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It was not necessary for me to speak, the dismay on our faces spoke for us, but I had to ask, offer him the choice. “Eddie, what is your position this time, are you with us?”
He had obviously already faced the question within his mind as his tormented eyes showed. He stood staring back at me, his face bloodless, his thoughts blocked to me, then he dropped his eyes and bent his head, staring at the carpet.

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“Don’t be frightened Candy. We won’t let them hurt you.”

She did not answer, so Dommi gently turned her face. “What is wrong my baby?”

“They are going to hurt my Robbie again.”

I reacted by calling the protector into me and I made us glow with power. I sent the power out to Candy, wrapping her and Eddie and lifted the three of us so that we floated.

“Candy love, uncle Eddie has already taught me a lot of his gifts. Give us another day or two and there will be nothing to fear.”

I had us float around until I was facing the room.

“My powers during the previous…” I stopped as I saw Ordinx and Solomon appear. Only then I realised Sam had called to them. While they were being told the news, I mind-spoke Eddie. *They all need to be comforted, can you help extend our power?*

*Let me into your mind.* A brave request seeing how superficial our acquaintance still was, but I felt nothing evil in him, so I opened up.

It felt as if someone is directing a blowtorch within my mind. I writhed in agony as new doors were smashed open. What he was doing was not giving me gifts, it was an opening of doors to powers I had not even imagined could exist within me. It was as if I could call the energy of the void into me, multiplying the strength of my gifts. I was not aware of what was happening at the time, but as I saw in the minds around me afterwards, I had dropped Eddie and Candy (he saw to it that they were not hurt), writhed, my body jerking as if I were having a fit and collapsed to my knees as flames of power shot out, seemingly without control, but contained in a circle around me. I screamed, blood dripping out of my ears, nostrils and mouth (elsewhere too I found out later). Finally I bent over, all the power brought back in to me and I threw up. I sat hunched over for a couple of minutes waiting for my body to recover. I felt arms go around me and when I was able to look up I saw my girls had rushed over to hold me; thinking I was under attack, they were trying to protect me.

They looked into my eyes and for some reason they all pulled back.

“What have you done Robert?” Cherine asked, awe and fear in her eyes.

I saw the vomit, smeared all over me and my girls and got rid of it, but my mind was still in turmoil. I fought within myself, still learning how to bring everything back under control.

Gently Eddie explained, “There is nothing to fear. Robert asked me to show him how to use powers new to him. He needs time to learn how to control them. Give him the time he needs girls.”

“Why is he shimmering Eddie?”

“I don’t know. Must be another power he has found within himself.”


“Robbie said we are not allowed to call them powers, we must say gift.” Laura primly reprimanded him.

“Believe me Laura, these are not gifts, these are powers.”

A part of me could hear them, but I was still lost within myself. Have you ever seen a film of an explosion and then they play it backwards? I felt like I was in a film running backwards. As the energy, power, flew back into me, it felt as if I were drawing from all the power throughout the universe - I knew I wasn’t really, it just felt that way. It trailed off and a sweet calmness came over me. I lifted my gaze and saw them, a strange shimmer surrounding them all. I saw the shimmer around Ordinx and Solomon, completely different from the Terrans. My eyes were drawn to Eddie.

“Open your mind to me.”

I sent a part of myself into him and helped open doors to some of the gifts I have, within him. I timed it, trying to be a little more gentle with him than he had been with me, giving him long enough to adjust to each one first. I simultaneously reached out to every mind (except our two alien friends) and showed them, helped open doors to gifts I have and they did not. I was extremely gentle with the ‘real’ children and babies. I sensed the foetus, but kept out. It was still too early, there was no personality for me to contact. I hesitated over Pavlo and Athena, but it was too late to send her away, so I included them.

I jumped to a beach and walked awhile, trying to come to terms with the changes in me. They are mostly not Cherinian gifts, they are powers that can give me control over others or cause damage or death. The protector reminded me I have left the girls without protection, so I sent it back.

Most of these powers do not suit me, but I acknowledged that if I have to, I will use them to protect my fellow Cherinians. The powers Henry has, which I had so adamantly refused to learn, were as toys compared to what Eddie has given me. I did not know whether to thank or curse him. I wondered to what extent I have been changed internally.

This tormenting of myself by my conscious may appear to be stupid, after all, as the protector I already had powers far beyond these. It is not the same. Being able to do what I want to directly, without the protector being able to refuse me, I perceive it as a heavier burden of responsibility on me. I had not passed on to any Cherinian any of these powers, not even my Cherine, my sweet cub. Or should I say, especially not to my Cherine. I knew she would not hesitate to use them; where my safety or that of our loves is concerned, she is totally amoral and would use them in our defence. I do not want that to be possible, for her sake more than out of my beliefs.

I was surprised that my loves still recognise their Robert within me, for it feels as if the topography of my mind has altered, mutating into something new. I examined what is changing me and separated it from my normal self. I locked that part of my mind off from everyone.

I felt that my transfer of gifts to the others is ending, so I returned home. According to their temperament they were all still reacting to the changes within them. I guess I am still prejudiced with regard to Jonathan, for I found myself surprised to see him being held by Percy as he wept. The only one smiling was Rob, his eyes though were dark and deep in thought as he gazed down at his Cherine. He felt me looking and his eyes met mine and it was like a flow of electricity hit us both. It felt as if he has taken a slice of my soul and yet I knew I was no poorer than before, that I too have gained. The protector appeared over him, swirling in a glow as it tried to understand. I ordered it to sink into him, merge as it does with me, to let him feel the potential of his powers. His Cherine jumped off his lap and stood staring at him and the look of adoration as she stared at him joyously lanced through me.

“Our protector has just grown in strength, it is now able to tap into Rob also, drawing strength from him. Eddie, I should thank you for the gift of powers you gave me, but I cannot - at this time, I cannot find it within my heart to do so. From you it was a gift, but for me, I will not know until I am sorely tested.”

He nodded, but I could see he was still sifting through the gifts I had given him.

Solomon said, “Perhaps the challenge is necessary, a part of the evolution of the Cherinians. Robert, you have all grown within one hour more than you had over the previous year.”

“You see it too Solomon? I am glad for the rest of them, for me, I cannot say yet. The powers Eddie gave me, the doors he opened are not to be shared…yet, not till I have faced them - perhaps never, I need time to consider which choice would be wiser and better for the future of Cherinianism. Eddie, what you did, it was not the total gift was it? I sense multiple new possibilities, doors waiting to be opened - where does all this end?”


“I have not felt what you say, the only power I have not given to you is the power I have over my wife.”

“I would not want it, I may be wrong, but right now I think you do not want it either. How are we to fight them Eddie, how do I attack the other Eddie, won’t my feelings for you influence me at a crucial moment? How do I attack Doris when I know she is also your love? I hope you do not mind me calling her Doris, at this moment I would prefer not to think of her as Hettie the woman you love.”

“This has been too sudden Robert, give me some time please.”

“Take as long as you need. What is it Cherine?”

“Are we all going to have to live together again?”

“I think so, it would be best. Alki, Marian, you can stay at your own home this time, the protector can protect you there also. As a matter of fact, if we had owned the other houses around us we could have spread out a bit. I think the protector is going to cause a few surprises, at least for as long as we have Rob with us in our world.”

“May I make a suggestion?” I nodded at Jonathan. “The others will get information from Doris as to what our strengths are. We should keep what happened today a secret. Both you and Eddie should only use the strengths they know you have. When we are at a critical moment, when you judge it is a matter of win or lose, then you can surprise them.”

Socrati, Tasso, both our cops, even Alki and others nodded in agreement with him. I smiled at Jonathan. “As ever, the voice of reason, I am glad you became one of us Jonathan. Do not forget she also knows my weaknesses and those have not changed. Eddie, how closely is your wife linked to you, will she pick up the changes in you?”

He shook his head. “No, she will not, I have blocked her out. She would expect me to have understood the situation by now and will not even try, as it would leave her open to my taking her over.”

“For all our growth in strength Robert, we are now much weaker than we were before.”

“Why do you say that Dommi?”

“The baby. It is still only an embryo, it has no ability to protect itself.”

“I’ll see that the protector watches it closely love. Anybody else pregnant?” (I knew they were not, but it gave them the feeling I am considerate). “Good, please see to it you do not get pregnant until this is over. Ordinx, Solomon, can we look to you for help if we need it?”

“As ever Robert.”

“Solomon, can we return to each of us carrying Sparklers as before? I would also ask, or offer, whichever way you wish to see it, that you take whatever precautions you wish to with regard to Meli. Until her worlds stabilise within our reality, nothing must happen to her.”

“There is no precaution we would take for her we would not take for the rest of you, friend.”

I saw Alki and Elia walk off to my office, softly talking to each other. I supposed they had a lot of urgent work to protect their investments again; wryly I wondered that they are not fed up of me yet.

“Robbie, can we try to find another alternate world?”

“I don’t know how to Meli. Why?”

“If we could find one where both Eddie and Doris are like our Eddie, that would make us very strong.”

I laughed. “I’ll keep it in mind love.”

The roomful of people had broken up into a number of groups with various opinions being exchanged, with some heated discussions. I ignored them, my mind flitting around looking for resentments or other negative feelings. I am proud to say I felt nothing of the sort. Even the Nicko and Dommi of the other world have drawn closer to us. I had not excluded them from my opening of mental/psychic doors and they were still trying to change their ways of thinking to fit the new reality and how it will affect their lives. I saw Lillian from the alternate Earth (the girl who was murdered), was sitting by herself and some of my girls went over to keep her company and to help her adjust to her new abilities.


“Rosie, will you come with me please?”

She followed me to the garden without a word. I got her to sit and knelt in front of her.

“I was wrong my love. What I did was stupid and cruel, can you forgive me?”

“Why now Robert?”

“Is this the wrong moment for you love?”

Her face set and I felt my heart sink. “Yes. I know what you are doing, same as you did with Themi and Theresa, you think I will be a weakness, so you apologise to try to make me feel a part of the family again.”

I felt like spiders were walking up and down my spine. “What then love? How do you wish to handle it, what would make you feel how truly sorry I am?”

“Nothing. Father, I want to join them, I don’t belong with you, I’m not really a Cherinian anymore.”

I felt my world imploding, everything crashing into rubble within me. The memory of how our emotions were manipulated in the previous war with Doris made me hold on, go deep into her mind searching for evidence of manipulation. I found nothing but her own thoughts and a cry from my heart tore through me. I staggered to my feet and turned from her even as the girls ran out. They had seen and heard. I felt the anger in Cherine as she walked up to her and I grabbed her with my mind, stopping her.

“All of you, get back into the house. Privacy.” I faced them all coldly and they finally left us. I turned to Rosie.

“Whatever you say or feel, you are still my daughter. You will stay here and I do not want to hear any more of this nonsense about you not being a Cherinian.”

She did not back down, her eyes just as cold and hard as mine. “I did not say I was not a Cherinian, you did!! You divorced me remember, would you have if I were a Cherinian? As far as I can see you have a number of choices. You can hold me here and I weaken you, or you can destroy the memories of what I saw today so that I do not take the information with me and let me go. Which will it be?”

If she were a normal human child I might have put her across my lap and spanked her. Whatever she said, she is in truth a Cherinian by birthright. I had to treat her as a sort of adult. I walked across the lawn trying to control my emotions so as to think objectively. Claudia came out, tears running down her cheeks and handed me a packet of cigarettes. With trembling hands I lit one and returned to Rosie. I sat in a chair by her.

“You know we all hate the smell and yet you still insist on smoking. What you do is not selfish just because you are Robert? Either you go sit further away where I cannot smell you, or I will move.”

I put out the cigarette. “No need for you to find more ways to hurt me Rosie. I don’t think I have ever felt this kind of pain before, the only reason I am able to hold it in is because of my need to protect all of you.

I do not see your leaving as a possibility. Rosie, you do not have a problem with the others, just with me. If I were not here, if I were not a Cherinian, would you feel like one? I know the answer is yes. As far as I can see, there is only one answer to this. You are staying and I will leave.”

“You can’t do that, they will all hate me! If you leave she will kill you this time, now she knows more about us. She will know that if she kills you, mother will also die and then there will be no more Cherinians, we all die. You have to let me go!! Please.” She could not see that her pleading was betraying her love for us and her loyalty to all Cherinians, but then she was still a child.

“Rosie, will you promise me one thing? When this is all over, will you give me another chance, at least to be your daddy if you do not want to be my wife. Promise me!”

“You mean if you win the war?”


“Oh Rosie! You are tempting me to go out to kill them right now to avoid this stupid conflict. There is no if, we will win.”

“How can I promise to return if you win? Nobody would want me.”

“I promise they will. Promise me.”

She eyed me suspiciously. “You tell me first what you are thinking. I don’t trust you.”

“Alright. I am transferring my healer to you, it will be your responsibility to look after all of them. Rob will take over the protector. You do realise things have changed, my powers are no longer as they were? So are my weaknesses, today you have become my greatest weakness and I can no longer stay.

I agree, if I leave they will kill me. You are wrong, Cherine will not die, she will do as I say and stay to fight this battle. Once it is all over, if you have also protected my tissue I will return. You have the healer so the decision is yours. If you bring me back, it will be on condition that you promise to let me try to win your heart again.

Tell them goodbye for me. I will be on the Emerald Isle. Be strong my love and look after them for me.”

“They won’t let you die!” She looked frightened.

“I told you my powers have changed. Even as we speak I am dissolving my body. Atom by atom this body is being torn apart, there will be no body for them to bring me back to. Rosie, despite what you think, I do love you. I acted foolishly, but it was out of my fear that grew out of my love for you.”

I could no longer speak, I was too insubstantial too draw breath into my lungs and force it out. I sent to her the pain and love in me. She screamed as I began to fade in front of her and the girls all ran out followed by the rest. I was hardly a ghost of myself as I saw them and then faded away.

My strategy will only work this one time, for they do not know what new things I am capable of doing. I locked my thoughts to myself, blocking them all out even as I stayed to watch and listen.

They found a hysterical Rosie. They tried to get her to tell them what had happened, but she could not take a breath to talk. She did not resist as her mother and Dommi went into her mind to find out. When they came out, she cringed with fear.

“Rosie, you killed my Robert, my only love?”

“Mum I did not mean to, I swear!”

“What did you mean to do then? What did you expect, you know how he is. Oh Dommi, how do I obey him? I must go to him.”

“Stay here!!” Dommi shouted at Cherine. “We agreed long ago, we obey!” Dommi turned to Rosie, her face cold. “You still want to leave?”

“I can’t! He left his healer with me. I have to watch over all of you and the tissue so that he can come back.” She wailed.

“You told him you are not a Cherinian, so why should you care!”

“I lied. Please look inside me, you’ll see.”

Dommi came back, her face grim. “Cherine, go into her and see for yourself.” It was an order and Cherine obeyed. She came out emoting her fury and soon as she was in control of her body she lashed out, slapping Rosie.

“You stupid bitch, how dare you!!”

“Cherine! Stop that.” Dommi put her arm around Rosie. “Think damn it, this is Robert Cherine, think, you know how he thinks.”


The rest of the girls were crying, Diana was already falling apart, her twin daughters not far behind her. Cherine saw Candy already lying on the lawn, her head on the lap of Wendy who was desperately trying to hold on herself and bring her back.

“Dommi, he keeps on finding new ways to die. How can we bring him back this time? I don’t know what to do.”

“Is the link broken?”

Cherine just stared at her, unable to answer as I blocked her, but maybe her eyes spoke for her

“I thought so. Rosie, you will do as your father asked of you?”

“Yes.” Her answer could barely be heard.

“I think it is time for him to decide how he returns. Rosie send the healer to help him come back.”

*Trust you to see through me Dommi.*

I went over to Diana and sitting in front of her and our daughters I gathered myself back again. I touched her face gently.

“You silly thing, you still haven’t learnt to trust me?”

She recovered as she felt my love reach out to her and heard my voice, felt my touch. I expected the tears, the joy, what I did not expect was the slap. She then attacked me, her nails scratching me. I sat through it and my heart was filled with joy. My Diana is at last certainly growing - maybe she will not be so quick to give up and die next time. She felt my joy and it angered her for a second or two and then she stopped and glared at me. When she finally tried to give me a smile, I kissed her.

“Thank you my love. Look to the girls, I need to go to my Candy.”

I gathered her tiny body in my arms and reaching out brought her back. As her sweet breath began to tickle my throat I walked over to Rosie.

“You are a remarkable girl. I’m very proud that you are my daughter.”

Her voice trembled as she asked, “You knew?”

“I did not. But I knew you are my Rosie, I knew you had to be lying when you said you were not a Cherinian. You played a dangerous game love, and we will have a talk later. Right now we have a large group of worried people who need to be told of the plan my brave daughter hatched to be a Mata Hari and help us win this war. You were really willing to be hated by them all?”

“That was the most difficult. Especially mum and you.”

“Rosie, I am getting a little bit old, my memory is not so good anymore. Can you remind me, did we get married in this world?”

She did not answer, my little girl is not stupid. She sat trying to puzzle out why I was asking her. Finally she answered ‘yes’.

“Then we got married according to the laws of this world. Our divorce could not have been legal. Guess you are still stuck with me. Anyway, how could you believe such nonsense, that saying I divorce you makes it real?”

She is still as stubborn as ever, or maybe she is still hurting. Grimly she looked back at me. “If just saying you married me makes us married, then just saying you divorce me makes us divorced, whichever world you do it on.”

“I’ll concede you the point only for one reason - the pleasure of marrying you again.”

“If I say yes.”

“Will you?”

“You must take your healer back and then I’ll answer you.”


“Sorry, no can do. The healer is yours till this fight is over. Why don’t you grab this opportunity to have your healer learn all that mine does? Maybe mine will also learn something from yours?”

“Why are you doing this to me daddy?”

“No emotions? You are actually using your brains! I promise to tell you why at the time I take it back.”

“Okay, I’ll maybe marry you then.”

“Candy baby, she loves me! Time for you to fly, just like my heart is doing.” I lifted her high, brought her back down, gave her cheek a kiss, softly rubbed my cheek against hers and threw her up into the air. She squealed and felt herself floating. According to the wishes in her mind I made her swoop and climb again. We walked into the house and she flew back in, floating above me as I sat down. I put my arms up for her and she settled into my embrace. We explained to all what had happened.

“She knew that if she tried to join them they would look within her mind, catch her out if she was pretending, so she blocked herself, made herself believe what she was saying. I must admit, for a child she planned very well - unfortunately she forgot one thing.”

“She forgot that you are Robert?” little Cherine piped in. That got her a few laughs.

I turned to those not of my immediate family. “I apologise, my family keep on being and giving a bad example. All of you stick to the rules, pull together as one, only my girls insist on disobeying or try to form their own plans.”

That brought cries of protest from my girls.

“I’m wrong am I? Did you obey Aganthi, when you followed me? How many times have you refused to listen Cherine? Sam? You can stop grinning Dommi, you can be pretty headstrong too - though more pretty than headstrong most of the time.”

It was not really necessary for me to tease them, they could all feel the love I was emoting, even my darling Rosie.

“Every time things get intense and we all think we have to sit and plan what to do, this idiot plays a trick and has his fun as if nothing is going on. I formally ask that we all vote on this and declare him crazy. Then at least it may never be doubted that we are crazier than him for keeping him as our leader.”

“Jonathan, for this time only I agree with your motion for a vote.” Alki was laughing. “I had not thought of it, by us knowing he is crazy but keeping him as our leader, it does prove we are crazier than he is. Poor Roberto, he will never be able to live this down, he loved thinking of himself as the crazy one. Now however crazy he gets, we still remain crazier than him. Thank you Jonathan, for this wonderful gift”

They were all joking and it was good to hear the sound of their laughter. Here is the strange thing, as they laughed, their confidence soared and I felt many an eye glance at me with total trust in my ability to protect them. I of course had talked as if I could handle the situation easily, but the truth was I had a little knot of fear in me waiting for something bad to happen.

Gently I spoke, “Pavlo, bring Athena to me.” She let him bring her, but it was obvious she was terrified and in a daze.

“You have seen a lot to frighten you Athena. You remember the story about the Angel of Athens? In a way it was true. All of us have abilities that may seem strange to you, but they are not dangerous in any way - do you know why? All our gifts come from the first gift and that was the gift of love. Normally we would have taken the time needed to explain to you first, before opening your mind to a few of our gifts, and once you decided you wanted to join us, become like us, then you would have been shown some of what you saw today.

Even with the abilities you saw today we cannot control what happens. You happened to be here at a time of emergency for us and now you are afraid of me. Would you allow Wendy and Meli to tell you the story of who and what we are? If you understand and want to join us, we will welcome you. If you decide not to, do not be afraid to say so, nothing will be done to you, Pavlo will take you home.”

The girls sat around her, with some of the other kids joining them and I sat by myself worrying.


“Alki, if she wants to join, what do I do. She is a child still, Pavlo too. We cannot take them away from their families, but if they become Cherinians they would be at risk if they do not stay with us.”

“We have had that problem for a long time Roberto, I still do not see an answer to it.”

We explained to Eddie and he looked across at the kids with a frown. “I wish I could reassure you that they will not be attacked. The only way for them to be safe is for them not to be Cherinians. Robert, what if you make them Cherinians and then block off all memory of it, the abilities too, until this is over. There would be nothing there for them to be traced by.”

“Obvious, why did we not think of it?”

“All good ideas tend to be obvious after someone has thought of them, Angelo. Would you like to be included, that way you could stay with your family.”

“No, you have done too much for me to forget all of it and I do not want to. I will tell my parents I am going on a trip with some friends. I promise it will be alright Roberto.”

“When young people say ‘I promise you’ I have found it means I am going to end up with a problem.” I quipped back at him, with a smile. “Angelo, it is your decision, but it also means you will be at risk. If you change your mind let me know.”

“There may be others who would prefer this solution, Robert.”

“I will offer all of them the choice Ordinx, but I have the feeling none of our Cherinians will accept. They may even feel offended.”

Wendy kept on distracting us all so that we soon gave up and joined them. The combination of Wendy and Meli produced a new kind of magic to the storytelling, making the story irresistible even to those of us who have heard it so many times. It was good we did listen, for at the end I sensed all of us had been affected, our spirits given a tonic.


“Why would you want me to join? I don’t have anything special to offer, I have no powers.”

“Are you able to love? That is the only gift we need to know you have, the rest you will get from us.”

“This is like a fairy story.” She was crying. “I’m scared to believe in it.”

I spoke loudly for all to hear. “This may be the last time for a while. I suggest you all go to dance and, those of you that have your own Worlds, visit them, let your controller know what is going on. Solomon, I will assist by making more energy available, can you see to it that all their Worlds are kept ready; if anything should go wrong here I would like to know their Worlds are waiting for them.”

I did not dance with the others, only staying as the void long enough to re-arrange the energy streams and I returned. I spent the time until they returned communing with the protector and healer. I opened myself fully, let them get to know the new powers within me without making them available to either of them and used what I could of it to strengthen them. I sensed Wendy first and returned to be there to meet her eyes as she looks for me.

“You will have to tell me your secret one day, how you manage to always be the first one back.”

“It is not a secret, I just want to be here when you open your eyes.”

“Thank you love, it does please me.”

I saw Rosie had opened her eyes too and picking her up I cradled her. “Shh, don’t let anyone know,” I whispered to her, “I love you.”

She giggled and hugged me and our hearts reached out to each other.

Eddie felt they would not be using any of the tactics Doris has already used, the other Eddie will see them as being a waste of time. He tried to second guess them, but we were left with nothing to plan for. We ordered the massive quantities of foods and other items our previous experience showed us we will need. This time we even brought in the various foods our Chinese members enjoy.


Things had not quite worked out as I’d expected. I was right about no Cherinian wanting to be blocked so as to return home. What I had not expected was the resistance by Athena and Pavlo. I was joined by Dommi as I tried to insist they leave, but it did not help. Finally Savva and Perikli gave us the obvious answer. They were taught how to create their own ‘doppelgangers’ so that they can seem to be at home and living their normal lives while they stay with us. They became lovers from that first night and we did not see much of either for a number of days. With the way my Cherine feels about Pavlo, I dare say it is hardly necessary for me to mention that she made certain their lovemaking reached impossible heights of sweetness and passion, though I did send my healer to prevent a pregnancy.

Without hinting at what he was intending to do, Alki made an offer to the owners of the houses surrounding us and within a few days we already had the house behind ours available. It cost him a few extra million drachmas, but in a way it was worth it as we became less cramped. Socrati with his family and Manoli, Dimitri and Angelos moved there. Alki made room for our Taiwanese members, even though our girls wanted Lua to stay with us. We made an opening in the back wall and everybody could easily walk over to spend their hours awake with us.

Within a few days Lua and family moved back in with us while Elia and his family moved over. As the days passed and nothing happened, our biggest problem became the tension that was growing. I finally decided to let everyone go dancing again, joining them this time. I had not realised how much I missed it and the kiss exchanges. It was the sweetest possible feeling having all my girls come into me and imploding straight into our World. We said a quick hello to Mama Jo and returned and then spent the whole night and the next day in our loving.

As always my girls were able to sense what I needed, even if I had not, and they sent my Rosie to me soon as we returned. She lay there, her pre-pubescent body tense with her eyes fixed on mine, waiting for a sign I do not want her. I opened up to her and let her feel the flood of love for her that overwhelmed me and she came into my arms, her sweet body slightly trembling. I soothed her, my hands gently caressing her until their warmth had awakened her own needs and she was able to forget all but our love for each other. When I playfully tweaked her nipples she was even able to smile at me and she bit mine gently.

Caressing her golden rounded tummy was a delicious feeling and I took my time, feeling all of her satiny skin from toes to head. When I lifted myself so as to tenderly kiss her, she pulled at me so that my hips were over her face. As always, I took the time to enjoy the scent and taste of her before reaching deeply into her. I marvelled at the beauty, everything so pretty and cute. When I felt myself building up for my first climax, she clamped her thighs around my head and we both exploded.

After she had lain on my chest a while, letting me savour her milky breath, our lips licking and teasing in gentle kisses, a few of the girls joined us and soon we were all alight again, fingers, nipples and flowers loving me and asking in return for my love. From first to last my pleasure was equal, my love for each of my baby loves special.

It was late afternoon, while we lay in a glow, that Dommi sat up, her face suffused with her happiness.

“Robert, our baby has just taken in its soul!”

As strong as the shout of happiness in all our minds was, we still heard a cry of grief from outside our room. I quickly kissed my Dommi and leaping put on a robe and dashed out.

Eddie was on the carpet, on his knees, bent over with his pain, his body shaking as he sobbed. I knelt next to him and held him. “Eddie what is it?”

He would not answer for a long time and when he did, I understood why he had not been able to answer.

“Hettie, she has taken over a new body, forcing the other soul into her old one. Oh god Robert, how do I tell you?”

A cold shiver ran throughout my body, but I answered as gently as I could, “Tell me.”

“She has taken over the body of the foetus in Dominique.”

A cold wind blew through my soul, turning it to ice. Somehow my voice remained gentle. “Eddie, the soul of my child, where is it?”


“In her body which is dying…”

“I know that…where Eddie, where?”

He only shook his head so I pulled him around till he was facing me. “You are linked to it…take me to the body Eddie. Take me now!!”

We sped out of our bodies and I soon found myself descending into a building in Bremen, Germany. I saw the body of Hettie, life swiftly draining out of it. I sent the healer in to stabilise it until I could work out what to do.

I sent a tendril of myself into the void and called for Solomon, asking him to bring a Sparkler to collect the soul of my daughter. They came together.

*Which daughter is it Robert?*

*The one to be born, that Dommi bears.*

*But if I see correctly this is the body of a grown human!*

I explained what Doris had done. I was able to feel the horror within him, the part of me still connected to the void saw the reaction of all the Sparklers. Ordinx appeared and I had to explain to him also, their sharing of my pain finally thawing me, so that my ‘voice’ choked with my anger and grief.

*We all grieve with you Robert. This is abominable, what are you going to do?*

*I need time to solve it. This body is dying, the baby soul cannot stay in this old body Solomon, I will try to bring out the soul of my daughter, please ask the Sparkler to be gentle with it.*

I reached into Doris searching for the tiny flame of the soul and found it. It did not understand what had happened, only knew it is in the wrong place. I enveloped it with love and soothed it. When it allowed me to take it within myself I brought it out and handed it over to the Sparkler. As the Sparkler left, I felt a fury taking me over. I wanted to unleash all my powers to destroy this disgusting body that had defiled the purity of my baby daughter, but at the last second realised two things - there were other humans in this building and Eddie was with me, a deep grief and shame in him.

Without a word I sped back to my body, to my home and to the pain that awaited me there. God! How was I to face my darling Dommi!!

“She must have been waiting for the soul to come. She got to it before it arrived within your baby and sending it to her old body took over the foetus. We cannot remove her by force Dommi, it would kill the baby.”

I held Dommi as she reeled, her face ashen. My heart felt it would burst when she turned her eyes to me and I saw the pain and trust that I would make things as they should be again.

“The Sparklers are holding the soul of our daughter Dommi, I could not leave her for another second in that body. We have a little time to solve this, please don’t despair.”

“I must go to her.”

“We cannot take her out of the Sparkler Dommi. I have already given her our love, from your sliver I sent her your mother love.” I showed her. “Please be patient love, if we act in haste we may do the wrong thing.” She broke down and wept in my arms.

“Would this have been the idea of the other Eddie?”

“I think not. My wife knows your weaknesses, she would know you could not harm her in the body of your daughter. Robert, she has opened a way through your protector, enabling them to attack at will.”

The fucking bitch, I was not going to let her get away with this. I sent a part of myself into the void, became the void and returned to envelope us all, closing whatever gap my protector left open to Doris. I saw Eddie was right, she was already linked to the others and my protector was not stopping her, it could not, it could not harm what it saw as an infant.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
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15th July, 2019

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