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account NOT for sale
but witness distabled


I wonder what made you change your mind.


1 GARLIC. Good luck m8 :D


thank you for support to my friend.@steempty


Hi everyone! pls do help to upvote this post for my friend's father's heart. They need our support right now..

Oh boy. I wanted to ask if this isn't against the Steemit ToS, but the only rule here is "money talks," it seems (Yes, selling accounts is not actually against the ToS, as far as I can see. Truly a wild place to be in).

Good luck Steempy, may you find a Reen :P


ToS irrelevant. Account was minted


I think that if you use a site, you are beholden to the ToS, even if you didn't sign it, necessarily. But it doesn't matter, it's not actually against the ToS anyway.

Well, the cascade of effects will harm my involvement with the platform, and many people I care for, but good luck man. It is your account, and I'm thankful for all the trickle-down support to me and mine over my time here, that has indirectly come through you.


It's funny if you think about it actually, its not a site with a block chain, its a block chain with a site :D


Hey, I said something like that over a month ago, when the bandwidth issues cropped up, that it has to decide if it's a blockchain with a social network attached, or a social network with a blockchain attached, since that affects the "transaction flow" that affects bandwidth...


the blockchain came first
we did some mining and most of us didn't even know that there will be a website :)


What is the price of this account?


Yup agreed. I do however in a mix feeling about which is the better one for the whole platform in the long run.


Are you leaving steemit @steempty?


Thank you @steempty for helping my friend @maeolloves143
I so much appreciate it. :)

this is good, hopefully you are lucky @steempty

Sorry to see you leaving the platform! All the best for the future, will you return with a fresh account?

It is very hard to believe that you are selling your account.
I hope that it will be in good hands after you sell it.
All the best!

sad to see you going away :(

You are really helpful and great. I like you.

I need to know the worth of the account so that I don't undervalued it. Can you put me through?

Hi, Please don't leave! Talk to me on Discord please... On the Utopian Discord server, maybe? I don't have the crypto to buy your account, not interested in that either, I am interested to help you feel better. I can't stand it when people feel like shit, maybe I can help?

You are appreciated, here.

this is very good work,
good luck will you get @steempty.

it's really amazing, good luck always for you

@steempty,I have not been able to buy a large account of this steem power. hope you support women in steemit.:)

Well, we all are grateful for your support of our Israeli community all that time, it meant a lot!
We will try to keep growing and prospering, so good luck to us and to you in your new way!
תודה רבה, ממש בהצלחה בהמשך - תמכת בנו כ"כ הרבה זמן, ובאנונימיות כמעט מוחלטת - אני ממש מעריך את זה.

May you be successful and lucky always.

Don't leave us here😢 @steempty....anywyays goodluck to your next or other journey!!! 😊

What?? Why

I really agree with your opinion good luck friend

Why leave? Thanks for all you've done and support.

I too will be sorry to see you go, I have known nothing but kindness and generosity from you. I trust that you'll find a generous offer for the account and wish you happiness in what you do next.

Sorry to hear about it:( We'll miss you and Max

I have 3 accounts that's vacant and I haven't opened them yet... Could I sell it to you.. 😁

תודה על הכל!


לדעתי עכשיו תורך וההזדמנות שלך לפרגן כמוהו
Pass it Forward Bro...

So sorry to see you leaving! Thank you for everything you've done! <3

Hey buddy, what happened? Are you seriously leaving this beautiful platform for good?? Please change your decision.

I want to buy
but I am still afraid of the price always declining.

But,, i will buy @steempty

Hey. Can we talk? . Through Fake FB profile or discord or something.

Accepting Weed?😎

Saludos, amigo @steempty no entiendo porque usted venda una cuenta que genera al mes, la cantidad de la mejor oferta posible, que seguro le ofrezcan. Yo no se mucho, ya que soy nuevo, pero su cuenta no creo que sea rentable para usted venderla, debe pensar bien las cosas. Las peores decisiones se toman apresurado o con alguna molestia en el alma, espero medite las cosas y luego si decide vender, bueno.

this is a great way, hope you are lucky.
always success.

very sorry :(
I'll miss
thank you for everything!!!

hope you are successful and always lucky here comrades @steempty

תודה על תמיכתך , בהצלחה בהמשך

in 3 days, when I'll get my huge-1sbd-payout, I'll convert it and make a bid))

If serious, sad to hear that U r selling Ur account. Curating of undervalued posts is the key for the steemit to survive I think.

good post friends.
Have a nice day.

אפשר לדבר איתך קצת?
אנונימיות מוחלטת, תפתח חשבון פקטיבי בפייס או משהו

Sad to hear you go @steempty. Is just the account for sale or bundled with what's in the wallet?

חבל, מקווה שתצליח בדרכך. תודה על התמיכה!

בכל מקרה
אל תמכור את החשבון, חבל.
אתה יכול לעשות משכורת חודשית מכובדת מאוד מהחשבונות שלך.

hope you are always lucky here ya friend. and success always make your friends yes @steempty

Very interesting friends

good post friends.
hope you succeed in bitcoin world


Untuk penjualannya ada potongannya tidak @steempty mohon untuk bimbingannya semoga terarah. Terimakasih