Hi I'm Jeremy and I am an entrepreneur who lives a life of freedom and adventure!

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Hi Steemit Community! I originally left my home country at the ripe old age of 21 after living a relatively privileged lifestyle in Sydney, Australia. I knew I had to leave and learn about the world so I hopped on a plane to America with no friends, job or place to live.

Here is a brief timeline of my adventures since that day 4 years ago!

  • Moved to LA from Australia by myself with no friends, job, or place to live.
  • Partied with Hollywood celebrities at LA Mansions
  • Became the Fitness Coach for some of your favoruite TV shows producers and Kim Kardashian's hair stylist
  • Spontaneously moved cities to live in a frat house at an Ivy League University (coz why not?)
  • Moved again but this time to Canada with no friends or job (just as scary as the first time)
  • Earned a living by traveling around to schools in the Greater Toronto Area and teaching students (for which I had no prior experience and a semi-fear of public speaking)
  • Met my current girlfriend of 2 years
  • Brought her back to Australia to live at the beach (again with no job or place to live...)
  • Started our own business from which we aimed to make just $1 in 12 months
  • Made a lot more than expected and quit my job (that was nice)
  • Moved back to North America with the girlfriend where we now both work full-time on the business
  • Live in the apartment of our dreams (at least for this point in our lives)


Why I left

I grew up in a weathly area of Sydney near Bondi beach. It was a very protected lifestyle that my family provided and I knew I was sheltered from a lot of things. I wanted to throw myself out into the real world and grow up, so I left shortly after graduating university and headed for LA. The adventure has never stopped since then, and I have developed a passion for adventure and freedom.


What the future holds

We started a mobile business to fund our travels and we're about to buy an old school bus to renovate so we can adventure around Canada and the US for the next couple of years. She has a decent following on Instagram as well as a hand-balancer and she helps people to learn how to do handstands and increase their self-confidence! Check her out TheInversionAddict and say hi!



Why have I joined the Steemit Community?

I love to write and she loves to film so we will be documenting all of our renovations and adventures for years to come and sharing what we have learned along the way. We hope to connect with like-minded people and also share advice for anyone interested in enjoying a similar lifestyle!

I also have a passion for self-development and have a post that I sent out before this one outlining my other reason for having this blog and the other content you are likely to find here.

Thanks for having us 😊


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Welcome - seems like you have quite an awesome life story to tell :)
If your girlfriend loves to film, I would recommed her to use @dtube - it's STEEM's youtube!
Resteemed you via @welcoming, my blog for showcasing promising newcomers! Greets, @theaustrianguy

Hey mate! Thank you for your recommendation about Dtube I will let her know and check it out!

Has anyone told you that you sorta look like Justin Timberlake? Haha.

Random thought aside, welcome to Steemit! Interesting jumps that you went through. Looks like you have quite a bit to talk about on here. Enjoy!

Hey there! Surprisingly yes I actually get that quite a bit haha. Thanks for the welcome! :)

Pleasure of having you both here! Keep steeming and welcome to this community. =)

Thank you so much! :)

Welcome to Steem :) It seems like you've had some awesome experiences and adventures. I hope you find like-minded people here and have a great time here. I am sure you will learn a lot and witness a grand revolution of Steem changing the world. Enjoy, looking forward to your content.

Thank you! It's great to be here and I already feel so welcome :) Looking forward to exploring further what steem has to offer :)

Hey! Welcome to Steemit! This community is amazing but does take some getting use to since it’s a bit different than the other social media platforms.

I joined Steemit December 30th, 2017 and have had a blast networking, learning and earning (actually made some pretty good money so far)!

Be sure to follow me @entrepreneur916 and Steem On!

Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to being apart of this great community :)

Welcome to steemit community @jeremyc. You are a very brave adventurer.

Hey there! Thanks so much for the welcome and kind words :)

Welcome on Steemit. If you are interested in art and social innovation check my profile. I am going to follow you. Looking forward to see more about your posts and video

Thanks! I will surely keep an eye out for your posts as I would love to learn more about art! :)

You sure have a lot of stories to tell and I'd be interested to read all of them!

Thank you! I hope to consistently share valuable content in the community :)

Welcome to Steemit! Great intro and it really is great you branched out from your home and were self aware enough to reconize there was a lot more out there. I can only imgine how scary that must've been. Glad life is turning out great and I look forward to reading more. I'll check out your gf's blog too, followed!

Hey there! Thanks so much for the comment I really appreciate it!

That is a brave introduction @jeremyc! You see, you will find a lot of people who were brave enough to leave their homes at 21 years old. But not too many who left their country. 😉

Thank you! It was definitely scary and I learned a lot :) Hoping to continue learning and sharing with this community as time goes on!

I need to become more adventurous like you!

It never gets un-scary haha but you just gotta bite the bullet and do it! You will never look back :)

Hey man, welcome to steemit. I noticed your intro from the current teamaustralia recruitment, we are currently trying to mentor some of the new users to steemit here.

I'm a Canadian and never even been to Australia, but they adopted me to there steemit team. Anways feel free to reach out to me at any time, I'll try to follow your blogs and leave some comments. If your using discord that's a great place to connect too.

I think I'll enjoy your content, looks like your really into lifestyle design, not sure if you do actively follow Tim Ferris, but I see alot of similarities.

Omggg so inspiring ! Def Keeping in touch

Thanks Shelly!! :)

So inspireing :D

Thank you! 🙏

Radical! I myself am a self-claimed inversion addict and love bringing inversions into my yoga practice! I am on a journey of self-development as well, inside and out. Glad to see you on Steemit!

Hey there! That's awesome :) It's great to find like-minded people on here interested in inversions and self development.

Very excited about this community already!

Hi! I’m super happy you joined Steemit! I’m brand new to Steemit and it’s wonderful to see other Steemian’s join the community. Keep posting. I’d love to see more ☺
Be sure to follow my account @zoewilliamson
Best of luck to you!

Thanks Zoe! Looking forward to being apart of this great community!

Hey mate!!! It's really nice having you here on steemit!! Always awesome to greet new people and have new people.

Remember that we are all here for each other and that we will help each other out! :)

Looking forward to connecting with you further.

Winny out...for now ;)

Hey there! Thanks for the comment and I look forward furthering my contribution to this great community!

First off welcome to steemit @jeremyc. Just by the way you presented your content, you are someone I know who will be successful on steemit. Inspiring to a newbie like myself that is for sure. Not claiming this in any way, but that has been the most professional presentation of a blog I have seen on steemit yet. Kudos! I am really looking forward to following you on your renovations and adventures. Upvoted and Resteemed!

Thank you very much for the kind words @jjohnson78! That means a lot and I am thrilled to be apart of this great and supportive community :)

Wow, that's quite an adventure! Keep us posted on what happens next :)

Thank you! I most definitely will :)

Wow, that's quite the timeline! I love hearing how couples like yourself join forces and combine skills to start a life of adventure :) what kind of mobile business do you have?

Hey there! Thanks so much :) We do marketing for local cafes and restaurants. It's definitely an adjustment working with your partner but we have struck a balance and it's working really well so far haha

I find the biggest thing being able to respect each others business decisions while also coming out of that back into the relationship and being present as each others partner. Not easy but doable!

Welcome to steemit Jeremy! you've got so many interesting and inspiring stories to tell. I hope to read more of your content regularly soon :) and make sure to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Anyway I hope you will like it here .I'd say this is much more better and very productive way to spend your time, compared to the fakebook.

thank you for the warm welcome! I definitely think this is more productive :)