STEEM POWERED fantasy football [prize pool and little update]

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So as I've mentioned before, I still owe the prize pool for the rewards from most of my posts, dating back to a few months ago.

Procrastination is real sometimes. Calculating is boring, so whenever I think to go calculate it.. I just make another post instead. 😮

It's small potatoes anyways.


It looks like the 'author rewards' part of my wallet doesn't go back further than 2 weeks.

Presumably it's all on the blockchain somewhere, but I don't know where.

So I'm just gonna use the dollar value of each payout and try to guesstimate what I should send to the prize pool, and err a little towards sending too much.

It's not precise, but if perfection is the enemy of doing it, you should just do it.

So here's the roll call of the unpaid posts:

($0.60, $0.47)
($0.92, $0.78)
($0.60, $.049)
($0.72, $0.70)
($0.95, $0.72)
($0.77, $0.58)
($0.97, $0.73)
($0.61, $0.46)
($0.94, $0.72)

The first number is the "Payouts", and the second number is the "Authors" portion. (As opposed to the "Curators" portion.)

I could be demonstrating illiteracy as to how it works, but I'm assuming the "Authors" amount is the number I should be dealing with.

I'm giving the liquid portion of the rewards, i.e. half of the rewards, from these posts to the prize pool, so adding up the numbers and dividing by 2, we get:


And then from there, to determine how much STEEM to send to the prize pool, it's a matter of how much STEEM was worth at the point of each payout.

So here's where I'll err on paying too much. The lower the price of STEEM we use, the more I end up sending. As I vaguely remember it, it's fallen from around $0.80 to around $0.60 where it is now over the course of the season. So I'll just use $0.60, and in effect overpay.

That's the penalty for approximating it.

So dividing 5.65 by 0.60, we get 9.4166667 STEEM.

There's also a post from last week whose payout is still pending:

($0.59, still pending: 0.30 SBD, 0.50 SP)

And the software lists the pending amount in SBD, so I'll just tack that on now and send 0.30 SBD.

So now the numbers listed in the 'savings' of my wallet is correct! That's the prize pool: $76.68 SBD, 13.402 STEEM

And maybe more will trickle in as the season unwinds.

No one blessed us with a big upvote or anything, which isn't a surprise. Shoutout tho to @mellofello, who was able to use wizardry and botting and stuff to win some decent rewards for us.

And also let us nevar forget @hashcash who wasn't able to play but donated 5 SBD to the pool!

All sorted out! Good. When you have little things that you need to do that you aren't doing, I find that you feel powerful and good when you do them.

If it seems I made any mistakes or anything, please let me know.

And good luck to all the contestants in Week 11:

Game of the week: 'STREAM POWERED' (8-2) vs 'what stank?' (6-4)

Here's an image of a football to cheaply make the post more beautiful:

::scrambles to check lineups and injuries etc::


Well done, commish!

Ty ty! 😊😊

::takes a bow::


your mathematics is epic flawless

-- someone who doesn't know how that shit works. (aka me.)

Ty tyyyy 😊😊 I thoughhtttt they were perfect 👌 😊 ty for confirm, mr wizard man

Thanks for reminding me to transfer you the rewards from my "who makes the playoffs" post last week!

I sure hope I beat what stank, they're so good

my pleasure, Horse!

This is how you win
I stink


Was a tough ride for stream powered horse 🐴 today .. you'll have a big game next week

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