Invest in Seasteading: ICO Pre-Sale

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Ever since I first heard about the Seasteading Institute, I've wanted to get in on the action. Their mission of developing floating real estate at sea resonated with me so strongly that I've stayed in touch with the team over the years and have been honored to assist in furthering their goals. My partners at Fort Galt and I made a promotional video for them a couple years ago and that was loads of fun but they didn't have a build location secured yet and so there weren't any plans to actually build what we were animating, at the time. Fortunately though, a lot has changed since then.


Over the past two years, the seasteaders have made a lot of progress. They founded a company called Blue Frontiers to develop their first floating city, they secured permission from the local government of French Polynesia to build it in their territorial waters, and they designed a plan for construction.

Needless to say, it's an ambitious undertaking and this stuff doesn't come cheap. They needed a clever financing solution to bring all of this to life and that's where the exciting news comes in. They've just launched a crypto-token called Varion to raise the funds they need to bring their vision into reality. The pre-sale has just begun so this is your chance to buy-in early and get bonuses for larger purchases.

ICO Pre-sale Bonuses are as follows:
Spend at least 1 ETH to get 5% bonus Varyon, spend between 10 and 40 ETH to get a 10% bonus, or spend at least 40 ETH to get a 15% bonus. If they don't reach their 4,000 ETH soft cap, all purchases will be refunded.


As a longtime seasteading enthusiast, I've been waiting patiently for this opportunity to take major steps towards actually moving onto a floating home and this token represents our ticket into the game. I heard about the plan to use an ICO like this to raise funds for development a while back and have been waiting patiently ever since so I'm pretty jazzed that it's finally available. To put the cherry on top, the guys at Blue Frontiers have graciously agreed to throw me some Varion tokens as thanks for helping them with promotion so if you're interested in buying-in, please use my link so they know that their faith in me wasn't misplaced. I'll also be sure to invite you to stay for free here at Fort Galt once we're finished with construction. I'd like to thank everyone in advance that joins us in this and I'm looking forward to seeing other steemians out there on the high seas, once the work is done and we can say that we played a small role in making history.


This is great news all around!!!!!!!!!!

I've heard about this! From my adventurous side, I think it is wonderful, extremely aesthetically pleasing, etc. My more cautious side worries about mega tsunamis though. Japan, 3-11-11, proved they CAN happen, and that was not even with a 10-super quake, or oceanic meteor strike. As long as the structures and major infrastructure can be made strong enough to resist mega-tsunamis (and there a quick evac plan in place to deal with them)...let's go!

That's a major hazard for coastal settlements but not for boats or seasteads. The wave only lifts up out of the ocean when it reaches land. Out at sea, it just travels like a shockwave underneath whatever is floating on the surface ;)

So these are going to be built far out to sea? I was under the impression they were talking about building them fairly close to land...

Actually, a meteor-strike tsunami could bring a rolling mountain of water, even in deep water, of a hundred feet high or more. That's going to take a lot of "over engineering" to survive, even if it's not the 500-foot-tall breakers that the same tsunami will cause at the shore.

The first little one will be close to the coast at first and then they'll move farther out as they grow. Ultimately, the plan is to have them out in international waters so that they can be legally autonomous without having to play by a host nation's rules.

Oh, I love the concept...especially the autonomous, out-to-sea bit. Sadly, I'll betcha the U.N. will get in the way and outlaw that, but we can hope... I just don't trust the global elite to ever allow there to be a place they can't tax or control.

Yeah, I'm sure it'll get really interesting once they start rocking the boat. I'm game for a good adventure though :)

TO BE SURE!! Me, too.

I like to poke the monster in the eye every time I can.

I've been following The Seasteading Institute for a long time, too. Probably since around 2009, which is probably around when they initially launched.

Awesome that you personally know them and that you've worked with them on media projects in the past!

Did anything constructive happen regarding seasteading or maybe every action of those spreading the idea is just juggling with new institutes, companies and organization names?

It's the same people and I know them personally. The institute is the research and networking organization while Blue Frontiers was formed specifically to build this particular development.

As a longtime seasteading enthusiast, I've been waiting patiently for this opportunity to take major steps towards actually moving onto a floating home and this token represents our ticket into the game

I love the project, i didnt know anything about the seateading before until now. Now i think i myself have become an enthusiast, moreover it is built on ethereum blockchain

I'll also be sure to invite you to stay for free here at Fort Galt once we're finished with construction

Lol that will be awesome, i will join now, thank you. My love to your baby

Will travel expenses be covered too?😁😁😁

Haha, unfortunately no. I'm not making enough to pay for the travel too :D

Haha my friend, that's okay

Hearing about a particular things is not as finding what it is really up about and that is what I like about your attitude, making research is a good thing before venturing into any business avenue.
Seasteading Institute is really profictable to think of, thanks for sharing such an informative update I really find it valuable.

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I’ve read and seen a lot of future technology basically the next world . I got to learn about the possibilities of floating cities all around the world . A whole city built on water that could change its location at will . I mean it could decide to move to Asia today , America the next year , Africa the following year . I was made to imagine the possibilities of traveling cities basically powered by the sun , the coast wind and even power generated by human Kinectic energy{ie walking , energy to generate a whole city, imagine the floor of your house generates and stores power only by you walking around the house doing your chores. Incredible right ? . Watch out for the next world , watch out for floating cities and metropolis

This is a unique project of building homes on the water. Would be so awesome if this project came out successful.


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