Chemtrails in Australia

in #science4 years ago (edited)

Chemtrails are trails of chemicals, typically silver iodide and dry ice crystals, left by planes in the atmosphere. The trails slowly disperse in the atmosphere leaving a haze in the sky eventually falling to the ground. Officially known as cloud seeding, this operation has been performed across Australia by the CSIRO since the late 1950's. Known to many as a conspiracy theory, chemtrails are certainly not. Our loving government openly admits to spraying us with these substances, so why are the majority of Australians in denial that it's even happening?

The intended outcome from chemtrails has been made clear by the CSIRO, to increase rainfall. However many studies have shown this to be an ineffective method of increasing rainfall and the CSIRO states themselves that they do not approve of cloudseeding due to the unknown possible effects on the environment and human health. Spraying chemicals in the atmosphere leads to other questions of the effects too, like the possibilities of increased bush fire risks and the possibilities of structural damage caused due to a potential difference in metals and salts being sprayed, corrosion. If the intention of chemtrails is genuinely to increase rainfall then why are they sprayed during the summer months? If the CSIRO is not spraying the chemtrails anymore then is it private companies that are? It should not be legal.

In all of my life I had not once seen a 'contrail'. Planes never leave contrails in my Australia, I guess it just doesn't get cold enough at the low altitudes I see planes flying. When I first saw a chemtrail in 2009 I never thought it was a contrail. I'd seen many videos of chemtrails being laid in America already. I always thought I lived in the lucky country so I was hoping they wouldn't make it here, but I was wrong. Now days I believe they lay their chemtrails daily along the coastline. It's rare we get a haze free day, and there's usually a ring  around sun or the moon from the particles being illuminated. I'd never seen that in my whole life before either, now? almost every day.

I even asked my local senator recently their perspective on the topic, and they definitely did not call me a conspiracy theorist. So I wonder, why is there so much denial from the general public when this is obviously going on right under our noses. Literally.

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Chemtrails are real and they are spraying all of us from every angle.

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