How Science Becomes Polluted With Corporate Lies

in science •  5 months ago

Witness the corruption of the scientific process by wealthy vested-interest corporations.

In this case, we are with Monsanto - again.

Have no doubts that this is not only about money. To think "that's just business" is to place these nefarious deeds on a par with any small business owner trying to make a buck. This is on a different scale. This is designed to inflict damage on you and your family that will then drive you into the arms of another toxic behemoth, the pharmaceutical industry. By the end, you will be health-less and penniless.

Back to the protocols of distorting science.

The Monsanto Papers: Poisoning the Scientific Well, June 2018, by Leemon McHenry.

Note that, "The author has been a research consultant to the law firm Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman since 2003, during which time he has investigated nine cases of scientific misconduct involving ghostwriting."

And you thought science was self-correcting? "Science" is not a thing, it is a collection of people. The scientific method is self-correcting, but only if all scientists are honest - and that's a huge "if" when dealing with the business of science. The hijacked naive scientific method must look outside itself in order to even discover abuses; that means looking at the web of relationships between individuals. That is what McHenry does.

It all boils down to individuals and their level of humanity. Venting your anger at a corporate logo is a waste of energy - it is a legal straw man - find the people.

The above article highlights two problems: corporate ghost-writing; and peer review interference.

Ghost-writing is where a Monsanto employee will write a paper, pass it on to one or more shill-scientists; they attach their names to the paper and submit it for publication in a scientific journal.

In order to close the circle of influence, Monsanto also pays scientists who peer review articles, either to promote the above fake science or to discredit legitimate science that may invalidate corporate-sponsored papers.

When all else fails, Monsanto can encourage the publication of libelous accusations against any hapless real scientist who discovers anything that may hurt profits; it can then wait to see if that person has the funds to challenge the false accusations in court. All these three tactics are well-documented in the quoted paper.

The whole scheme is designed to "manufacture doubt". Indeed, "doubt" has become its own currency - when it is impossible to prove that a fake narrative is true, the second best thing is to keep attacking the truth as flawed.

Remember that all along the chain of this abuse of science, these are people who are well paid and don't care about the consequences to outsiders - they really do not care if you suffer.

So... what can you do about it all?


It is too distant, too abstract, too scientific. However, everyone needs some kind of trigger to lift the fog of lies. It is best not to wait till something happens personally, such as an illness, for then you have lost part of your power to fight back. It would be better for the click of consciousness to happen through information; then you could achieve some clarity and have the power to do something.

Clarity is key... then you can know what to do.

images: pixabay (edited)

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I could not find a FAQ. The closest thing I can find is this:

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Great post, but I disagree that there is nothing that can be done about it. What can be done is first for people to be well aware of the falsifying of data. Next, people need to be sure to check as many sources available to verify information. Lastly, community research teams can be put together in order to replicate studies on smaller scale. It is entirely up to the individual to find the truth and discern the lie.

Great post :) Perhaps you might think about sharing your work in our discord server, the #philosophorum. We are an occult/philosophic based community always looking for others to share their work.


Hi @alchemage and thanks! Reading the whole article I'm sure you could discern that I was being deliberately provocative with the "Nothing!"

All the things you describe are eminently sensible and worthy, just that how many "people" will do them? Even some university researchers cannot get funding or have their articles rejected. Look at how new research on microwave radiation is becoming very hard to find.

I really don't think there are that many people who have not been sucked in to the phone-media-zombie-network. Yes, it is up to the individual, but as the control-propaganda seems to be working, then the anti-propaganda could work too - it just needs to operate using the same insights and be equally relentless :-)

Therein lies a problem: the genuine anti-phagocratic forces are fractured and inconsistent. My enemy's enemy is not always my friend - at least not for long!


I do agree that there are many obstacles to overcome when working towards legitimate research, especially that of funding. I had kept this in mind and have been pondering how it can come into balance. As I look around, I see that there are more and more conscious individuals who have ascertained large sums of money. A good number of these folks are beginning to fund open research, allowing for great progress to be achieved. However, as you have stated, this number is few compared to those on the side of manipulation and "fractured and inconsistent." I think that as time progresses, with the age of information, we will begin to see the imbalance fix itself. I also realize I could be wrong, I am simply reading the patterns of my own reality grid.

My enemy's enemy is not always my friend - at least not for long!

Just as long as it takes to usurp them both. ;)


Actually, you're right - there is support out there. Just a matter of plugging into it - or it plugging into me :-) Perhaps that Patreon page starts to beckon!

A pointed and informative essay.