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Sepia Saturday


Well I just love taking a modern photo and sputting some sepia to it... instantly turning it into a photo from yesteryear!


I have to say I am late getting this out today. I sure dont know where the day when...Well actually the strict truth is I do know... I fired up LMMS which is a beat/music making app that is very addictive! I knew better what happens when I fall down that rabbit hole lol. Watch for some Old Guy beats coming soon on an Old Guy video LOL.


I Hope Your Weekend is Going Well!

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All words and images are mine and can be also found on my various social media sites. Now I must add that some of the shots I steal from my son, but I feed him so he can sue me lol.


Great collection of warm sepia photos.

I like the pier and wave photo the best. That is pretty neat.

Well thank you very much!!

Applause for the wave...

I am a wave addict. ;)



I got to be honest, I really miss the ocean. We went in July last year. Would love to live there!

Those are amazing! I love the barbed wire and the hay.

Great shots! It looks good when you do it, I'm not sure I'm doing it right!
DSC_5734_HDR copy.jpeg

The sea photo looks really good! Just like my old home town on Mars!!

It always helps to make the photos look even older when its a picture of something "old looking" like in the last one.

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What cool sepia shots I to love the pier shot but not sure I would want to walk out on it it looks like it is past its prime

Here is my Sepia post for this week

The barbed wire is a real winner in my book. It always looks old and rustic, even in color. Sepia just gives it a nice afterglow. :)

The pier in disrepair really is a great shot too... You really pull them together for this challenge.

Upped and steemed


Yes they lost about half the pier in the last storm. Never was totally restored!

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I like .. and the sea, and the field 🙂
Here is my Sepia post link

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