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Hello Steemians...,,,
Thanks for read and support my works on steemit,I am here again with another part of my series sleep.,
So guys this is the third part of my blog Sleep.
As we have read my first article about sleep was on sleepwalking.
And my second part was on Daily Routine sleep.
Now it's time to reveal third question.
Question 3. How much long human can stay without sleep ?
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For any person, Instead of starvation ,sleeplessness(awaked) proves to be more faster death, that means sleep is not necessary, but it is inevitable.During an experiment conducted at the University of Chicago in the USA,most rats died after 21 days when the rats were constantly awake.Even if there is a slight reduction in the daily quota of our sleep, it can be lethal.Heart attack,diabetes,stroke's attack and new research have shown that increases in chances of getting cancer too.
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This is the picture of america's Peter Tripp who set a world record for 201 hour of sleeplessness in 1959, after a few years, another man named randy gardner shattered Peter's record.Randy stayed awake for 264.4 hours.

Well,Forget about days without sleep, just 17 hours of sleep deprivation a person can reduced
alertness,concentration,judgement,cognitive ability etc,Became same as a drunk person of alcoholic beverages....,

  • Continues awake for 17 hours,Person's condition became same as a drunk person.

  • Some approximate work Efficiency comparing data between a drunk person vs sleepless person.
    • 10 hours of sleepless person is like 0 % alcoholic person,
    • 14 hours of sleepless person is like 0.04 % alcoholic person,
    • 18 hours of sleepless person is like 0.08 % alcoholic person,
    • 25 hours of sleepless person is like 0.14 % alcoholic person,
  • In many countries the alcohol limit is 0.05% to 0.08% in the blood during driving.

,...Today, such a situation is very broad,For which the inventor of electrical bulb thomas Edison should be considered as guilty,Because before this discovery, people used to sleep average nine hours daily,While today ,cuz of television,film's late night show,home and street lights facility,24*7 working business's etc reduced our average sleep to 7:30 hours.

Just two examples from many about serious consequences of avoiding or ignoring sleep.

  1. In 1986,at the Chernobyl Atomic Energy station in Russia, after the midnight ,scientists became dull and sleepy because of their biological clock behave wrong cuz of sleeplessness,As a result,due to their minor mistake,atomic station got blast,It was a huge mistake that a scientist never do such mistakes and its consequences we all know.
  2. Near the shores of Northern state of America's alaska in 1989,Exxon Valdez named a giant oil carrier ship was sailing.On ship's bridge, In control room,only one sailor was operating controls of that ship,He was on duty for 18 hours continuously,Due to continues sleepless,he started making mistakes in operating the ship,As a result,after midnight the giant ship got wrecked,Four million liters of crude oil spill over the ocean,The company's owner was fined 5.29 billion dollar for the damage done to ocean's environment and for the carelessness penalty.

By seeing above two examples,we can see that how big damage can be done for just hours of without sleep,then if someone can stay sleepless for days than.,can't believe right..,
In 1970's decade america's 17 year old randy gardner stayed awake for 11 continues days,To starts marathon he got up on 28th december,1963 and then went for sleep on 8th january,1964,He was sleepless for 264 hours it means for 11 days,Believe it cuz its a still world record for longest sleep deprivation (sleepless)(awaked).

Below is the questions which we will talk in next blogs..,

Question 4. Snoring noise wake up other peoples but why not the man who snores ?
Question 5. Compare to human,other species of earth(animals and birds )spent how much time for sleep ?
Question 6. Why our eyes always closed while we are sleeping ?
Question 7.What biological changes are there in the brain during sleep ?
Question 8. What is the accurate reason for dream ? how brain function at that time ?

Above is the usual question which comes in our mind..,we will discuss all of them simultaneously in my next blogs
Thanks for reading
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