If I would the judge would have place you first, I loved your artwork & photography so much!

Congratulations to you also @priyanarc


thanks apu

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thanks bro.

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you do not see and you over bid dear please use reasonable bid thanks


still it's not over! Dont worry we will not be in loss!

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