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Hello Steemians...,,,
Thanks for being with me and giving me support,if there's no reader than author's can't exist.,
So guys this is the second part of my blog Sleep.
As we have read my first article about sleep was sleepwalking.
Now it's time to reveal second question.
Question 2. What is the biological reason behind sleeping every night ?
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An average human being spent about 1/3 times of life in sleep.Imagine that you get stuck in the situation where you don't have anything to eat and you can't sleep either,till you get die.Now tell me how many of you know that you will die faster without sleep than hunger.,yes we can die without sleep instead of hunger.Animals and birds also take their own methods of long,short,deep or crap sleep.As a result, there must be some biological reason behind the fact that sleep must be almost necessary for all.However, the reason is not actually recognized yet by scientist in its standard form.
But still Some of the logical projections made by researchers can be noted here.The first living being that were born during the primordial era were without nervous system, so they did not had any kind of sleeping or awakening systems.Millions of years later(about four billion years ago),The descendants of their,Slightly evolved generation began to match their activity and inactivity with day and night or light and darkness.Biological clock originated in the body, which caused some organisms to become nocturnal and diurnal or some become crepuscular.

Human being becomes diurnal so our biological clock works 12 hours for day and 12 hours for night total 24 hour a day,
body temperature,blood pressure,heart beats,and some other process works slow or fast according to it...,

Some facts about biological clock react on our body..,

  • At 3:30 pm we have highest muscle energy,
  • At 6:30 pm highest blood pressure time,
  • At 2:00 am deep sleep time,
  • At around 4:30 am lowest body temperature time,
  • At around 6:45 am highest level of blood pressure time.
    All the data can be varies on different condition and body.,

...,,,The biggest change comes in the brain work,And brain's night shift starts with sleep and its start data processing in large scale.By measuring brain waves, researchers have taken a good picture of the full swing brain activities. Have been found that, according to biological clock,at night when we get yawned sleep come to brain and its starts functioning.The second evidence linking sleep to the brain is that the plants does not have nervous system(brain), so there is no sleep system in the plant world.

Below is the questions which we will talk in next blogs..,

Question 3. How much long human can stay without sleep ?
Question 4. Snoring noise wake up other peoples but why not the man who snores ?
Question 5. Compare to human,other species of earth(animals and birds )spent how much time for sleep ?
Question 6. Why our eyes always closed while we are sleeping ?
Question 7.What biological changes are there in the brain during sleep ?
Question 8. What is the accurate reason for dream ? how brain function at that time ?

Above is the usual question which comes in our mind..,we will discuss all of them simultaneously in my next blogs
Thanks for reading
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your article is really interesting and a useful one to me. I often use to walk in sleep when i was a kid but now my husband often finds me talking while i am sleeping and that's really embarrassing . So among all the other questions which you will be discussing in your next blogs , please answer mine also that why a person talks in sleep? Thanks in Advance.

Thanks for read @steemerzooni
I am glad that you like my article and it's helping you.,
good you gave me one more usual asking question that Why a person talks in sleep ?
I will try my best to find something but before that i want to tell you that,
Sleep is still considered an unsolved subject by scientist,Due to our daily routine with sleep Like the awakened state, sleep is also considered as a normal natural phenomenon.But Scientists have different opinions,Despite of having done extensive research about sleep for years,the subject has been profound mysterious,you need to read my blog series about sleep,To get an idea of how profound and how mysterious it is.

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