Why I Will be Writing Every Day of 2018

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I didn't waltz in to 2018 with a defined set of goals that I wanted to achieve. I hadn't actually put much thought in to it, except for one thing that I decided I was going to do on the morning of January 1st.

I have decided to write every day for 1 year


This was mostly a coincidence that it landed on January 1st. I discovered Steemit the night before and thought that if I was going to start writing again then this was the place to do it.

Here are some of the reasons why I have decided to write every day of 2018:

1. Positive Habit Building

The more often you do something, the more likely that it will form in to a habit. Actually, according to the University College London, it takes between 2-8 months to form a habit and 66 days on average. When you just start a new activity (especially something that you don't enjoy) it takes a lot of will-power to get started. Creating a positive habit is beneficial because over-time it will take less and less will-power to complete. This is because our brains are habit and pattern forming machines. If there is something that you know would be beneficial for your life to do more regularly but you find it hard to do, working to make it a habit by making yourself perform it regularly is the best way to implement it.

You can do this with anything and I explain the importance of choosing what works for you in a previous post HERE.

2. Reap the Benefits of 'Far-Transfer'

Many of you may not have heard the term 'far-transfer' before. It refers to transfer between contexts that, on appearance, seem remote and alien to one another. I first experienced this when I was living in Philadelphia and I decided that I would read for 3 hours every morning before allowing myself to do anything else. I hadn't even realised the positive effect this had on me (apart from my ability to read and process information at a quicker rate) until I was in a situation where I wanted to implement another positive habit. Performing this new and completely unrelated action every day was significantly easier than when I first started to read every day and I am sure I was even able to learn it quicker.

3. Improved Ability to Articulate Thoughts

As I mentioned above, writing also has a positive effect on your mind as you are pretty much putting it all on paper. If you ever want to understand something better or really cement something into your mind, write about it! It forces you to translate whatever you may be messily thinking about in your head into an understandable set of words. This also translates to becoming a better conversationalist which is incredibly useful when you are in social or high-stress situations.

4. Share what you know!

I will always write down my own personal thoughts in writing books, but if you are going to write about interesting topics it is worth publishing them online. You never know who could be benefiting from your writing and it is also fun to engage in an online discussion about something you have written. This opens up opportunities for others to learn and also for yourself to learn of others opinions!

You do not have to choose writing. You could implement any positive habit that you like and if you get into the habit of performing it regularly it will have positive effects on many areas of your life. My advice is to pick something you enjoy, because even if you perceive something to be more beneficial but you don't enjoy it, there are much lower chances of you actually being consistent with it.

Thank you for reading!

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Thanks for another positive and useful post! I kind of had an idea to do this, but focusing on my life story. Kind of like my own personal autobiography here one steemit. Someone once told me one of the easiest ways to write a book/story is to write one page a day for a year. At the year's end, someone who does this would actually have a 365 page book.

No problem Jeremiah I am pleased to hear that you found this useful. That sounds like a great idea and I highly encourage it! You'd have a dedicated reader in me :)

Love this! Definitely spot on regarding sharing what you know and being able to articulate your thoughts. Out of curiosity, are you able to articulate your thoughts just as well through the spoken word?

That's a good question! I'd think that Spoken word is just as if not more beneficial. I guess it's up to the individual!

Writing is an art.... thanks @ jeremyc

No problem @starzy! Glad you enjoyed the read

That was a nice post jeremy. I was depressed about one year and a half, and I'm against anti-depression drugs (I don't want to misunderstand. It's just a personal choice actually this decision is personal choice for everybody. I saw my problem is at the way of thinking and I decided to use my mind differently). Anyway recently I began to "Positive Habit Building" as you say. I began with easy task like reading 30 page everyday, walk for one blok etc. and this accomplishments began to make me positive. When I come across the same tryings It makes me happier. And I believe in power of sharing knowledge, experience and fails. Keep on writing <3

Wow @gcamkerten you are very smart! Well done for not just listening and doing what others tell you to do and having the consciousness to decide what is best for yourself. That is very impressive!

Thank you for your comment. Well done on choosing easier habits to start with, that is just as important as picking something you like :)

Yes yes yes @jeremyc!! What's more impressive than setting an enormous goal of writing every day in 2018 is to actually put in the effort to consistently write every single day.

Been following your work for some time now, and I'm proud to share with you that you're doing a great work! Keep it up, my friend!

Thank you so much for the kind words Aaron, it is very much appreciated! You're very right, a consistent effort is what counts!

Looking forward to the next 348 posts!!! :)

haha me too!! :)

This is amazing! Followed you as well!! Good luck friend

Thank you very much @manifestmovement! :)