New Research Suggests Sedentary Lifestyle Can Impact Your Personality

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A sedentary lifestyle is linked to a myriad of health issues such as heart disease, memory loss, obesity, poor blood circulation, weak bones, and a lot more.

A lack of physical activity has been regarded by healthcare professionals as one of the leading causes of preventable deaths.

For those who spend most of their days sitting down and not doing much activity, they might be planning to reap some unwanted effects from that choice somewhere down the line. Not only can it impact your health in a myriad of negative ways but new research also suggests that it could also impact your personality.

A recent study analyzed the sedentary lifestyle and personality changes of more than 9k volunteers and researchers note that they found some interesting correlations.

For those who had reported being much less active, they were found to have a greater reduction in openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and extroversion. These are regarded as the Big Five personality traits.

Based on the results, researchers insist that the findings support and demonstrate that personality can continue to change across the span of your life, more than some people might have thought. For those who engage in a more inactive lifestyle, researchers say that they will be more likely to become less open about engaging in new experiences, they might be willing to work less, or become less sociable.

For those who have spent many years living an inactive lifestyle, that doesn't mean that it is too late to try and do something about it.

Previous studies have found that you can start to make a turn for the better and that you are able to possibly reverse some of the impact that a sedentary lifestyle has had over the years on your body.

This could include incorporating simple activities into your routine such as biking, walking, or dancing etc.

Researchers insist that there is hope still for those who've spent years being lazy, that they might be able to reverse things for themselves and possibly use exercise to reduce some of those negative effects. As far as the relationship between sedentary living and personality changes, scientists say that more research is needed to better understand the connection.



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I totally agree with this. Its me, i m trying to up my exercises. Hopefully it will help

Good post!

this gave me a laugh 😄

Great article @doitvoluntarily, thanks for sharing🍻
Nice work

good writing friend, I have a neighbor who has this problem, she has that sedentary life I always try to encourage her to leave home
spend a whole day lying down without doing anything
I tell her you go to the gym and so you go with me or we go out to walk that I do that every day and she always with a peresa and she is fat, ugly and careless
I also say good get to study or do a course, you have to keep busy and I really have not been able to convince and I can not do anything

sometimes a little encouragement can go a long way! 👍😄

I feel like being alone and behind closed doors with problems always leaves you isolated from the world . For example, my mother has a lot of health issues and she stays home all day long for even a week without seeing the outside world . This does effect her a lot and when we ask her to go out, she refuses

Yes I hope to get way more activity in this year, I am actually powering down a little so I can afford the gym for a couple months. In the last two years I have lost about 60lbs. Nothing crazy just intermittent fasting and walking a hilly hike once a day or every 3 days. I do walk once a day a little regardless. I do need to firm it all up, as I can still do a truffle shuffle in the midsection haha. A little limp noodly in spots, pokes at own fat.

sounds like you've made some serious progress 👍 thanks for sharing

This is a very serious problem that people in much of the world subnet, however more diffusion there is of the subject, people despise this information and are told about the true problem when it is already late.
thank you very much dear friend @doitvoluntarily for sharing this information

excellent articulates friend, the human being has to have a better quality of life and that includes being always busy in any activity, those sedentary people for me that is being lazy waiting for a chew for them to swallow. thanks for this amazing bravo publication

Informative and educating.

Adding to what you have said, I would say many people have gotten so lazy such that they drive cars to almost everywhere. A place one would have used 5 minutes to trek in order to exercise his or her muscle, he prefers to drive. And this is not good for the body.

Our body needs exercise else we will become aged at tender ages. Even the bible recommends bodily exercise.

A five minutes stroll isn't bad, jogging, playing football etc. There are many exercises one can get involved in. Stop sitting at one position. Even drivers are advised to always park their cars and stretch their bodies for some time.

I lived for many years that way, mostly as a teenager. I regret it now, but cant do anything about it, because it is already past. I woke up one day to see everybody moved on in life, while I was just lazy sleeping all day and hoping for a miracle. In the last years I decided to change everything and I did. Now I feel better with my new life and would never go back :)

It may be due to shortening the telomere length that has already been shown its reduction associated with cardiovascular and mental illness.
Thank you for your informative article.

Take a nap, and ralax buddy .
Sleeping is adding life to life.

@doitvoluntarily es cierto el sedentarismo nos afecta tanto que puede y es nocivo para nuestra salud

I better get exercising more.

sad to see a sedentary person, I think that kind of person have low self-esteem, nothing always seems to walk with a laziness, they spend the day doing nothing and most are gossiping people pending what others do, they do not deal with studying, reading about doing some activity
they are sick for lack of active, excellent article friend congratulations for sharing thanks

I feel like this post was made for me, on this day where I promised myself I would change. It's like someone out there is pushing me too change LOL.

Because I do spend a lot of time in front of a computer, I have taken to standing at it instead of sitting. I stand while I'm podcasting too. It's made a huge difference in my moods and energy levels. I feel like I can think more clearly as well.

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