Sepia Saturday Experiments

in #sepiasaturday2 years ago

Not sure if this stuff even counts...

Has this crossed the line from Sepia to just orange? I've been piling on the "special effects" to try to put some pop into some sepia photos. I'll post the originals too so you can see what I started with.

This is Saint Annes Academy


T-6 Texan trainer.


Sepia Macro? What am I thinking? ;-)


This is for #sepiasaturday by @old-guy-photos. Make sure to check out his post here.


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Thank you, @pixresteemer!

It does look “orange” but I happen to like it, it is quite different without it robbing the photograph’s quality.

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Thank you, I'm not as convinced as you but I appreciate the comment! :-)

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I got to say those look perfect to me! you got it down in my book, Keith!

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it :-) The Sepia filter I have looks bland so I tinkered with it a bit. I watched your video about doing it with Gimp which helped - I think the idea mostly came down to warming it up further? What I did here was add two filters, Sepia then Vintage which sounds the same but it's more orange.

Very nice effects! I am trying to make my iPhone obey my wish, but to no avail!

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Thanks very much! Keep trying - I'm not a phone expert so I can't help ;-)

It looks very effective to me @keithboone.

Thank you very much, Angie :-)

Fabulous images @keithboone and it's great to compare the differences.

Thank you, Trudee, you're always so kind :-)

You're more than welcome my friend. 😊

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Howdy sir Keith! cool shots, I like them all!

Thank you! How you doing today? It's another beautiful day here :-)

Howdy again sir Keith! Well sir, we're in a cold front the last few days with temps down in the 30's at night and 40's and 50's in the daytime so it's very unseasonably cool for this time of year but after today it warms up and we'll be in the 70's and 80's like normal.
So far it's a great day. heading out to do some mowing in a little while, soon as I get my post out.

That sounds alright. It's 61 degrees here at the moment.

dang it was 59 when I wrote that, it never got above 60 here, that ain't fair. But we did have a beautiful sunny day like it usually is. The sun shines almost all the time here so it's a nice way to spend the winters.

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