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Hello Steemians. For those just catching up now... Are you just like me, hopelessly addicted to Sci-Fi stories and the many wonderful series shows available on Netflix?

Have you ever seen shows like Firefly, The Expanse, Dark Matter, Killjoys, Star Trek Discovery and the rest?

Well, we've got more in common than ever! I've only briefly played around in this genre and by no means can I consider myself a master sci-fi creative writer but at this point I feel like I have a pretty firm grasp of the fundamentals required to create a real sci fi experience. An immersion into another world. With deep characters, comedy and action sequences I will take my readers to another world.

Without further delay, I bring you the fourth chapter in a new sci-fi short story I've been working on. I'm still working out final details in the storyline but still have time to add in new elements, situations and characters... Any ideas you have will be greatly appreciated in the comments section below!

If you are just now tuning in, I recommend stopping right here and reading parts one, two and three of the story before continuing on:

Now I give you 'The One Eyed Man (Part 4)'


Outer Earth Series – The One Eyed Man (Part 4)

Albright moved swiftly through the security checkpoint as he closed the distance between himself and the maglev platform several levels below.

The tunnels were unusually crowded for this time of day but it did sort of make sense as many were reluctant to go out at night due to the increased likelihood of being involved in a terrorist incident.

Statistics indicated that it was almost 70 percent more likely to be blown up at night time than it was in daylight especially in the more crowded areas of the colony. But there was no hard and fast rule.

If you were in the wrong place at the wrong time then there was always a chance you’d be blown to pieces, problems were rife in this part of the galaxy and life was beyond cheap on the colonies.

He trotted down the polished grey stairway noting the sort of dull and sanitary features of the structure. The fluorescent lighting put off a faint hum, the walls were smooth and glassy between the holo-advertisements that lit up the walls every several meters, displays peddling the latest and greatest in personal pleasure devices, bionic implants and space tour promotions.

Only the muffled sounds of tapping feet and the echoes they made could be heard. This system was made for the people in the colony who didn’t want to brush shoulders or even catch a glimpse of the madness above.

Albright boarded a maglev and made his way to Darcy station which from there was only a short walk to Nuts and Bolts, the sexbot café where Mork had made his headquarters, busily going about his nefarious cyberpunk activities.

Mork had been known to have more than few tricks up his sleeve. He had hacked sensitive government systems, financial institutions and had even managed to break some of the most advanced and complex security firewalls of a few prominent multi-global corporations.


With any luck Mork could help Albright track down Derek Green’s last known location and run some probability simulations predicting his next moves.

After making his way above ground Albright was struck with the realization that it had been quite some time since he had felt so alive. His heart was beating quickly, pumping a steady torrent of blood through his veins and arteries. A few beads of sweat rolled down his forehead and his breathing was short and uneven. The hairs on the back of his neck stood at attention.

Albright had been transformed into a man with a mission. His mind was wholly focused on the thrill of the hunt, the danger presented by failure and the excitement of being both predator and prey.

The air was rancid as he made his way past the merchants and lowlife clientele that frequented Darcy’s little slice of colony.

‘Rats, deep fried, barbecue glazed, get your rats!’ a merchant bellowed in a deep and scratchy voice.

Albright’s stomach grumbled, it had been quite some time since he had eaten and although the -prospect of putting something down his gregory appealed to him, there was little time to waste.

Other merchants stood behind booths selling exotic fruits, pots, pans and other second hand items, things that had been scavenged from who knows where.

To his left he saw a fat balding butcher wearing a blood soaked apron diligently at work skinning a rather pathetic looking prickly backed rabid street dog, clearly a fresh catch judging by the fact that its throat had been slit and a small torrent of blood was streaming from its neck.

Meat was a luxury for common folk as most didn’t have more than enough credits to afford a bowl of cricket meal or the occasional roach burger.

The dirty cobblestone road sort of rocked back and forth as his feet moved intrepidly from one brick to the next, this place may have seen better days but Albright sort of doubted it. It had had been a dump from the day he arrived.


The corporations were about profit and were hardly concerned about providing a decent quality of life for the lowly miners, everyone knew the truth, they were slaves. Very few would ever be able to save enough to get off this stinking planet.

He had reached his destination. An old worn down red brick building showing all the typical signs of disrepair. The bricks were made blackened by the filth of the city, a sort of black tar which always managed to cling to anything and everything.

A pink neon light shaped in an arrow pointing upwards flashed on and off teasingly inviting street walkers up for a quick escape from their dreary lives. Albright slammed his fist on the steel door a few times.

The scanners to the left and right were activated. Each emitted a bright green laser that tracked him from head to toe. A few moments later the autolock made a clicking sound and the door slid open.

A busty brunette stood just a few meters inside to the right. She wore long black leggings and a short black miniskirt. Her white blouse left little to the imagination as her perky boobs and cleavage sort of drew men into a trance. She was very attractive to say the least. She grabbed Albright’s manhood and gave it a squeeze.

“Hey there big boy, did you come for some fun?” the young woman wore a big grin on her face.

Albright winced before regaining his composure.

“Maybe next time darling, I’ve come to see Mork, we’ve got some business to discuss.” Albright reached his hand around the girl’s back and firmly grabbed the woman’s right butt cheek.

Her eyes lit up. She brushed away his hand and pointed to the polished metal elevator behind him.

“He will see you now.” She extended her hand towards the elevator and gazed intently at him as if to say, fun time’s over.


Albright lamented for a brief moment. It had been quite some time since he had got a good shag in with a sexbot. His loins ached. His soldier stood fully erect. Shame he thought to himself as he turned around and made his way into the lift.

Mork’s office occupied the penthouse of the building, Albright didn’t really trust old tech but he’d be damned if he had to lumber his way up to the fifteenth floor. Most of the materials used to build the colonies were scavenged from older colonies, multi-global corporations rarely made the move to invest in off-world factories, especially when it came to the outer colonies.

The corporations operated in a sort of parasitic manner, extracting resources from the furthest reaches of the galaxy and transporting them back to their strategically based central colonies.

Corporate wars were quite common, outer colonies were easy pickings and overextending could absolutely destroy a company’s profit margin and even put them out of business if they weren’t careful.

The lift doors opened and Albright stepped out. Mork was overly paranoid about security as well as hygiene. The small lobby wasn’t much to look at. Two security droids stood guard to both sides of the decontamination chamber. The droids manhandled Albright and performed final security checks before gently pushing him into the chamber.

Inside the chamber it was dark, machines started whirring and humming. He was flooded with UV light and sprayed with various gasses. You could never be too careful these days, bioweapons, neural toxins, miniature explosive devices, anything could be obtained on the black market if you had a few credits to throw around.

After what felt like a few minutes a door opened and the chamber’s led lights flashed arrows pointing him to proceed further. Outside the chamber two more security droids escorted him down a long hallway.

He thought to himself… Why Mork? Why do you have to be such a pain in the arse? Albright muttered a few quiet profanities as he made his way down the hallway. He had been through this routine before on several occasions but the whole routine was more than a bit boring at this point.


Final Thoughts

Things have really progressed at this point in the story, the introduction has already been made and Albright out in full force struggling to complete his mission.

I've just teased readers with a bit of light dialogue but my main intent up until this point of the story has just been vividly painting a picture of the new dystopian world people have found themselves in. Can you feel the dispair, the misery, the drearyness of it all?

Do you feel the tension, the anticipation? Do you relate at all with the one eyed man? It is my hope that I've got you hooked now.

I'm going to really entertain readers in the next chapter as Albright gets into it with Mork.

Will he get the information he needs to complete his mission or will Mork tell him to get lost?

Sorry to leave you guys hanging!

I'd very much like to know your thoughts this story so far and what about it you may have liked or didn't like. Thanks so much for reading!

Authored by: Zentalk

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Indisputably, I like your narrative voice more than poetics. This story has a good rhythm and you are developing it very well. I like the description you make of the landscape, of its decadence and sordidness. Also the incorporation of food and the woman who sells sexual favors. An interesting touch you haven't seen before! Everything serves to give a framework between misery, dirt and corruption to the story. I also find it attractive that you mix very advanced technological elements with others that are more primary and obsolete. Thank you for sharing this story, @zentalk.


The food which none of us want to eat. The woman (sex robot) programmed to provide pleasure and act as a gatekeeper for her programmer. The misery is real on the colonies, the corruption is rampant. Nothing comes free. I'm happy you are enjoying this!

You've got another good episode, @zentalk. It increases the intrigue, the tension over Albright's mission. Your description of the spaces and secondary participants of the story allow to visualize the atmosphere of this ruinous place, mixture of city of the future with decadence and repulsion. The passing scenes on the street food are a pathetic demonstration of that nauseating world. In addition, I think devices or technological elements are well incorporated. Pending the new installment of your science fiction story. Greetings.


Yes, I hope you were able to really see the despair in the colony. The lack of cleanliness, civility, the poverty of the people. Where the classes are even more separated than they are today. The rats and dogs for sale, reserved for the middle class almost. The technology that divides and conquers the masses. It is my hope you'll understand the one eyed man, liking him or approving of his lifestyle may be too far for most to go. The new installment is scheduled. Thanks for following along!

that was a good kept me glued to the end. i love sci-fi and at times i try to write own too. , great job


Sure! Happy you enjoyed it.

“The person who reads too much and uses his brain too little will fall into lazy habits of thinking.”-Albert Einstein

thanx for think about us adsactly

nice post