Tarot Tuesday: June 26, 2018 Edition

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Weekly Tarot Tuesday Letter

Happy Tarot Tuesday!
Stay tuned for future Tarot Tuesday announcements here where things can be unpredictable.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.16.46 AM.png
Electric Eye by @dabird

New Moon Almanac

For the month of the Gemini New Moon
(Still valid until I write one for The Cancer New Moon.)

by @traciyork

Posts Worth Checking Out

A Matter of Perspective - by @isaria

How Science Became Polluted with Corporate Lies - by @aakom

Rune Readings from Last Week

During last week's Tarot Tuesday letter I announced doing some free experimental Rune readings for people. I have not forgotten about them, I will post those in the not-too-distant future.

pablo-11 copy.png

Available to do readings via phone, Skype, email, etc. I can do readings for you, or coach you on Divination so that you can learn how to do your own readings.

Specials for the SteemIt Community
A straight forward, One Question Reading ... 3 STEEM (or in SBD/SP/other crypto equivalent.)

Look throughout my blog to see examples on my style.

Tips & Karmic Readjustments
ZCash: t1L1VvnuAKj8uH6Z4hCbG49hsadYWkaF3GR
Ethereum: 0xb7b4f90c1eb1c7a271456b95f16a8d4e4afcb444



Thank you for the info on the Full Honey Moon! 😃 Much appreciated. I used to pay close attention to moon cycles, but I don't anymore... I want to get back into doing that, because it was very meaningful to me when I was aware of the moon's cycles and felt connected to them.

Thanks for the shout-out, and for sharing my graphic! Much appreciated, @zero-infinity! 😊

I wonder if you have a tarot reading on how to get out of being stuck?

I do!

I can either write it out for you, as such:


For 3 STEEM or equivalent (its a special) ...

Or we can talk about it via Skype for an equivalent of $63 per half an hour. I take crypto.

Email me at aleph_tav_heh at protonmail dot com to schedule a session.

I am lost through the ragged hole where I am but dust swirling around and cannot go any further than this

I can potentially help you with that.

Here is a post where the theme was helping people find their current trajectory:


The feedback from the querants are in the comment section.

I can also help you figure out what your purpose is in life and what you are supposed to do here... i.e. what were you Created to do here? Our souls get dropped in mud and then too many people spend their lives fumbling about. Reconnecting with The Force helps one fine alignment. I can catalyze that.

I think you're amazing and I wish you all the luck in the world...

I appreciate that feedback.

I was trying to inform you of my approach; not be pushy.

Reciprocity is Universal law. It might be why one feels stuck. I think you were unknowingly giving them the answer and they took it as pushy :) Perhaps zero-infinity is pushing you to the answer of your dilemma @wales. Just my two cents... Namaste :)

I said that just after I realised you wanted money. I have around $10 a day to survive on and I'm tired of trying to make it last...

A closed fist promotes no flow and there are other ways of reciprocating :) The way to get more money is to keep the flow moving, from my experience. Perhaps you can offer some kind of service to exchange as there are more currencies than just money... I wish you all the best @wales and hope your condition is very short lived <3

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