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Hi everyone. Steemit is where we share and create informative and educative content for all readers. therefore, sevenfingers built a great team of great creators and we summarize their writing in Sevenfingers Creators Weekly. this is a bulletin of content already creatd by our creator and we make weekly reports for the 3 best post they have created.

SevenFingers Creators is a person who has become a model for sevenfingers community in guiding beginners in creating content as well as maintaining the quality of sevenfingers tags to be filled with content that is worth reading.

SevenFingers Creators Weekly


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Title : Job slaves and one of the body's lies

Living for money or money for life, it's up to you to judge according to the reality you passed, maybe money to live? yes it could be, many of us are called to make money even to the end as far as the eye can see, and sometimes you who land will tell you that it is extraordinary, sometimes you will even think that it is wasteful because it leaves the beauty of youth ? yes maybe this is the mind of some people who easily find the value of money, but not for them, awareness of the importance of money makes all godly beings look for dangerous peaks. Eat and sleep, two activities that are clearly needed for every human being. Even this will make all the time we forget very beautiful. But have you ever thought, "why did you hurry up early just because you chased the currency?" even this also happens to this rigid body. Why do I have to get up quickly just to find a piece of paper that matters? Yes, that is life, you will never be able to leave some interests included in the agenda that connects the way of life.

Title : Pressure, physics provides change

Regarding pressure, there may be many things that make you depressed, ranging from life stories, about partners, personal problems to small things that come accidentally that make the whole situation a burden. Indeed, sometimes we don't want it, but without the invitation menu, it will still come with sincerity for the decoration of life. So much pressure we face, sometimes even complaints become the first choice for this, but you should complain because of that? I don't think so, you don't have to complain for that. Pressure and pressure, of course it's beauty, because with pressure you will try to fight any pressure. Every stream will come, and every arrival will pass, maybe you have to believe it, why? Yes, the answer is because you are the one who will go through every pressure.

Title : about nature and a regret

Final decision and final result deadlock. Sometimes many of us choose to point out some mistakes from the attitude we do, yes it is a common mistake that eventually becomes extraordinary, but you should choose one bitterness just because you did not find the right conclusion for a problem, I think we are too careless for that. The last choice which then becomes a perfect burden is true ... because all carelessness will not last long for pleasure. We have different thoughts to make choices, and that is very true. But we shouldn't choose the wrong thing for most choices, sometimes bored, right! because boredom is one of the living painters to know the beauty of nature's game.


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Title : Bireuen's Old Story: Anti-Corruption Socialization 2006 # 9

Continuous story, which I recorded during an anti-corruption socialization event with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in 2006. This story is from Bireuen. During the socialization agenda, there was an interesting proposal expressed by Razali, one of the teachers in Bireuen. According to him, the clean hope of corruption is to empower the younger generation. Generation saving can be done with early socialization by including anti-corruption subjects in the school and university curriculum. "This is one way to prevent corruption," he said. In addition, he also said that corruption should be eradicated from above. Abdul Samad from the Regional Development Bank (BPD) Bireuen even suggested that corruption actors be dealt with firmly with the death penalty. "As in China, there is a death sentence until corruption recedes," he said. []

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Title : The Story of Front Headquarters: Covering Conflict # 9

About the experience of covering when Aceh was still plagued by conflict. I was assigned to the office to record the atmosphere in Kampung Kresek, Bener Meriah, the place where the front or anti-Gerekan Aceh Merdeka (GAM) origin came from. Kresek village has a dark history of GAM and Front feuds or in Bener Meriah known as the Red and White People's Resistance Association (PPRMP). "That monument is the proof," Sutrisno told us to take us to the intersection not far from his house. The monument depicted five residents, one of them children, who became a victim after the war between the citizens and GAM, on June 5, 2001. Some houses were burned. Trisno still serves as the village head there. Chaos continues, some residents and women evacuate afterwards. "My house was burned before, sir, I was shot," he said. []


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Title : Physics May Be Boring ? See What Happens In Our Education [BILLINGUAL]

This is like what we feel today. In determining the month in Islam such as, the beginning and the end of the month of Ramadan we use a sophisticated tool in the form of a telescope. Of course this telescope is one part of the progress of science. So, we cannot deny that physics has become a necessity in Science research. The tools used in observations carried out by astronomy are part of scientific progress. For Islamic astronomy, observations may only be needed only to the extent that it is human empowerment in carrying out its worship. Such as the determination of the lunar and solar eclipses, the determination of the beginning and end of Ramadan, the measurement of the direction of the Qibla and other things that have an interest in worship.

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Title : Teaching Is Not Limited To Achieving The Goals Of The Education Curriculum [BILLINGUAL]

From several articles I have read, I have always understood that the principle of learning is gradual. That is, students must understand what is being learned, then the students are directed to the next stage. So that, education does not only reflect the direction of the curriculum concept. But the principle we must bring is how students can understand what they are learning.


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Title : Haiku by Pupu93 | 20180814 ( Poetry ) #74

This poem tells the story of the blue and white waves that roll in the ocean, he appears to stretch wide as far as his eyes, broadly stretched with beauty, make all memories capable of piercing the wound, honestly I like it, he is the horizon of perfection for the entire coastal population. Silence of the dawn, that was what was seen at that time, without makeup ... yes, not even the slightest make up face in the beauty, but she looked so beautiful for everything. The roar of the twilight wind made all connoisseurs survive, forgetfulness as if they did not have time to disperse.

Title : For a moment about you

this poem tells about Kawan. I look weary on your face, How far have you stepped in, How much suffering has plagued you, I hate them lowering you, About shortcomings and mistakes, They forget your kindness and sacrifice. Friend, Save your heart, Be patient of all the treatment you get, When the time comes, When the feeling has returned to them, you just need to be silent and keep doing, Masa will explain in the clearest...


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Title : Weekends to Geurutee Park with beautiful travelers.

<div class=text-justifyGeurutee Peak is located on the border between Aceh Jaya Regency and Aceh Besar District. To reach Geurutee Peak, tourists must travel at least 75 kilometers or travel around 1.5 hours. The location of the Geurutee Peak directly faces the Indian Ocean so that from this place tourists can immediately see the vast expanse of blue sea, and the cluster of small islands that appear green from a distance. Also seen are the lines of white sand beaches that surround the exotic islands. For more details about my trip to Mount Geurutee with beautiful travelers, please visit the link above. Thank you, hopefully interested.

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Title : ASIAN GAMES UPDATE | Indonesia won a gold medal in the Wall Climbing branch of the Women's Speed WR Category

Congratulations to the Indonesian Speed WR team for successfully donating a gold medal: Aries Susanti, and silver medal: Puji Lestari. Let's support the Indonesian Athlete's struggle to give the best at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang.

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Langsat fruit that is rich in benefits.

Langsat fruit grows in tropical forest areas such as in Indonesia, this fruit has become endemic to tropical regions such as in Sumatra and in Maluku. What about friends after you read this article, did you start to like Langsat fruit? As an Indonesian citizen, I am proud of the abundant natural results. Like a poem People say our land is a land of heaven, all wooden sticks become plants. That is the poem that is often sung by everyone in Indonesia because of its fertile land. Thank you for reading my content, hopefully useful.

Thank you for looking at the summary of content already created by sevenfingers creators. this bulletin has been written and noticed by all creators above. hopefully with this creators can try to keep making great content every day and become a model for other creators.

This proves if sevenfingers are serious and highly appreciative of content creators in providing information and will continue to be a great community to help newbies and help great creators achieve success.

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