Introducing our newest Monthly Resteem + Upvote subscription!

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@Resteemvote has been providing Free Resteem and Upvote service to our fellow minnows for over 8 days now. The launching was so successful that we were able to Resteemed 98 and upvoted 178 posts. Also on our Minnow Curator Featured Post #1, we showcased wonderful posts of our Fellow Steemians who have potentials in writing, photographies, singing etc. to help them get extra exposure in our own little way. And we are happy with your feedback about our service.

As the day goes by, we are coming up with different ideas to extend our service for the benefit of everyone. Many are asking why we came up with the idea of providing free service to others. Simply because @wondersofnature the creator of @resteemvote have been there before, started with nothing but only self-motivation. Now that she's growing in this community, she wanted to share it with others who are striving for their journey here in Steemit.

On our previous post @Resteemvote Service Update! we have mentioned about the options to avail our Resteem and Upvote service. You have options to avail our free service and paid service. But you might be wondering why are we offering paid service now? The reason is that @resteemvote also need SP maintenance. Currently, we are running with 511 SP in our account and after a month our leased will end, thus your payment for the paid service will serve as a fund for our next SP leased. Thus, please consider our paid service as our way of Fundraising. As we acquire more SP, we can provide higher vote value for everyone. But of course, the Free Service is still available for everyone! :)

Now we would like to introduce to you our new service the Monthly Upvote + Resteem Subscription. We know that this type of subscription is no longer new as many bots are already offering such subscriptions. But what makes us different is that we will give you a AUTOMATIC UPVOTE ON EACH OF YOUR POST AND A RESTEEM WITHIN 24 HOURS!

How much the 1 Month subscription will cost you?

You will have 2 options for the subscription

  • Subscription A - Receive 25% upvote on each of your post + Resteem for 1 month

Send 1 SBD or 1.2 STEEM to @resteemvote with memo "Subscription A" to recieve 25% upvote and resteem on each of your post for 1 month.

  • Subscription B - Receive 40% upvote on each of your post + Resteem for 1 month

Send 1.5 SBD or 1.7 STEEM to @resteemvote with memo "Subscription B" to receive 40% upvote and resteem on each of your post for 1 month.

You will be receiving your upvotes from @wondersofnature and @resteemvote | Resteem from @resteemvote

Is it also possible to avail Free 1-month Resteem + Upvote subscription?

Yes, it's possible! @wondersofnature is currently hosting her Pro-shots Smartphone Photography Contest #2 where winners will win SBD and 1 month Free Upvote and Resteem subscription! Check it out!

Single Upvote and Resteem Service

Option 1: Get a FREE 15% Upvote and Resteem from @resteemvote

To avail this free service you just need to Follow us, upvote one of our post and Resteem. Then, comment the post link that you want to get upvoted and resteemed. You can leave 1 link on each of our post to get your Free Upvote and Resteem.

Post where you can drop your links to get free Upvote and Resteem
@Resteemvote Service Update!
Minnow Curator Featured Post #1

Option 2: Get 20% Upvote and Resteem

Send 0.001 SBD with your link to the memo and get 20% Upvotes and Resteem

Option 3: Get 30% Upvote and Resteem

Send 0.01 SBD with your link to the memo and get 30% Upvotes and Resteem

Option 4: Get 50% Upvote and Resteem

Send 0.1 SBD with your link to the memo and get 50% upvote and Resteem

As of the moment we will only accommodate limited slots for the monthly subscription. First come, first serve basis. You will get confirmation once your subscription has started and is about to end.

If you have any question please let us know in the comment section below

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Welcome @resteemvote

nice post madam

hello miss you also receive free resteem and upvote from me, haha
you're doing a great job here ms @resteemvote:-)

haha. Thank you @atongis :) very much appreciated!

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫ resteemid

Thank you :)

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Another blog on my bookmark lol! Thanks for helping a lot. You sure have a good grasp of how the system works.

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