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Hi everyone. Steemit is where we share and create informative and educative content for all readers. therefore, sevenfingers built a great team of great creators and we summarize their writing in Sevenfingers Creators Weekly. this is a bulletin of content already created by our creator and we make weekly reports for the 3 best post they have created.

SevenFingers Creators is a person who has become a model for sevenfingers community in guiding beginners in creating content as well as maintaining the quality of sevenfingers tags to be filled with content that is worth reading.

SevenFingers Creators Weekly


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Title : All about the mind

All about the mind, yes very true indeed that everything you do now all bergsntung with your mind. So it is not wrong if you continue to do the wrong thing depending on the request of your own mind. And vice versa if your mind is silent and can not think, what will you do then ?, no, obviously you will not be able to work because of your mind, this becomes an issue that is so important to us. Your brain is so complicated for a calm, and you will experience this crazy maslaha whenever he comes, even without an invitation, he comes alone, without any definite word.

Title : Eat to live or live to eat

Looking for a meaning from real life, what is the purpose of life for you ?, Of course we have different answers for this story, sometimes come bosa, and sometimes life is like no meaning at all, he is mute without any influence. But why does a silence come to see your life, tell you that it is the balance of life between serenity and turmoil. If you can not accept the problem, I hope you will play back the old tapes of the fighters, really they have found the real meaning of life. Rest assured, they continue to struggle with unjust words and correct shortcomings to achieve justice.

Title : Your invite a lot of disaster because of your sleep

Speaking of the heart, I prefer to see the phone rather than sleep at 12 o'clock, what about you, I hope we do not have the same fate. How an electronic device can trick me into the middle of the night, yes that's about life, all disturbed just because of an omission. but this is clearly not important. Imagine tomorrow morning I have to get up fast for a job, but this is impossible because it is blocked by a tool that lights up during bedtime. I really have to keep this body for a health, but it's impossible, I can not talk much about looking after the body if this small thing I can not take care of yet.


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Title : Interaction of Human Relations With Science and Technology

What then becomes important from learning this all? Human life today can not be separated from science and technology. Both of these have close relationships. Although science and technology were not originally interconnected, however, as the advancement of the scientific age has played an important role in advancing technological progress. In other respects technology has also contributed to research in the field of science. Various kinds of advanced tools are created to facilitate the reviewers in conducting observation and research of his knowledge. Thus the development of science has also resulted in rapid progress in both worlds. It is now clear that technology has been inherent in people's lives. Every lifestyle is always invested with technology. By studying science and technology will enable a person to become someone who is an expert in a particular field of profession. It is right for us to learn all this. By having the creativity and personal skills of humans will be able to easily blend themselves in balancing advances in science and technology.

Title : Balance in Accepting Interactions IQ, EQ, SQ, and RQ, This Is The implementasion !

All understanding of Psychology must be understood by man. In doing daily activities will certainly be a lot of reaction in us. All of these interactions must be understood from the correct psychological point of view. How then the relationship must be built properly so that we can be a good person. In the early stages of science about IQ, EQ, RQ, and SQ become the main capital in us knowing each other's personal self. They must be built in a regular theory. What is most important is controlled Emotional level (EQ). the opposite relationship must also be able to form in the level of RQ, and SQ in order to become a human who believe in God. All aspects of life should be able to improve as much as possible. Good meaning must be understood in the true good sense. High IQ is important however, the highest EQ is the IQ balancer. If we violate in understanding all this then will make ourselves worse. These levels can be built in an interconnected sequence. Everything we think becomes a proof of how we can understand all of this. Is then the relationship that we will form into RQ + EQ + IQ + SQ = perfect.


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Title : Ilusi Bumi | 20180721

This poem is about everyday human life. We are part of an earth balance. All is well arranged by the Creator. The struggle of survival with various professions that are involved in making this world like endless. Yet all realize and know very well that man will die in the end. But the necessities of life make it seem as if we will live for a long time here. It is this fact that makes us seem to live in an illusion and we will awaken when death comes to us.

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Title : Keakuan | 20180716

This poem is made of the attitude and social disparities that occur in everyday life. The disputed distinction seems to continue to present the conflict that always colored life. The arrogant and self-centered nature has generated a great deal of suffering. But this is only a wind then. Nobody really learns for the good in the coming days. Either this is a destiny, or is the nature of the end-time humans who forget history about the end of an arrogance.


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Title : Rafting on the sky - Kaliwatu Team, Batu Malang Indonesia.

Hello steemian, Batu City Government continues to be active in promoting tourism to improve the welfare of its people, recently the government has organized a World Championship Paragliding event. One of the tour company that is Kaliwatu Group enliven this championship, the result Team Kaliwatu came out as champion 1 by flying a rubber boat. Rafting in the sky, that's the theme they bring. Curious about the action, visit the DTube link above.

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Title : My Village Season Harvest Fruits. Sawang, Indonesia.

A few days ago with Evan I went to the Garden to see and eat Durian Fruit, as well as an afternoon walk. Once we arrived at the Garden, we went directly to the Durian Tree to retrieve the falling Durian Fruit. Evan and I picked it up and took him to the lodge. While waiting for the falling Durian fruit, Evan and I eat the existing Durian Fruit. Because according to me, the new Durian fruit fall from the tree is very natural taste.

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Title : World Umbrella Festival 2018 (Festival Payung Sedunia) Borobudur Temple, Indonesia.

Hello Traveller, happy weekend. We as the people of Indonesia can be proud because this event was held in Indonesia, precisely in Borobudur Temple Central Java. Let's wait what else, register yourself to see and enjoy this event as well as a trip to Central Java.

Thank you for looking at the summary of content already created by sevenfingers creators. this bulletin has been written and noticed by all creators above. hopefully with this creators can try to keep making great content every day and become a model for other creators.

This proves if sevenfingers are serious and highly appreciative of content creators in providing information and will continue to be a great community to help newbies and help great creators achieve success.

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