Announcing steemSTEM: A Path Toward a Vibrant STEM Community on Steemit

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This Post Shows How a Community of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Writers Was Born On Steemit

The steemSTEM Team: @justtryme90 (a biochemist), @lemouth (a theoretical particle physicist), @coinbitgold (a science and technology writer), @cristi (an independent researcher and writer) and @herpetologyguy (an ecologist) plus contributions from @donkeypong, @wingz, @gavvet and others. Several team members volunteer and dedicate both their time and knowledge to this project for free.

The Steemit Chat Channel: #steemSTEM

Announcing steemSTEM, a Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics Project on Steemit

The Origins

Everything began some time ago when @coinbitgold initiated the academiaspotlight series to promote the work of new Steemians who are engineers and/or scientists in their day jobs. She quickly realized that she was only able to help one person at a time with each review post, and that many other good science posts still went unnoticed and silenced. Moreover, she became frustrated seeing some outright-plagiarized science content rewarded more than the good content! At this point she considered leaving Steemit for good.

Yet just as things were looking their worst she met @wingz who suggested starting a science community on Steemit! At the same time, she met real-life scientists and active contributors like @justtryme90 and @lemouth who were also working to grow the Steemit science community day by day.

Together, a community of science writers on Steemit was born.

A New Hope

And do you think they lived happily ever after? Of course not. The group still watched as some partially or totally inaccurate science content got trendy and upvoted a lot! Still they did not give up, they pushed forward and kept supporting each other.

Soon, an Initiative Started...

This group now consisting of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, science and technology writers, @justtryme90 @lemouth @coinbitgold @herpetologyguy @pjheinz @team.leibniz @cristi @valenttina @krishtopa @deviedev @daut44 @logic and others. Everyone shared their views on the future of science on Steemit.

The Initiatives

And we are here today to announce the steemSTEM initiative!


  • Foster the STEM spirit and a constructive STEM environment for STEM writers on Steemit.

  • Raise the quality of the current STEM content via feedback to authors.

  • Increase the quality of the discussions originating from STEM posts (as comments to the posts).

  • Recruit established STEM bloggers to expand the content already discussed on Steemit.

  • Organize events such as interviews, AMAs and competitions.

  • Promote the work of current and future STEM writers on Steemit.

How Can You Help The steemSTEM Initiative?

  • Spread the news about the #steemSTEM channel on the Steemit chat!

  • If you identify a new STEM writer, please do not hesitate to direct them to the #steemSTEM channel.

  • If you are a real-life scientist/engineer/mathematician with expertise in a STEM field and feel that you can fill in some of the gaps currently lacking in background and knowledge, please do not hesitate to join the #steemSTEM channel and discuss with us.

  • From time to time, we will be holding STEM AMAs, competitions and interviews revolving around STEM. Do watch out for them and show your support with comments, votes and participation!

Resteem, resteem and resteem!

ALL funds raised by posts of the @steemstem account will be used by the steemSTEM initiative to recruit established STEM bloggers, provide rewards and prizes for STEM events and competitions, and provide additional curation and upvotes for STEM posts on Steemit.


I'm not the scientist/mathematician, but I'm electrical engineer.
On steemit I don't make science post because of the lack of English level.

But I make latte art for steemians and today my art unexpectedly match up with your post theme.

There is! Feel free to check.

alt text

I wish they made these at Starbucks. :)

Thank you.
But why you an adherent of the Starbucks?
They brew so average coffee and me sure what small coffee shops can offer to you more tasty and individual coffee cup

starbucks offers an experience. and the coffee is great (imho). I worked on some of my books in sbuxes across Manhattan. may creatives do that. it's like a nice urban oasis.

Do you have one with an LHC collision? :D

:)) Lol, it will be like color explosion latte

Sounds ... interesting (I would not dare saying tasty)

Absolutely love it! <3 Too beautiful to drink it though

Wonderful! When I first wrote science related articles way back in July, there was simply no audience. It's great to know that in three short months, a vibrant STEM community is growing in Steemit.

well, you know. science can be complicated - on purpose! it's not as 'catchy' as popular news, especially if it does not involve sensational stories. but this does not mean there's no audience. I think it is; it may grow slower though. but that's why we're here. I'd encourage you to keep on writing good science!

Of course, I know what you mean. But logically nothing would seem more sensational than figuring out how the universe and everything within it works.

I'd recommend following the work of @justtryme90 and revisit the 'rna world hypothesis'recent post :)

Slowly and slowly, the scientific community grows and things move in the right direction. Less inaccuracies, less news-copy-pastes, etc. Things have really evolved nicely in a few weeks (especially during the last 2-3 weeks).

Btw, I remember having enjoyed reading great science posts you wrote when I just joined Steemit. Will you consider writing again (I know you are a busy person, but it does not cost anything to ask :p )?

Of course, I know what you mean. But logically nothing would seem more sensational than figuring out how the universe and everything within it works.

We are biased :)

Never say never! Back then, it seemed important to kick start a science community. But now that one's already established, I'm happier to step back and be the audience. :)

Great initiative! Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Ditto. Good luck!

Thanks! Get ready to look forward to exciting stuff!

Thank you for the great support!

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it.

awesome initiative. I have noticed some snake oil posts that i didn't know what to do about so ignored them.

Good to see an active community of wizards here.

I do have a lot of interest in photo bioreactors and algae cultivation. science and engineering. But no official background in that stuff, i'm an avid learner. I did post some time ago introducing algae and pbr's.

Hope to see lots of SteemSTEM approved posts. You need an official seal you can give credited and approved STEM authors who post often.

Got my vote and follow.
thanks for sharing this Ausbitbank wouldn't have found otherwise maybe.

An upvote from the steemSTEM account is at the moment the seal of approval. However that's a good suggestion! Thank you!

This is a truly awesome initiative. All the best with this and you definitely have my support whenever needed. I will chat to you guys in steemSTEM . Voted and obviously resteemed. Let's get the STEM Party going :)

Chat soon!

This is AWESOME guys. I'm joining for sure.

thanks friends for sharing knowledge and experience

Good stuff, thanks....


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