Sleep part-4

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Hello Steemians...,,,
Doing hard work and research for the series sleep.I hope the readers getting satisfying with my work on sleep science.<science behind sleep>

As we have read my first article about sleep was on sleepwalking,
And my second part was on Daily Routine sleep,
and third was on Sleep deprivation,
Now it's time to move on with another question,

  • Question no.4. Snoring noise wake up other peoples but why not the man who snores ?

picture source

The sleeping person's mouth organ plays extremely rigid and loud sounds, but he does not listen to it, how strange !
The first thing is that the person who is having very deep sleep and it is difficult to make him wake up,at that time, sound of the snoring flows like a trumpet,But the person become sound proof coz of deep sleep.There's a second reason too,and it's very important,Our body does not take special attention to our own voices because of the specific facilities available during evolution,It formally ignores our own sounds,so that they do not disturb the information received by the external audio source.For example,The sound that our breath(respiration) produces does not fall in our ears.The subconscious mind has subtracted it for the external sounds to be heard properly.The aural credibility of this type of filtering is done when we hear the recording of our own voice.Not only the sound of words, the pronunciation seems different too.It's an interesting fun, that if the person who is deaf to his own snore,and if he get to hear the recording of the same snore, then he is definitely get awaked with it.

  • Below is the questions which we will talk in next blogs..,

  • Question 5. Compare to human,other species of earth(animals and birds )spent how much time for sleep ?
  • Question 6. Why our eyes always closed while we are sleeping ?
  • Question 7.What biological changes are there in the brain during sleep ?
  • Question 8. What is the accurate reason for dream ? how brain function at that time ?

Above is the usual question which comes in our mind..,we will discuss all of them simultaneously in my next blogs
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