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Day 78 #SEVEN77 Push-up Challenge for #STEEM with @NathanMars7 The #steemnetwork is my creative outlet within a world of continuous growth surrounded by amazing talents. You should try STEEM and see for yourself! #share2steem
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It's been ages since I was particularly social on here, but I hope things are going well with you. Day 78 already? Wow. Keep it up! :D

Hi Shaidon 🙂 I’ve been busy with “life” lately. While also working on a project behind the scenes. I’m doing ok. Yes, I should be farther than 78 days actually but I’m hanging in there! Good to hear from you ❤️

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I'm only about 11 days in myself. Life does get in the way at times.

Well under normal circumstances I make time for the challenge. It doesn't take that long to do. We recently had a loss in our family and it has set us all back. But we are working through it. I've also been prepping for a move and have had some obstacles come up that required my attention. For me, when I participate I would rather be able to smile from within and it not feel forced. I love the #SEVEN77 mostly because of how it has brought everyone together for Steem; So I'll be posting more in the days ahead for sure. You are right though, life does get in the way sometimes. I look forward to seeing your push-up challenge videos. Follow me on Twitter, I'm lelesiren on there. I'll definitely give you a follow back ♥

It's smart action you selected for today seven77 movement.
I'm seriously loving it. Keep going and congrats your finishing first season.

Thanks so much! ❤️ #justpushit all the way to $7.77!!! 😉

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