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I'm sure many of the new people who got into bitcoin when it was at it's all time high at 20k are sweating and feeling frustrated or confused about their investments.   Amanda has made this video for you to give you some wise words and insight to understand this world:


Security, when it comes to cryptocurrency digital asset wallets, there is something we all need to pay heed to. Control your keys & never lose their passwords always make 3 copies so you have a backup, when there mnemonic phrases write it down somewhere 3 times.   Always make Paper Wallets to keep your digital assets offline. You can hold this on a few USB keys or get fancy with a Ledger Blue or a Trezor device.   Never keep all your crypto coins on centralized exchanges and most importantly make sure you have control of your private keys. Keep them safe and let me reiterate, never lose passwords.  Here's an inghtful discussion with Michael Scott, Amanda B Johnson and  Paul Puey on Security.  You can follow this show on Youtube every tuesday there will be something new!

Just around the Block 

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Also, I've made some new realizations myself.   I will not be trusting clouds anymore.   That's right no more cloud mining.  I was watching the video below with Adam Meister and he was talking on his Youtube show about How cloud mining is a scam.  People wish they can make some bitcoin and ethereum with these cloud mining pools.  And the truth of the matter is, it's always better to be your down decentralized node.   Mine off your own computer with your own equipment it's not that difficult really.   It's true I made some money cloud mining but the coins weren't worth very much when I was mining them.   So, I personally like to mine coins under $10 the cheaper the coin the better returns you will get from your mining experience.   For more information about this check out the Bitcoin Meister here :

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