Zoology of the form of motion of matter

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By the way, the fundamental difference between the animal and plant worlds has not been found so far. Basically this is a quantitative difference. Although in science they are interpreted as two separate "kingdoms". And the second remark, the higher forms, differ from the lower ones only in complexity. The principle of construction is the same. The basic principle that exists in the basis of our world is similarity.

[Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels](By Photo of Karl Marx by Friedrich Karl WunderPhoto of Friedrich Engels by George Lester - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons. The original uploader was Σ at English Wikipedia. 16 May 2011 (original upload date), Public Domain, Link)

In Marxism, there are five forms of motion of matter. Engels suggested the following classification of the motion of matter:

  1. Mechanical movement associated with the movement of bodies in space.

  2. Physical (essentially thermal !!!) movement, like the movement of molecules.

  3. Chemical movement - the movement of atoms inside the molecules.

4.Organic or biological movement associated with the development of the protein life form.

5.Social movement (all changes in society).

Today, this classification is considered obsolete and the following, more extended, is applied:

1. Spatial displacement;

2. Electromagnetic movement, defined as the interaction of charged particles;

3. Gravitational form of motion;

4. Strong (nuclear) interaction;
5. Weak interaction (absorption and emission of a neutron);

6. The chemical form of motion (the process and result of the interaction of molecules and atoms);

7. Geological form of matter movement (associated with changes in geosystems - continents, layers of the earth's crust, etc.):

8. Biological form of movement (metabolism, processes occurring at the cellular level, heredity, etc .;

9. The social form of the movement (processes occurring in society).

[Cover of the first edition of Engels's The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, first published in 1884](By Digitized for Wikipedia by Tim Davenport ("Carrite"), no copyright claimed for the work, file released to the public domain without restriction., Public Domain, Link)

In fact, nothing has changed. Just added categories with fictional concepts. These concepts have introduced physics for a more specific description of the phenomena occurring in our world. I would pay attention to the thermal movement. How many great people paid attention to it. The basis of everything is warm. Why today we do not use this direction in the study of phenomena occurring in the physical world is not clear. Most likely this is due to the inability to understand the meaning and method of organizing movements in our world. All that can the human mind, even folded from several generations - it is only to describe what he saw but can not explain, much less understand the reason for what he saw. This is the edge of our mind. We are in this world the same passengers as everyone, except with an improved ability of thinking.

Friedrich Engels (/ˈɛŋ(ɡ)əlz/; German: [ˈfʁiːdʁɪç ˈʔɛŋl̩s]; sometimes anglicised Frederick Engels; 28 November 1820 – 5 August 1895) was a German philosopher, communist, social scientist, journalist and businessman. His father was an owner of a large textile factory in Salford, England.

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